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Dream Stealers

“You know I've always had dreams about Mr Pibbles, he was a kind person who always promised me my dreams... it's a shame I found his broken body on my doorstep.” — The journal of an old drakon

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  • Strength-3
  • Intelligence-6
  • Charisma-7
  • Endurance-3
  • Agility-2
  • Luck-5

Common Jobs: Entertainers, Ship counselors, Traders
Likes: Understanding, Happiness, People with aspirations, Sleep
Dislikes: Stagnation, Arises

Attack Method: Pilgrims will attempt to disarm their attacks with their friendly demeanors before pulling a surprise betrayal.

Homeplanet: Unknown
Lifespan: Indefinitely
Size: 7 ft tall
Diet: Brainwaves produced during sleep

Bodytype: Bipedal
Type: Anomalous Mechanical
Social Class: Classless
Rarity: Rare
Common Traits
[Day Dreamer] Neutral trait
This character tends to be lost in thought most of the time. This doesn't mean they always don't pay attention to things but just are capable of thinking of multiple things at once. Sometimes they really don't pay attention though.
[Trickster] Positive trait
This character can easily perform a wide variety of visual and auditory tricks to confuse and mislead their foes or just host a show. Such as vanishing and producing unseen objects from their person, disappearing behind a sheet, or feigning injury, with little risk of the average person seeing through the proverbial smoke and mirrors.
[Frequent Sleep] Negative trait
This character will fall asleep frequently, and commonly these "naps" are unplanned.
[Pillow Tag] Mystery
Do not remove under penalty of law.

Worship those that gave the chance to fill their perceived duty.

Gods: The company

Original Creator: Hoot

Physical Description

While originally hard to identify as species due to their infrequent appearances throughout the universe, pilgrims have since then managed to get themselves recognized as their own unique group separate from other comparable machines. In part due to their unique nature and their odd ability to congregate and recognize each other as more of their kind slowly spread out.

So far, all pilgrims have been bipedal robots with animal-like heads, often with corresponding features, and horns, even if the animals they are modeled after would not normally have horns. Pilgrims have black and white bodies alongside a colorful gas-like substance that clings to their frames and emanates from various vents and exhausts. When relaxed even more of this substance is produced, some covering even their entire bodies. They have closed eyes and soft almost cutesy appearances often marked by circled cheeks or additions of fluff to their frames. The most important part of a pilgrim, or at the very least the part they protect most, is a glass bauble often located in the chest of their bodies. These baubles are filled with the substance that coats their body and always contain glowing lights. They are made from reinforced glass and eject when their body is sufficiently damaged.

When a pilgrim attempts to add any permanent fixture to their body that has color, that color slowly drains from that object until it eventually matches the rest of their appearance. Because of this many pilgrims have a tendency toward wearing bright and fanciful clothes.


While on the surface pilgrims seem almost oblivious to a fault. Most of that behavior is actually an act they perform to look like less of a threat to others. Pilgrims find that when they act like happy idiots others will often let down their guard and become tolerant of their existence. In fact if someone were to ask, a pilgrim would likely say that's how they'd gotten most of their rides from planet to planet.

Pilgrims often seek pleasant relationships with the people around them. Asking them about their hopes, their dreams, and all their aspirations. Always reassuring those they're listening to that they'll be able to do anything they set their minds to, and attempting to dissuade them if they start to change their minds on their original goal. Pilgrims hate to see when someone gives up on something they were working toward and get confused when people seem like they aren't working toward their stated goals. They have trouble understanding why someone would put off their dreams to do something else, even if those dreams seem out of reach.

All pilgrims have a strange fixation toward finding one particular person somewhere in the universe. Whenever they meet a new person a pilgrim will feel compelled to try and ask that person if they've ever seen someone matching a certain description. All pilgrims feel they have a very important duty they must fulfill for this person and do whatever they can to work toward finding them. If a pilgrim senses that person is no longer around to receive their help they will fall into a deep depression for years after. It is said that once they find that person they'll finally be able to release their full potential and grant that person's dream.


Pilgrims have history on record- [3838458&+77]


There one was a man named Geppetto.
Geppetto thought he could make dreams come true.
Geppetto with the help of his good friend tried to make it happen.
They made toys that played with kids in their dreams and real life.
But the magic wouldn't last, they'd die after a few nights.
Then along came Mr. Jester, he said he could help fix the problem.
When Mr. Jester left, Geppetto was gone, and only nightmares were left to plague the children.
So Geppetto's friend called his two brothers and made the scary nightmares nice again.


Home Planet

While it's never been truly discovered, all pilgrims claim to be from the same place. A factory located at the edge of the known universe. It seems that no pilgrim can remember the directions to the planet it's located on and those that claim to only ever seem to give gibberish directions.


Drifters: Unlike their soft monochrome siblings; drifters are sharp, vivid, and skeletal. They are a colorful subspecies that are surrounded by dark clouds instead of the usual colorful ones. They are taller than the already large framed pilgrims and have a more aggressive attitude. While they're just as amenable as the average pilgrim, they lack the same intelligence and will often brute force social situations in unproductive ways. It is not advised to help drifters reach their final destination but it's unclear why.


The Village: All pilgrims visit a shared dreamscape when they shut down. There they can meet with others of their kind and share information to help each other on their searches. They can pull those sleeping near them into this dream space to explore and avoid any other dreams they might've had otherwise. The only downside is the fact that pilgrims can force each other to shut down by calling on one another in the village. Pilgrims have a distaste toward arises as they have an odd habit of infesting their dreamscape with replicas of themselves. This leads to a large problem as they don't seem to know how to get rid of them and need to rely on other psychic species to remove them.


• Pilgrims seem to have a strange veneration towards certain AI that they refer to as company staff. These AI include Morpheus, Phantasos, Icelus models.

• Items found to be associated with pilgrims often have "Oneiros LLC" tagged somewhere on them. Information regarding a company with that name has not been found as of present.

• Examination has shown that their baubles are carefully filled with all the parts one would expect to see in an AI core. However they should not function as they aren't connected; the compressed psychic energy that makes up their clouds seem to resolve this issue though. Somehow.

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