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The Patchworks

“Remind me why we want to land here again?” — Unknown

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Dominant Residents: Poppets

Fauna: Unknown/None
Weather: Thunderstorms, see special.

Danger Level: Medium
Purpose: Orvan serves as a poppet repair/creation center.

Original Creator: Arcanuse

Physical Description

Orvan consists primarily of barren fog covered patches of land separated by tall mountain ranges referred to by poppets as "The Stitches".


Unknown. The poppets old enough to remember refuse to co-operate and share information.


Gabardine: Gabardine is the trading center of Orvan, where poppets come to trade strips of cloth, barter for fresh meat, and attempt to be hired onto any crew that will take them. Externally, Gabardine appears to be a pastel colored dome with painted "Stitches" separating colors. Internally, Gabardine can be seen as a "melting pot" of culture, a side effect of new ideas being integrated with the skin and meat of new species. Outside are generally restricted from seeing most of the city, both for the safety of the visitors and to ensure threats are unable to damage the tunnels beneath the city connecting the underground cities, factories, and poppet workshops.

Weaver's Den: Originally known as Weaver's Workshop, with the drastic change in the properties of "Weaver's Tears" the facility has been abandoned by poppets, with the materials and supplies for poppet repair/creation being brought to the new location beneath Gabardine at great expense. Currently, it serves as an illegal den for modifications, transplants, gene mods, and experimental regenerative drugs.

Mt. Reed: Mt. Reed is the highest mountain on Orvan, continually emitting a fog-based phenomena referred to as "Weaver's Tears". This mountain is considered the holy center of Orvan, and is currently under research as to what caused the drastic change in "Weaver's Tears" that currently renders the surface of Orvan uninhabitable.


Weaver's Tears: Outside Gabardine and other enclosures, Orvan is coated in a black, oily fog causing travelers to be very unlucky. Originally, Weaver's Tears referred to a light mist emitted from Mt. Reed, that allowed poppet's to naturally heal from injuries.


• Generally, outside Gabardine and certain enclosed locations, such as Weaver's Den, most buildings are underground to avoid dealing with the dangerous weather. Naturally, the remainder are entirely enclosed.

• If you visit a location on Orvan outside Gabardine, be advised that you should bring goods to barter with, as standard credits hold little value to the poppet residents.

• When a poppet reaches ten years of age, they attempt to return to Orvan to be renewed at Weaver's Workshop, that they can begin a fresh ten years. In the case of irreparable damage, they are recycled instead, with the poppets cloth strips salvaged and used to pass on the remaining memories to a new poppet, effectively creating a "Memory Clone".

• Each time a poppet returns for repair, their identity is updated. As an example, a first generation poppet on its 29th cycle that was recycled twice, would be referred to as [NAME] 1-29-2.

• As poppets can retrieve memories from skin/plant fibers/equivalent, individuals with more valuable/informative lives are considered to have more valuable skin.

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