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Cradle of the Philosoflies

β€œIt's all rather silly isn't it, 'Go to Space', 'Don't go to Space', it's a bit embarrassing that we're all losing our heads over something so... trivial. Let's just hope no one starts literally losing their head about it, that would be a real tragedy.” β€” Unknown

Art by, SirBlizz98

Dominant Residents: Didaskaloi
Other Residents: Kuppa, Gondii

Fauna: Arthropoids, Big Frogs, Swamp Beasts
Weather: Humid, Hotter than Average, Rains

Danger Level: Low
Purpose: Homeworld of the didaskaloi and a middle ground for fauding species.

Original Creator: SirBlizz98

Physical Description

A humid, darkly colored world of medium size. The planet is rather humid and in many places fairly tropical, experiencing rains and storms of varying strength, and with rather difficult to predict frequency. The planet is divided into eight continents, most being fairly small, but two are rather large. These continents are dark and grassy for the most part, broken up by jungles and rain-forests. Much of the rest of the land is made up of humid bogs and marshes.

The planet is dotted with the didaskaloi's enlightened civilization. From the expansive cityscapes of gleaming spires, filled with all manner of political and philosophical institutions. To far more humble communities and out-of-the-way academic retreats, where weirdos with not much better to do talk about what ever hot button issue of the day happens to grace their minds.

Their are two moons, one white and one, slightly off-white. These two moons have a weird and often chaotic influence on the otherwise rather calm climate of the world. Usually there's only one visible in the sky, but on occasion, both will occupy the sky at the same time, an event traditionally regarded as a fortuitous sign.


Before the advent of space travel, the world was rather quiet and unassuming. The didaskaloi had long developed a peaceful, enlightened society that scorned the violence that so often leads to turmoil in other societies. Then the world was visited by a delegation of travelers from beyond the stars. Many didaskaloi decided to join these travelers to see the stars for themselves. When they returned, they brought tales of the wonders, and horrors, from beyond their world.

This, naturally, caused an intense debate to erupt on the planet. On the one hand, the conservative minded traditionalists, decided that space was too much of a hassle, and as interesting and potentially gratifying as it may be, it was not worth the risks. On the other, the wealthier, more progressively minded spacers, felt that space and all it's potential wonders should be explored and exploited, no matter the cost. This debate has caused no end of tensions on the planet, and many fear that it could tear their peaceful society apart.


Caesedia: The capital of the planet, a gleaming near utopia of enlightened thought and architectural design. The city is dedicated to the arts and philosophies, and boasts some of greatest academies of the social sciences in the universe. It's not without its faults though, as the capital of a world embroiled in social turmoil, it's the center of the ensuing tensions.

Nelsigne: The largest city of the planet, it's also the wealthiest, in no small part due to it's firm control by the spacer faction and their more liberal attitudes towards inter-stellar trade. A rather cosmopolitan city where you'll find just about every known species in the galaxy, and some unknown, and more than a few people trying to sell you something.

Mulsipia: A farming commune founded by a wealthy didaskaloi during a spontaneous 'call to nature'. Many others joined him for similar reasons, and it quickly became the largest farming community on the planet. It is also noted as the least productive farming community on the planet.




• Much work on the planet is done by either robots, or migrant laborers, the didaskaloi really wish the latter wouldn't work so hard, as it's all rather unsophisticated, and well, untoward to be involved in such hard work.

• While the native didaskaloi are largely pacifistic and abhor violence, the same cannot be said of the legions of mercenary soldiers that the factions have brought in due to the conflict. They occasionally get into minor scraps with each other that do nothing to ease tensions.

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