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Chey / strawberry

“I think i have a money problem” — -me at my bank account

Art by, landon

  • Strength-1000
  • Intelligence-420
  • Charisma-69
  • Endurance-10
  • Agility-1
  • Luck-999

Faves: Aftiks,fleetomines,sarax,chira
Faves ai edition: Helios,Athena,Pan,Artemis,Apollo 1 and 2,Kratos,Nike,every ai really

[okayish humor] Neutral trait
Your humor is hit or miss.Usually always a miss
[know it all kinda] Neutral trait
can list out varies animal facts but thats about it
[baker] Neutral trait
can make dessert anytime
[money] Positive trait
its money
[your are a cowgirl dawny] Positive trait
will outdraw you and shoot first.
[never empty] Positive trait
no matter how you will always have a ration on hand,
[bleeding heart] Positive trait
feels bad for any creature or ai and loves them
[look at it now it has anxiety] Negative trait
[poor money control] Negative trait
where does it go??
[gun game] Mystery trait
"Don‘t mind if I do!" When a enemy using a gun is killed, they will always drop their gun, and the character with this trait MUST switch their gun to that gun, even if it is a downgrade. The character may keep the other guns elsewhere, but cannot use them unless their current gun is unavailable or lost.


Hello! I‘m Dawny/Chey/Strawberry,and HEY WHO KEEPS SPENDING THEIR MONEY HERE. Uhhh i don‘t know what to put here.I got two cats ill send you some pictures if you ask.Hey by the way are your comms open? Asking for a friend,of course.

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