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Dominant Residents: Selachim
Other Residents: Oblein, Gigne, Aqualisces

Fauna: Jollyfish, Omega Bass
Weather: Wet

Danger Level: Medium
Purpose: Homeworld of the selachim

Original Creator: Schazer

Physical Description

The selachim homeworld is a low-gravity waterbound world. Almost always enshrouded by stormclouds and pelted by rain, the surface is a near-endless ocean of towering waves that surge leisurely across the planet. The only features otherwise are the occasional barren island or no more than half a dozen floating sites of industry.


The oblein were first to discover Mare, and performed assorted experiments on its marine fauna which led to the creation of the selachim as a species. The selachim were granted independence on request, and entered several centuries of isolation until broadcasting a request for assistance and resources to build themselves kicking rad new robot bodies.

After several tsunami-based disasters laying waste to terrestrial construction efforts, a interspecies team of engineers came up with a successful free-floating design for selachim operations, which still oozes proudly across Mare's open seas to this day.


Landshark Labs: An enormous industrial complex, housing designers, manufacturers, recyclers and installers of selachim exosuits, While tours of the design and construction workshops are open to the public, the wet labs, where selachim receiving their first suits or upgrades are surgically implanted, remain under maximum security. Inward Goods is another high-security area - all interspecies trade of materials is undertaken offworld at Orbital Megastation 10D-0N, with purchased goods shipped down to the Labs by exclusively selachim crew.

The Labs are listed among the most desirable workplaces in the universe for aspiring roboticists, though only a selection of jobs within the Labs are willing to hire non-selachim.

Wetropolis: The administrative ward of selachim society, the low-lying buildings here are covered in specially-designed channels and patterns which direct the endless rain for energy generation as well as preventing surface flooding. Everything's kept nailed down for when the city rides a swell, and it all ends up on a diagonal. Travelers are much more free to explore here than the Labs, though there's little appeal as the place is mostly a grey fish-scented city office where you're very likely to get seasick.

The Drowned Lands: Scattered and exposed outcroppings of land cover a mere fifteen percent of the planet's surface, and are constantly lashed by the rain and colossal waves. The ruins of ill-advised construction attempts by oblein and selachim alike can be found on some of the larger isles, as well as the remains of salvagers' craft.




• Due to the planet's low gravity, 50-foot ocean swells are the norm and all attempts to build on dry land were colossal soggy disappointments. All settlements since have been built upon hundreds of colossal pontoons, linked by cables which allow the structures to move atop the waves.

• Due to the above, motion sickness is one of the most commonly-reported issues among visitors to the planet. Travelers are advised to prepare suitably before arrival.

• Shoals of juvenile selachim live in the deep ocean, the pressure of the deep allowing them to develop in conditions similar to regular gravity. They are known to be raised by selachim known as Wet Nurses, whose exact appearance is a state secret though they are rumored to be hooked to the gutted and retrofitted hulls of Hypnos and Thanatos units.

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