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Land of the livingwood

“Well this seems like a perfectly empty and nice place to start a colony... those trees are weirding me out though.” — Billy, E-class

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Dominant Residents: Prunus
Other Residents: Notail

Fauna: Birds, Foresty Beasts, "Squirrels"
Weather: Temperate, Rains ocassionally, Sunny mostly.

Danger Level: Safe
Purpose: Homeworld of the prunus

Original Creator: SirBlizz98

Physical Description

A temperate green grassy planet that's generally warm and pleasant. The planet is covered in grassy fields and plains divided by woodlands sparse, yet curiously logical, patterns across the planet. The planet is mostly land, though it has a significant ocean, dividing it into two large continents. Aside from the grasslands and woods, there are bucolic hillscapes that make the planet seem rather yet more idyllic.

To the the uninformed the planet in fact seems abandoned, but this is, of course, not the case. The majority of the forests are in fact, large 'settlements' of prunus, arranged in very particular arrangements to reduce depency to mobile prunus.


The planet of Soil was a very unassuming planet discovered by E-4000, known to his friends as Billy. After some initial scans, Billy concluded that the planet was uninhabited and began colonization procedures, aiming to claim the planet for the notail. After several weeks of this, the colonists noticed that trees seemed rather strange, alive even. And then people started vanishing.

Only a few at first, but then several, and then many. Billy was at a loss until he discovered something wild, A tree running away from the settlement. He followed this tree and discovered, to his astonishment, that the trees were alive, and sapient. The high notails, after briefly contemplating whether they should just wipe out the natives and carry on anyway, decided to cease colonization efforts, recognizing the prunus' ownership of the planet.


Camp Billy: A notail settlement that was originally founded by notail explorer E-4000 aka Billy, intended to be the capital settlement of a future notail colony, the discovery of the prunus nixed that idea, and support of the colony fell sharply, until this bare bones encampment was all that was left.

Sylvalund: The largest and most notable "settlement" of the prunus. It contains the most sedentary prunus on the planet and extends for a quire a ways around. It is centered around a massive tree, which is traditionally described as being the first prunus to have ever taken root. Nobody, not even the locals, is particularly certain whether this to be taken literally or allegorically.

Grove of the Ancients: A grove where the wisest, most knowledgeable and most respected prunus punmasters go to root. It is not advised that anyone who dislikes puns visit the area for any reason.




• The notail are still really sore about the fact that they had to abandon a promising colony because the locals got uppity.

• While prunus are often noted as being suspicious of non-prunus in general, prunus from Soil are especially untrusting of notails. Not surprising given the whole "Attempted to colonize their home and briefly considered genociding them" thing.

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