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The capital of wet wool

“Remember to always be friendly to the locals. If your locals are killed, remember to be friendly to the locals that replace them. If your locals are shot thrice within the hour, inform your new locals as they will likely provide you with a free drink for the inconvenience.” — A tourist guide on Shearattle

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Dominant Residents: Mafleeca
Other Residents: Geckrechauns, Volkronn

Fauna: Mostly small and harmless critters.
Weather: Almost always rain and fog

Danger Level: Medium
Purpose: Holiday destination, Gang turf, Brewery

Original Creator: curiousFellow

Physical Description

Shearattle is a rather large planet, with several big cities that have swampland between them. This swampland remains uncivilized because the planet almost always has rain and the cities would soon stand under water if the swampland wasn't there to act as a sponge.

The cities are tightly packed cities and overcrowded apartment buildings, streetlights and drainage systems. Some of these apartments have been converted to casinos and restaurants after the mafleeca were introduced to the intergalactic community.

The locals leave visitors alone so long as the visitors do not interfere with them, and great food and gambling makes for a decent place for a holiday despite the rain, but as the mafleeca families are continually fighting over territory, you may find your waiter shot in the head and replaced with another between the first and second course.

The swamps are nearly devoid of dangerous creatures as the Mafleeca have in the past killed every animal that so much as looked as if it might threatened them. Some especially fertile plots of land have been walled off and act as industrial farms.

The planet's main export is cheap liquor as most mafleeca households have a makeshift brewery. A mafleeca would never drink this swill themselves. They do have breweries making more expensive liquor. Shearattle also produces a small amount of unmeltable steel.


The history of the planet can be summed up in to one sentence. Just a whole lot of feuding sheep. No one on the planet bothers attempting to record history, as much of it will be twisted, rewritten, and sometimes chained to a block of concrete and tossed in to the waters.


The Royal Ram: The biggest and fanciest casino on the planet, located in the middle of the city of New Yarn. The casino is a giant skyscraper and contains not only gambling opportunities but many kinds of entertainment as well as restaurants, a gift shop and really, really expensive drinks.

The Clog: What else could you expect when millions of wooly mammals are constantly being rinsed? The exit of the Mafleeca drainage system contains a giant ball of mafleeca hair, held together by the blood that exits through the same drainage system. All sorts of scum and criminals hide in the hairy tunnels that let the water out.

The Clippered wastes: A dead looking area of swampland that has been drained of luck by the awfully high number of black-fleeced mafleeca living in it. Horrible and unusual things tend to happen in this swamp but there is a lot of loot to scavenge from the poor slobs who decided to go in.




• Shearattle's drainage system is not its sewer: The mafleeca still hunt and scavenge in their uncultured swamps for extra food and don't want to pollute this food source.

• Shearattle's plants and wildlife around the edges of its cities use a lot of iron to live because the mafleecas' murderous habits send a lot of blood out through the drain. The most extreme example of this is the blood spinach plant, which is sold as a dietary supplement.

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