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Naturalistic Cities

“They allow their cities to become overgrown, and just live alongside it all! It's a waste of good development I tell you!” — A distraught arma

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Dominant Residents: Klannec
Other Residents: Cortz, Fairy, Itzel, Prunus

Fauna: Large range of fauna
Weather: Calm with the occasional rain storm

Danger Level: Safe
Purpose: Homeworld of the klannecs

Original Creator: Hichico

Physical Description

At first glance, the klannec homeworld is a planet of ruined cities overtaken by the course of nature. On a closer look however the residents of the planet have simply come to a balance of sorts with nature, choosing to allow it to overtake cities and streets, and building around it rather than over it. For this reason it is not uncommon to see entire buildings taken over by trees or various plants, once this happens klannecs will convert the building into a new "Bio-Building" taking the time to maintain the structure and safety of the building itself, but allowing the plants to grow within it. The planet is also littered with botanical gardens, outdoor shopping centers, parks, and an absolute plethora of clothing stores. Fashion is, and always has been, in high demand on the planet.


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Botanical Center for Cherished Old Friends: An incredibly large bio dome made specifically for prunus who decide to take root on the planet. Prunus are welcome to come here if they so desire, to settle down, celebrate their life, and finally find their peace. Though it is not required of prunus to take root here, they are in fact welcome by all means to settle themselves anywhere they find perfect to them. It is, however, gently suggested that they try to make sure that the location they desire is not one that may be inconvenient to others.

Wolford: Described as "A city of hanging gardens" by many, Wolford is a prime example of the unique balance of nature and modern society that the klannec race have achieved. It is a massive city with one of the planets most popular and largest shopping centers. Many high class klannec make their home here, as well as many middle class klannec.

The Galleria of Ancient Trees: A series of old skyscrapers connected by a variety of bridges and interconnected balconies that house a large number of ancient and near extinct species of trees. It is asked that any prunus who hopes to take root here please submit the required paperwork approximately three months before their arrival on the planet, as space is not infinite in the buildings. It is an incredibly popular tourist spot, as there are few other locations in the galaxy in which one may see such a variety of plants.




• Due to the planets balance with nature many prunus have elected to call the planet their home, and even more decide to make nekxurius their rooting spot, to the delight of the klannec race. Prunus who decide to take root on nekxurius are treated to a celebration of their life leading up to their rooting. At which point a klannec is chosen to care for the prunus post root. The prunus is thenceforth referred to as a "Cherished Old Friend" to the klannec, and becomes a new and wonderful part of the worlds collective life.

• There are a large amount of cortz on the planet due to the fact that they were originally created by the klannec scientist Dr. Cortz, for this reason klannecs see cortz as very close "cousins" to themselves, and give them an equal standing among the planet. Cortz are treated with respect, admiration, and love on the planet and make up a large portion of the population.

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