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Miner's Gauntlet / Clockwork Den

“With how many times I said it, this group should be WELL familiar with the dangers of not staying in the fence. I told you that the place is overrun with violent clockworks- aaaand they're going after the stupid gem anyways!” — An underpaid Prismatica tour guide

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Dominant Residents: Plumari
Other Residents: Other safe clockwork species

Fauna: Small, skittish fauna, mostly burrowing creatures such as rabbits.
Weather: Harsh rains and occasional snow.

Danger Level: High
Purpose: Homeworld of the plumari, home of a vast amount of unobtainable treasures. Major tourist spot for people interested in more extreme locations.

Original Creator: Stumpios

Physical Description

To put it simply, Prismatica has been ravaged by clockworks. Areas not protected by walls and careful sentinel are subject to the non-sentient clockwork strains and are devoid of any other life, except the most skittish and agile fauna and hardiest grasses and brush. Trees that once stood tall lay dead and rotting on their sides, bark scratched away by claws and teeth. What little turf remains is sparse, and thick enough to survive countless scrapings of massive clockwork claws. All that is left of this once lush planet is the vast rolling hills and towering mountains, all decorated with a hearty supply of gems and shimmering metal. The are only two things keeping the treasures out of reach of a traveler's hands: the onslaught of incredibly aggressive clockworks, and Prismatica's strict laws.

This surplus of shimmering, oddly colorful metal lies scattered across the surface, and just below. These metals, as valuable as they are, are more of an important resource to the planet than as an export. As a result, taking these metals without an explicit permit is seen as an extreme crime, and punishable with harsh fines. 

The areas of Prismatica free of violent clockworks are the few still-standing cities. They are just as shining and colorful as the rest of the planet. The buildings that reside within these shimmering walls are not only a sight to behold, but built with stunningly strong architecture. The residents of Prismatica have spent their time mastering the art of building designs made to last, and it certainly shows. These cities have stood the test of time, and the test of countless clockwork attacks. This is in part due to the material of these buildings being made specifically to be hard to integrate, and part in due to the solid structure of the buildings.

These cities hold something even more important, however. Aside from the stunning architecture or the safety among the few sentient creatures on this planet, the few untouched forests and plantlife of Prismatica remain heavily protected within even thicker walls and closer guard. If taking metal from Prismatica is seen as a crime, hunting in these forests without a permit is seen as a federal offense. 

While it can't be seen from the surface of the planet, most major cities are connected by underground roadways. The smaller towns and villages that can't afford the mass amount of construction connect to these major roadways through protected paths. The walls of of these paths can vary from a full-enclosing tube, or a simple electric fence. 


Clockworks have roamed Prismatica farther back than written records of the planet have existed. It's uncertain if they hail from an invasive species, or are natural to the planet, but the ecosystem has come to adapt to the change. 

While the plumari have made little known from their history, what they have shared is a massive race between their species and the rapidly decaying world. Precautions had been made before the planet was discovered, and have only increased over time. 

One of the more notable events in Prismatica's affaies started after the plumari gained species rights. As Prismatica became a more recognized planet on the universal map, traffic increased. While most of these travelers came with the simple idea of collecting high-price gems, most had the self preservation to listen to their plumari tour guides and stick to what paths they were supposed to.

However, there's always incidents on such a dangerous planet. When a particularly well-known treasure hunter, Ansel Plancaster, had entered the planet in search of riches, he strayed from the path that had been set out by the tour guides. Streaming his entire hunt for riches, Ansel soon met an end due to the violent clockworks outside the city walls. This controversy led to more pressure for the plumari home planet to be taken over and colonized, despite the adamant wishes of the plumari to be left alone. Even today, the threat of the planet being wiped clean through cleansing Q-class flames is a prominent worry for many of the plumari residents.

With such prominent concerns, this event resulted in even harsher restrictions for those entering Prismatica. Off-planet visitors are required to be accompanied by a group including at least one Prismatica native, and are strictly prohibited from exiting protected areas without extensive permits and protective gear. Leaving protected areas has become akin to trespassing, and considered a crime. 


Corsugale: The main capital city of Prismatica. The largest protected forest resides within the walls, and some of the most notable examples of architecture can be seen within this city. Common tourist destinations in this city are the massive sculpture garden, the main streets of the city, and a vast museum of the natural history of the planet. The rules for preservation of the visitors and environment here are incredibly strict. Travelers are advised to come in a group, or join an already present group. 

Crystalline Bay: One of the few standing seaside villages in Prismatica, home to the major population of the sandscraper subspecies of plumari. Tucked away in a ravine near the ocean, this small village is safe from a vast majority of the extremely aggressive clockworks in the area. Homes are constructed inside the walls, connected through a spiderweb of bridges. Caution is advised, since all that stands between the over-adventurous traveler and a death at the hands of a rushing, salty river is one wrong step on one of these bridges.

Massian: This city is safe from invading clockworks due to the steep mountains that separate it from the level ground. While nearly impossible to reach by foot, there are plenty of available landing ports. The rules here are similarly strict as other cities, though more focused on keeping unprepared travelers from falling from a dangerous peak. While an individual won't expect to find much in the way of gemstones here, the view from the peaks and rigorous mountain hikes offer their own treasures. 


Prismatic Minerals: The namesake of Prismatica, and the pride and joy of its residents. Prismatica is home to a strangely abundant amount of metal that varies in every color of the rainbow. Not only that, but it seems to extend much closer to the surface than expected. Gemstones are commonplace too, but the metal is what the residents truly care about.


• While it is possible to land a ship in the wilds of Prismatica, this is considered a pointless and incredibly dangerous move. It puts a crew closer to the valuable gems of the planet, but also essentially strands them if they have no extra fuel, or even if they stay for too long. There have been multiple reports of ships being ripped apart by clockworks, leaving crews to be trapped within the wilds of the planet.

• It's incredibly rare to find regular metal on prismatica, but due to its worthlessness anywhere else in the universe, is considered the same as being lucky enough to find an untouched pile of dirt floating in the ocean.

• Metal recycling projects on Prismatica are very present, and consist of recon teams going to abandoned cities and deconstructing them for spare metal. These processes are incredibly dangerous, yet highly essential to continued life on Prismatica.

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