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The Melting Pot

“One planet, five different species, its madness I tell you.” — Notail Researcher X-5897

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Dominant Residents: Nautalid, Malventus, Ignalisk, Terriete, and Artcuna
Other Residents: Tourist, Sea Angel, Tweep

Fauna: Varied peaceful fauna
Weather: Ranges from calm to stormy dependant on biome

Danger Level: Safe
Purpose: Homeworld

Original Creator: Hichico/Allator/Glowymushroom/nonexistantPumpkin/Sirblizz98

Physical Description

Naturis is a planet of five main biomes: expansive deep ocean, flowing windy grassland, pink sand deserts, cloudy cavernous mountainous regions, and deathly hot volcanic zones. It is quite easy to tell these areas apart as each biome on the main planet is quite drastically different from the other, and each are mostly separated as their own continental "zone".

There are two main continental landmasses on the planet, each separated by large amounts of oceans and rivers, but each landmass has a multitude of smaller archipelago like landmasses around them. Some of these landmasses are connected to one another by various land bridges. Each continental landmass is a combination of two biome types: you have the grasslands continent with the mountainous regions toward the center of the continent, and the desert continent spotted with various volcanic regions throughout.

While the two continents are technically connected to one another via land bridge, the land bridges are typically covered over by the ocean allowing the nautalid species to migrate throughout the year. Every few seasons or so the land bridges will uncover as the ocean recedes.

Additionally naturis has one orbiting moon that is covered in glacial plains. It is on this moon that the artcuna may be found. To most who land on the moon of naturis, the reaction is that of disbelief than anything can live there. The first sight you will often see on landing on the moon of naturis, is that of a glacial wasteland. If you are lucky you may land near to an artcuna settlement. beware of any fauna on the moon of naturis, as most if not all have adapted to intense cold and are quite dangerous.


Due to each species living on naturis spending the majority of their lives confined to their own biome, be it out of choice or necessity or even lack of interest toward the rest of the world, each species spent a large amount of time disconnected from one another.

The first encounter between species is a topic of conflicting stories, the malventus believe that they were the first species to discover other life on naturis in the form of the nautalids. The first meeting between malventus and nautalid was tense to say the least. On the day of the meeting the malventus stopped for a moment during migration to rest and swim in the water of the ocean below them, thinking nothing of any underwater threats or dangers. Unbeknownst to them a group of nautalid lurking below the surface noticed their landing and thought to make a quick meal out of them. Luckily for the malventus they escaped relatively unharmed as the nautalid were entirely confused when their supposed prey began screaming and speaking to one another. The relationship began on rough waters, quite literally in this instance, but has become a very trusting relationship between the two species with the malventus acting as the go between for the nautalids and other species.

Around the same time the ignalisk and terrietes had just encountered one another as well. The terrietes, during a season in which the land bridges were visible and able to be crossed, ventured into the pink sand desert region that was the home to the ignalisk. The first meeting between species was..rocky, to say the least, as the terrietes were not at all too fond of the ignalisks ability to create heat bubbles around themselves. Eventually, the matter would be settled between the two species as the ignalisk agreed to cease using their natural abilities when around other species, and they would enter into a long standing trade agreement with one another.

From this moment the planet of naturis would enter into a sort of "boom" of species wide introductions. The malventus would, through a series of very humorous incidents involving their migration patterns, find themselves introduced to the ignalisk as though they were either something to be celebrated or some form of seasonal omen. In truth, the malventus had had a one sided series of encounters with the ignalisk for years prior as they migrated over the desert and volcanic regions, the heat rising from said regions lifted the malventus higher than normal as they would pass over so the malventus began passing the region in larger "flocks" to keep each other from being suddenly perpetrated.

Unbeknownst to the malventus, these flocks would become like large pitch black clouds in the sky, waving ribbons that would then on become known to the ignalisk as the "Sky Parades". Depending on who you ask the sky parades were either a reason for celebration, or a horrifying omen of things to come. The malventus did not know of what they did, but upon finally meeting the ignalisk, who incidentally began the meeting by setting off small fireworks and startling the malventus, would then profusely apologize for accidentally frightening the ignalisk and immediately attempt to become their friends. The ignaisk remained somewhat embarrassed about the entire situation for much time to come.

From there the ignalisk would then be the "spark" that would introduce the malventus to the terrietes. Of all the introductions between species, the malventus and terrietes was the most calm. In truth, the malventus on first meeting with the terrietes became aware of their very gruff demeanor and oddly enough backed off for a while instead of being their naturally "friendship pushing" selves. This small act of kindness would go a long way in forming a relationship with the terrietes.

After this "introductory boom" each species would begin to undergo their own technological sets of advancement helped along by one another. The ignalisk would take very quickly to creating technology and sharing the information, while the terrietes would trade for the various materials needed, the nautalids would provide a plethora of information of the marine biology of the planet, and the malventus ever helpful would begin a wide standing delivery service between each species.

Eventually each species would lead their thoughts toward the stars and the moon above them, each entering into a space race. Unfortunately due to the teamwork that each species had set up between one another, this space race would fail until each species made the decision to work alongside one another each contributing a different component required for space travel. This lead them to reaching the penultimate step of space travel: the ability to enter orbit of their own planet and finally explore the moon above them.

The first exploration of the moon lead to a grand discovery: another species! The malventus ever being the "face" of the species were the first to meet this new species: the artcuna. The artcuna in truth gave the malventus the cold shoulder on first meeting but the malventus had already made themselves known along each species on the planet as being nothing if not tenacious to make new friends. While the artcuna would be frigid at first when it came to speaking with the other species, the eventually relented and allowed the malventus to warm their chilled hearts.

At this point the species found themselves at something of a standstill, while they could travel in orbit around their own planet, they could not go beyond and discover what else the universe had in store for them. This standstill puzzled the artcuna, what exactly was keeping them from going beyond? So the artcuna after having to listen to each species complain and work toward this goal seemingly to no avail, produced the final component needed for space travel: the ability to simply "Punch space for being stupid and unwieldy". Or as the other species would come to call it: intergalactic wormhole travel, a name the artcuna found to be far too long and far too boring. At this point the artcuna retreated back to their lives having, as they would claim: "Beaten science better than anyone else".


Ignalisk Capitol Polyphony: The main capitol city of the ignalisk, here you can find a plethora of glass blown trinkets, musical recordings and instruments and a variety of various friendly ignalisk. Many of the items you may find here have a main use as a music player and a secondary use which is more often than naught as a cooking appliance. Be warned that you may encounter hot plates that have their own playlists and your cooking speed may vary depending on playlist.

For more information please visit the ignalisk tourist center on arrival.

The Underwater City of Atlanta: Come visit the underwater resort city of Atlanta! Here you may encounter a variety of aquatic fauna and flora! Be amazed at the educational tours of the kelp beds! Look in awe and wonder at the massive 32 foot buffet, did we mention its all you can eat? Make a reservation for Atlanta resorts today! Here at Atlanta resorts and spa our prices beat out the other competition, with such low low prices as just 9,000 points per night! Cant breathe underwater? No problem, we offer for a nominal fee, VIP oxygenated rooms just for you, the customer. Want to breathe underwater? Ask one of our many quelan plastic surgeons about their gill transplant surgeries!

Terriete Gift Shop: The largest gift shop on the planet that expressly does only gift shopping. There is no buying for yourself here, only the buying of gifts for others will be allowed. If you are looking to buy souvenirs, ask one of the many associates to help you find the souvenir shop, they will be more than happy to switch the sign on the store for you!


Multispecies: This planet is home to more than one species and has a variety of ranged environments.


• There are rumors that somewhere on the planet is a flying castle built by the ignalisk for the malventus. It is unknown where these rumors come from, but a surprising amount of people believe them.

• You can often find sections of the desert land around the ignalisks settlements to have a variety of abstract statues made of glass jutting out at random angles. This is because young ignalisk often go out into the desert to begin practicing their glass blowing and flame charming techniques.

• The artcuna are willing to allow people to visit the moon, but do not guarantee you will leave.

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