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Miss Moire

“Highly recommended.” — Review

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Dominant Residents: None

Fauna: Unknown/None
Weather: Always slightly overcast, no breeze/wind/etc., generally feels about 70F-65F. Think "it's about to rain" 24/7.

Danger Level: Safe
Purpose: Rest spot for those on long trips.

Original Creator: Taylor

Physical Description

Moirseme is a very still, calm planet, that nearly borders on gloomy and ominous. There are ponds of every shape, width, and depth covering the entire planet. In fact, you cannot travel more than twenty or thirty feet without encountering a body of water. Where there is solid land, it is crumbly brown clay. Should bits of clay meet water, the clay does not disintegrate or sink but floats on the surface to be collected and returned to the earth they belong in.

The key feature of Moirseme are the surfaces of the still waters. Each one looks nearly solid silver, never rippling unless touched or forced. If it is one's first time seeing a Moirseme pond, one can peer into the surface of a pond and see themselves for upwards of one full minute, but after that, the pond begins to "capture" the memories. It begins at your earliest memory, and from there, works forward to find the most significant or emotionally-charged memories you have, even if they are repressed. If you have already seen a Moirseme pond before, it is likely you will see others' memories for a few minutes until it catches ones from you that it has not seen. The memories it reflects, if not your own, are randomized if you do not share a memory with anyone who has looked into the pond previous.

Moirseme ponds will use the entire surface to reflect your captured memory, but if multiple people are staring into the same pond, it will slowly "shrink" the viewing space to accommodate sharing.

When interacting with Moirseme pond water, there are many interesting reactions. Species with water as a primary feature of their body (humans for example) will feel pure and simple water, but if they leave a limb or another body part within the waters for more than twelve minutes, will find the pond is attempting to suck the water from their body. For species that do not have water in their genetic makeup, or perhaps have very little to moderate amounts, the pond will turn into a "normal mirror" upon contact, and can be interacted with appropriately (standing, walking, sitting, etc.) but cannot be broken, shattered, carved into, or otherwise destroyed. Non-water-dominated species, for this reason, can evade the Moirseme pond's memory capture feature, if they place a body part on the water and gaze in to see their reflection and ONLY their reflection.

There are occasional bushes and trees lining the edges of ponds, but the most colorful feature on this planet are the large, pale pink lotus-like flowers that float serenely on the silver surfaces of each pond. Their petals open and close in varying rhythms, and the momentum of their movements seem to propel them along the water. When removed from the water, the Lotus Mires will erratically open and close their petals in an attempt to move around and search for water, and if they cannot find any with their exposed roots, they wither and die, within seconds, leaving a Wrix Berry behind. Dried Lotus Mire makes for delicious tea, but if ingested raw, causes dehydration, internal and external blistering, ulcers, extreme salivation, and abdominal cramps. Some species may use dried Lotus Mire in small doses to relieve water bloating if they are not able to be affected by the symptoms of Lotus Mire poisoning.

Wrix Berries are glowing white berries which look strikingly similar to ocean oyster pearls. They can be dropped into water to grow a new Lotus Mire, or they can be ingested to cure dehydration. They taste like sweet blossom water.


Moirseme was discovered by a weary captain and an even more exhausted crew of 2 when their ship broke down and they went in search of rations and fuel on the closest planet to them. The three disembarked and found that the ponds were not of normal water, and the captain became entranced with the pond's ability to reflect his memories. She was able to relive her happiest moments from youth, and after sending a distress signal, the captain invited their saviors to look into the Moirseme ponds. The distress signal respondents found themselves also highly entertained by the pond's abilities, and left Moirseme only to bring back their families and friends to witness the delights of nostalgia and revisitation.

The captain was so taken with Moirseme that she decided to live there, setting up a small Inn for travelers and passerby to stay. She named it Miss Moirseme's Inn. Inevitably, those whom he had shared Moirseme's discovery left, as the ponds became less exciting and more depressing. The captain had very, very few sad memories, and lived a full and happy life. She was a well-adjusted, healed individual, and even viewing her most upsetting memories did not turn her away from Moirseme's beauty and wonder. She was the only being to ever remain on Moirseme happily for a long duration of time.

The captain became known as the founder of Moirseme, and she seemed to be so in love with its care that she nicknamed it Miss Moire and claimed it her wife. She hired any passing traveler who seemed competent to help her run her Inn until they grew weary of the ponds. Sometimes this took days, other times years, but never did the captain have a permanent worker live and die on Moirseme.

When the captain died, she had no descendents, but the current staff were told to pass Moirseme's Inn on to the most senior staff member at the time, and to continue to do so until someone else could tolerate a forever-stay on the planet of memories.


Miss Moiresme Inn: A quaint place upon first entrance, a log cabin in every way, from a crackling fireplace to old wooden rocking chairs and tables in the lobby. It is fashioned very much in a "hotel" style, with a front desk and a staircase to the right of it leading up to what one would assume is the living quarters for those who reside in the Inn. It is a much more rustic, warm, and inviting atmosphere from Moiresme's gloomy, overcast outsides. It is said that this was a deliberate choice on the part of the captain that discovered the planet, knowing that such permanent conditions might drive some to depression or sadness if they were to extend their stay. There is a wall covered from floor to ceiling in photographs (polaroid style) of particularly pleased travelers, and a very large filing cabinet with drawers unlocked and labelled just beside it. The photos are stored there by last name when the wall is full to capacity and needs to be taken down to accumulate more.

The living quarters upstairs are exactly as you would expect, all quilts and logs and beds and hammocks, charming and minimal. There are only eight rooms in the second floor, each identical, with their own bathroom and sitting area in addition to the typical bed, writing desk, and nightstands.

When all rooms are occupied in the Miss Moiresme Inn, those wishing to stay overnight on Moiresme are provided tent and camping supplies to make themselves at home, since there is no hostile or even active wildlife on Moiresme.

Breakfast at Miss Moiresme Inn is served from 6AM to 9AM, complimentary, in the lobby. There is a small shop to buy imported fuel, rations, and other supplies, located to the left of the check-in desk. The kitchen and stock room are behind the desk.

Lake Moiresme: Moiresme's largest body of water is a lake. The owners of Miss Moiresme's Inn attempt to laud it as a tourist attraction, but it was not touted as such until after the original founder's passing. The most spectacular thing about Lake Moiresme is the way it reflects the sky, a perfect mirror of beautiful stars and breathtaking optical illusion. The Inn workers claim that if Fortuna is in your future, you'll even be able to spot a comet or meteor while relaxing by Lake Moiresme.

The Lotus Mire Garden: The Lotus Mire Gardens are simply the most peculiar things about the flora on Moiresme. They are small bodies of water "planted" in neat rows, similar to a garden of vegetables, that each harbor a Lotus Mire flower. Occasionally one might see it fold its large pink petals and vanish underneath the surface of the water, only to be replaced by a floating Wrix berry, which will blossom into a Lotus Mire flower and begin the circle anew. It is a mystical sight, as the flowers are seemingly endless and self-generating. In a large group like this, the Lotus Mire flowers emit a soft, almost relaxing scent, akin to rose and lavender.




• It is impossible to ingest the pond or lake water of Moiresme. It simply cannot be removed from its location.

• Moiresme is a dehydrated planet, and seems to search endlessly for sources to quench its thirst, which is why beings made of mostly water have never survived prolonged periods of submerged interaction with the waters of Moiresme.

• Myths constantly surround the founding of Moiresme, from the captain being hypnotized by the mirror waters to fae living beneath them and being the whole reason the waters have such special properties. The truth is, as usual, the boring tale that is told to all tourists- the captain simply loved the planet.

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