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Automatons / Grey Death...?

“They might look a bit like... That, but I assure you, they wouldn't hurt a fly!” — An archeologist having to explain what's a nerodrake the fourth time this week

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  • Strength-7
  • Intelligence-3
  • Charisma-1
  • Endurance-10
  • Agility-2
  • Luck-3

Common Jobs: Engineer, Construction Worker, Janitor
Likes: Fixing, Seawater, Stability
Dislikes: Rust, Curious fauna

Attack Method: Hold the opponent until it tires out.

Homeplanet: Leveceano
Lifespan: Indefinitely
Size: 6'7 ft tall
Diet: Saltwater

Bodytype: Bipedal
Type: Marine-dwelling Mechanical
Social Class: Low Class
Rarity: Extremely Rare
Common Traits
[Workaholic] Neutral trait
This character is an excessive worker, compelled to stay busy even in their free time. They may become antsy or aimless when bored, impulsively seeking out work when untasked.
[Efficient] Positive trait
This character good at making the most of the supplies they are given, using less resources than would normally be needed to complete their work.
[Monomaniacal] Negative trait
This character displays an obsessive focus on a single thing or related group of things. It may be difficult to get them to do things unrelated to their obsession, and can be extremely agitated when their obsession isn't respected.

The nerodrake are unable of comprehending what a god is.

Gods: None

Original Creator: Lammar

Physical Description

Hunched under the weight of their oval shell-boilers and layers of rust, the nerodrake are lanky biped automatons vaguely resembling metallic frogs. Nerodrakes, like amphibians, often live near bodies of water to manage the excess heat generated by their boilers. These boilers have many tubes and pipes branching off from its surface connecting all over the nerodrakes body, presumably to receive and release saltwater and steam respectively, and are more susceptible to damage than the rest of the nerodrake making them a notable weak spot.

Nerodrakes use an ancient hydraulics system to generate electricity, taking in saltwater to produce a steady flow of steam, some of which can be seen exiting through any exhausts or punctures in a nerodrakes hull. While they rely on electricity to function like many automata, modern means of supplying electricity have proven incompatible with the First Era technology the nerodrakes are composed of. Despite efforts by researchers, little progress has been made in understanding the mechanics of a nerodrakes engineering, other than that they are highly inefficient at producing electricity, and that the process can lead to heavy damage and oxidization of both the nerodrakes themselves and surrounding materials.

Few nerodrakes possess their original chassis of stainless metals and waterproof components, the majority have suffered significant damage to the point where they have replaced and repaired themselves with whatever materials they could scavenge. This leads to a lot of subtle variance in nerodrakes, all having maintained themselves with different refuse they've discovered in their travels. Nerodrakes strive to maintain a recognizable form in their self-maintenance, keeping key characteristics such as their long arms, digitigrade legs, and their antennaes.


Among themselves, nerodrakes interact on an autonomous basis, calculating their best route of support for one another without communicating. By gathering materials, reinforcing stations, and keeping other units in working conditions they ensure their individual survival, not creating or planning anything together.

Once approached by a non-hostile entity, they mimic any social convention presented, almost passing as a sentient AI. They are able to emulate emotions just as well as they are able to use scraps for repairs but lack the capacity of understanding certain concepts and the more abstract the concept is, the harder it is for a nerodrake to understand. No matter how far their ability for improvising goes, they are limited by their old programming.

It is also noted that even though their groups work with almost mechanical efficiency, they are not part of a hivemind or any sort of internal connection between units. The self-preservation protocols are what binds them together and limit their colonies into an eternal loop of maintenance and scavenging.


With records lost in time, all that is known is that nerodrakes are the last remnants of a dead undersea civilization, wiped out in wars against what is considered to be the great filter. Archeology research has been proven difficult after so much tampering with the remains and buildings has occurred, given that the wars in question have happened a couple of millennia ago, being mixed equipment and vestiges of both sides due to the nerodrake's hand.

Home Planet

Composed mostly of bodies of oceans, the homeworld of the nerodrakes is filled with subaquatic hotspots called "patchwork cities", in which they constantly rebuild and repair. Damages are not limited by their boiler's impact, but the local fauna as well. Even though they don't have predators strong enough to be a personal problem, the curiosity of aquatic creatures often takes its toll on unsupervised structures and distracted units.

The whole planet is a big enough puzzle to entertain archeologists with a taste for old-era technology. Broken warships, stray mines still active and damages caused by unknown weapons fill the areas outside of the patchwork cities, where some nerodrakes can be found gathering resources.


None / Unknown.


Repair Module: The knack of the nerodrakes to improvise and adapt any resource to attend a demand for a repair is an unsolved mystery of their programming. Given enough time and materials, there's nothing that can't be mended by a single nerodrake, which becomes a spectacle to see with greater numbers.


• Sometimes a nerodrake enters into what's deemed as a "logic loop", trying to fix something that's being broken over and over due outside forces or their own attempts of fixing. This can be easily solved by interacting with the nerodrake and diverging their thoughts.

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