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Allergenic's Nightmare

“We thought it would be a perfect spot for a colony- full of lush trees but no predatory creatures that could threaten us. But we didn't know about the trees. The god damn trees.” — Kaikian Survivor of the Trelik colony

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Dominant Residents: None
Other Residents: Kaikian (Formerly)

Fauna: Unknown/None
Weather: Pollen Storms, High Wind

Danger Level: High
Purpose: Kaikian Civilian Colony (Formerly)

Original Creator: CmdrCade

Physical Description

At first glance, Polika looks like it would be a wonderful location to land due to its lush forests and grassy hills. One would assume that it is perfectly safe and the worst that could happen is a stray breeze knocks over a crew member. They could not possibly be more wrong. Instead, landing on Polika is almost a death sentence. The beautiful trees that cover the planet are a travelers worst nightmare- almost all of them release lethal pollen bursts that are able to severely injure or kill almost anyone that comes in contact with them. The combination of the high winds on the planet and this pollen creates an incredibly lethal environment that only the luckiest or most prepared will survive.

However, there is a sliver of hope for one that wishes to visit Polika, that being the planet's cold season. During this one month long cold season, the trees on the planet go into a state of dormancy, and do not release their pollen. This time period is when most of the life on the planet awakens from hibernation, in order to reproduce and survive. One might assume that this time period would make the planet temporarily safer, however they would be wrong. The plants on the surface of the planet are typically poisonous, adapted to withstand the poisonous pollen, forcing the surviving creatures on the planet into a carnivorous diet, leading to them often seeing weary travelers as easy prey.


Polika was originally discovered by the kaikians shortly after the First War, and was thoroughly explored shortly after. The scouting team, unfortunately, landed during the winter on the planet, and assumed that it was a safe world for a colony. The planet was marked for a civilian colony and a few months later one was constructed. This colony, named Trelik, did not last long.

When spring came, so did the pollen. The colony was gravely unprepared for such an event and the majority of its citizens perished during the first pollen bloom. The remainder of the population was widdled down over time as the colony ran out of supplies during the year. When winter finally arrived once more and the pollen blooms finally ended, only 20 survivors remained in the colony. They immediately took whatever supplies and ships they could and abandoned the colony, leaving it to sit and rot for eternity.


Trelik: Trelik was the original and only kaikian colony on Polika. It lasted only a few weeks until the planet's foliage began releasing its poisonous pollen during the spring. This killed off the majority of the cities population in a matter of hours. The remaining population quickly ran out of supplies and began looting stores and businesses for what little supplies remained, often managing to get themselves killed in the process. By the time winter arrived and the colonists could safely escape, only 20 of the original colonists remained. Most of the city remains intact, though it was thoroughly looted during the year it was populated.

Mount Poliha: Mount Poliha is a barren mountain composed of entirely granite, located in the northern ice cap of Polika. Due to both the cold temperature and high altitude on the mountain, none of the deadly trees native to Polika are able to grow atop the mountain, resulting in a small safe haven from the lethal pollen that covers the planet. However, many of the planets fauna have also found this pollen-free haven, and have flocked to the area en masse.

The Shinoha Sea: The Shinoha Sea is a land-locked body of water that is absolutely covered in pollen. The pollen is so thick that the sea is almost completely stagnant, and upon entering the water one might believe they are swimming in jelly. It is fed by a large waterfall, which is, much like the lake, coated in pollen.


Pollen Storm: For the majority of the planet's year, Polika is covered in poisonous pollen that can injure or kill almost anyone it touches


• Someone once tried to set up a resort near the Shinoha Sea, advertising its unique yellow waters. It was very quickly sued and was forcibly shut down when everyone who went swimming in the waters very quickly succumbed to the poisonous pollen.

• Of the 20 survivors from Trelik, 11 of them were found to have become mentally unstable during their stay in the colony, and 19 of them became deathly afraid of trees.

• The pollen on Polika does not harm clockworks for reasons unknown. Instead, it permanently colors them yellow and renders them poisonous.

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