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Plush Factory

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Plush Factory
“Other species don't matter only us.” — Lime Moon, the speciest CEO

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Dominant Residents: A singular aftik
Other Residents: Unchecked Prometheus AIs

Fauna: Ominous Floating Hands
Weather: Nothing

Danger Level: Safe
Purpose: This space station is only for the making and distribution of aftik plushies.

Original Creator: N0v4M00nw4tch3r

Physical Description

A state of the art factory that once dedicated itself to create plushies of every species. The planet is stationary in space, and upon further inspection of the space station orbiting it, there is an assembly line where approx. 47 Prometheus AIs are stitching aftik, and only aftik, plushies.


Before its takeover one could send a picture of themselves and money, and would receive their plush in a matter of weeks. There was nothing overly abnormal about the factory, no major safety issues, no crime past the occasional petty thief, not one thing that would raise alarms. The old owner loved everyone and was a kind person. That is until Lime came in and took over. It was apparently due to the anger over how the woop in his aftik plush sounded nothing like his.

It is unknown how he managed to take it over or what happened to the organic workers inside, but recent images shot deeper into the facility by one of the Prometheus AIs shows a plaque of an aftik made from assorted objects. It says, "Our overlord Lime Moon. He took over -" There are five scratch marks as a tally. "- years ago. We used to make everything now we only make aftiks."


The Line: There is a swirling assembly line where aftik plushies are being made and rolled over to the next Promethues. First the base body is created then the hole in the chest is implanted. There is a few bots putting in wooping modules. Finally the scarf and the misc items such as eyes and colors. After the final AI it falls down into The Pit.

The Pit: This is a giant pit filled with aftik plushies of all colors, sizes, and voices. Every so often cargo ships come in and uses a claw machine to put it into the ship. Each aftik carries with it a card with a small message on it, usual ones of admiring the aftik who ordered the plush, or praise for buying the "correct plush" off the shelf.

Docking Area: This is where the cargo ships that transport the aftik plushies land. This is directly connected to the pit.


Special Order: Anyone can order a special aftik plushie with absolutely endless amounts of customizations, other than the species. If a non aftik sends a picture of themselves to the factory along with the correct amount of money for their order, in weeks time an aftik plush will be sent to them, based on their looks. The letter included with the aftik will state that the buyer "made the right choice" and that "they look better like this."


• Most of the Prometheus bots steal some plushies and have separate rooms filled with their favorite colors.

• This used to be a happy place to visit but it is a sad deserted location now. Images on the wall have started to fade without upkeep and plant life has started to creep into the factory. Under staffing and the nonstop work hours prevent any of the AIs from attempting to do any repairs.

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