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Pfort Hope

Budryft Central

Pfort Hope
β€œIt's nothing like that last place!” β€” Official advertising slogan

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Dominant Residents: Budryfts

Fauna: Unknown/None
Weather: Unknown/None

Danger Level: Safe
Purpose: Budryft Colonial Hub

Original Creator: DSPiron

Physical Description

A meteoroid approx. 150 km in diameter, Pfort Hope refers to both the stellar body and large town established on its surface. The town is made of sealed buildings connected to each other and public plaza buildings. In more dense areas, private buildings are stacked atop of each other, and plaza buildings are expanded into towers.

The other side of the meteoroid, is where the 'HQ' usually is when it is not needed anywhere else (I.E. most of the time). The "HQ" is a custom jupiter ship that acts as the Pan-colonial Emergency Response Force's ("Budryft Rangers") main base of operations. Below it, on the surface of Pfort Hope, is a secondary base.


The settlement was founded in 4138 by the Pan-colonial Emergency Response Force ("Budryft Rangers") as a stationary base to provide support and fuel for the recently completed "HQ". Details about the HQ's past before this point are currently classified.

In 4144, while the base that would later be called "Pfort Hope" was under construction, the HQ went to Bekeha, where PERF famously saved the town of Bekehasid from undead forces. The HQ proceeded to remain in orbit, guarding the denizens of Bekeha for six years while fuel for it was obtained, most put into smaller ships so they could go defend other colonies, and more fuel obtained, and so forth.

Meanwhile, representatives between PERF and the other budryft colonies were discussing details of establishing a new travel hub to replace Eschju-crossroads, as well as whether budryftkind even needed their own hub-world in the first place. By 4248, an agreement was reached by most of the colonies to establish Pfort Hope as the neutral hub.


Any landing area in Pfort Hope: Any landing area in Pfort Hope - For most traveler's purposes, they are effectively the same. While that isn't to say that they are identical. Indeed, even their respective nearby restaurants: "The Silky Laze Stop'n Go Diner", "Erick's Bakeurant' and "Scuttle", are all unique as any other venue. Sadly though, Cosmosdex isn't a travel guide and we don't have the space to go over the differences.

The HQ: The "HQ" is PERF's custom jupiter ship-base. The space around the HQ is restricted; any unauthorized ships entering it will be escorted to the town, or shot down. Guided tours of certain areas are available from the local PERF office in the town. The ride to and from the ship is part of the tour and will be done by tour ship.

Pfort Hope Pan-colonial Emergency Response Force Base: The space around the base is also restricted; any unauthorized ships entering it will be escorted to the town, or shot down. Guided tours are only available to public when the HQ isn't at Pfort Hope. Its tour is cheaper than the HQ's as it really is just another military-style maintenance and refueling shipyard.


Budryft Central: This planet has portals to most planets with budryft colonies, allowing a player to go to here from them, to them from here. However, it only has a few portals to others worlds, so travel between it and highly populated worlds is very unlikely, and everywhere else is very rare.


• As this place is a nexus for budryftkind, Pfort Hope is occasionally brought up as a candidate for the new budryft homeworld. PERF always vetoes this, as they feel it would unbalance thing, and more importantly, as a interstellar hub; Pfort Hope has dangerously high number of portals around it.

• There are several rumors about the locked doors at the bottom floor of the oldest sections of town which appear to lead into the meteoroid. Official word from PERF is that these are tunnels leading through Pfort Hope to the base and it is trespassing to enter them.

• There is a space home maintaining a position in the space where the HQ and the base's restricted spaces overlap. No one has gotten close without becoming terribly ill and needing the rangers to take them aboard the HQ to be treated by the local healers. The official stance is "Get near at your own risk, but we'd rather you'd not, "cause it's a pain to get you out, and also getting near it requires getting too close to both the HQ and the base."

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