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Big Bird / Fauna

“Senseless. Does not bleed, you cannot eat, therefore... what is point?” — An intellectual hokkan discourse on robots

Art by, Soulsplosion

  • Strength-8
  • Intelligence-1
  • Charisma-2
  • Endurance-5
  • Agility-6
  • Luck-4

Common Jobs: Guard, Fighter, Hunter

Likes: Words, Songs, Shiny Objects, Hunting, Killing, Meat
Dislikes: Cages, Guns, Cowards, Robots, Computers, Taunters

Attack Method: RIP AND TEAR! Incidentally, these are two of their most favorite words.

Homeplanet: None/Unknown
Lifespan: 50 years
Height: 8 ft
Diet: Meat, Fish

Social Class: Lowest Class
Rarity: Uncommon

Common Traits

[Great Fighter] Positive trait
This character is very skilled in fighting, and they are better at it than the average Joe. This character has likely had fighting as a job before and knows the ins and outs of fighting.
[Listener] Neutral trait
This character is more likely to listen than speak. Other characters may enjoy this when they need someone to hear their woes.
[Sentient-Eater] Negative trait
This character will eat not only characters of their own species but will also eat other sentient beings. The moment that if the character runs out of food they will attempt to eat others nearby. This character may also eat sentient beings even if they have food.

Patrons and Gods

They rarely, if ever, focus on the gods. When they do, they tend to follow whatever god fits their fancy at the time.

Patrons: Mars, Athena
Gods: Any
Original Creator: Spish

Physical Description

The hokkan is a large, primitive-looking creature resembling a cross between a prehistoric bird of prey and an alligator/dinosaur. They have a long tail, and their bodies are covered in feathers, possessing droopy vestigial wings that end in sharp talons. Generally they lean on these "wings" when standing, and use their powerful legs to sprint and leap great distances. Their plumage is vibrant and colorful, with red, green, and purple being their most prominent colors.

They have powerful jaws, tall ears, and their faces are dotted randomly with many small, beady black eyes. They rely less on vision, and more on their attuned senses of smell and hearing. They are natural-born killers, able to chase down and tear their victims to ribbons with ease.

Personality & Traits

Hokkan love listening to people talk and sing. They have a habit of repeating words they find enjoyable to hear, much like a parrot would. Hokkan often try to mimic the way smart people talk, frequently using big words they don't understand, and will wear objects of clothing out of a desire to appear more intelligent. They have a particular fondness for shiny objects and like to adorn their bodies with them. When not conversing through conventional means, they express themselves through melodic croaks and warbles.

They have an intense disdain for ranged firearms, as they perceive the use of them to be cowardly. Though they are indeed significantly smarter than the average beast, they are given to animal instinct, and, if not carefully educated, will have little reservation about mauling and devouring people who cross them.


It is speculated that the hokkan were once a race of airborne avian hunters, but were driven underground for whatever reason, and eventually degenerated into cavedwelling cannibals. From the many ruins, petrified forests, and craters covering their homeplanet, it is evident that a great cataclsym must've befallen their species at some point. When they were first discovered, they were initially assumed to be nothing more than dumb animals (having of course eaten the colonists that found them).

Eventually, they were tamed and brought into nearby cities as zoo animals and exotic pets, and it would be many decades until it was discovered they were even capable of intelligent speech. They came to be appreciated for their natural fighting prowess, intimidating appearance, and ability to take orders very well.






• In a recent taste-test survey, 4 out of 5 hokkan agreed that the most delicious species in the universe was the metaparxi. Apparently, all that soul-crushing, existential despair adds to the flavor of the meat. Hokkan also found putley to be particularly palatable.

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