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Land of snow and fireplaces

β€œIt's a wonderland, as long as you don't freeze to death.” β€” Helios

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Dominant Residents: None

Fauna: Teps
Weather: Eternal frost, Seasonal blizzards

Danger Level: High
Purpose: Vacation area, rest stop, and waiting area for Fortuna.

Original Creator: eerr

Physical Description

Snowdown is a terraformed planet covered in snow. With the advent of the snow, various frost tolerance species have chosen to make Snowdown their home. The only known fauna consists of a tiny balls of snow, called teps. No one is certain where teps really come from, but rumors say they evolved from a pest found on a comet.


The surface of Snowdown was once a rocky, frigid and barren wasteland. Over the years, various species have worked together to crash large ice comets into the planet in order mine them for the precious metals.


The Cathedral: As a tourist attraction, the cathedral is dedicated to Neo worship, and is known for its large stained glass windows. The church is warm with it's own fireplace, and is friendly to all travelers and lore seekers. There is a Fortuna based gift shop attached to it.

The Forge: The main economic focus of Snowdown is The Forge. This forge melts and produces high quality weapons and other metallic goods. Rare metals normally only found in ships, AI production, and other high quality goods are in abundance. Normally run by Hephaestus units.

Pompus Crater: Anyone interested in skiing knows the story of Mount Pompus. Legend has it is that crew using Hephaestus V1 landed the first, and biggest comet on Snowdown, forming the Crater of Pompus. The crew was declared dumb when the crater dug so deep that nobody could mine the metal. However, to dig properly the Hephaestus designed a new type of drill bit that can dig harder for deep metals. To this day the crater is best ski resort within two warps.


Blizzard hazard: Constant blizzards strike the land with little warning. If one is not careful they can end up stuck in the middle of one, fated for death. If one hears the blizzard alarm go off they must hurry in to a shelter as soon as possible.


• For whatever strange reason, this planet has a much higher chance of having Fortuna appear within one or two jumps of it, as such some camp out here in hopes of being lucky enough to have Fortuna teleport nearby.

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