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Clockwork King / Predator Strain

“When clockworks look away from their prey and gather in mass, that is when the worst arises.” — Tourist Guide to the Universe

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Emblem by Anon
  • Strength-10
  • Intelligence-1
  • Charisma-1
  • Endurance-10
  • Agility-2
  • Luck-4

Type: Aggressive
Danger Level: Extreme
Commonly Infects: Other clockworks, clockwork hunters

Attack Method: Smashing, ripping, tearing. The typhon is not subtle, it simply destroys. The attendant lesser clockworks clean up whats left
Summary: Known as the predator strain, these clockworks are formed when the typhon clockwork virus overrides other clockworks and causes dozens or even hundreds to merge together into a single, almost fireproof monstrosity.

Original Creator: Dorf/Space Dwarf

Physical Description

The typhon is undoubtedly one of the mightiest of the aggressive clockworks, a true terrible leviathan. Formed from the twisted bodies of hundreds of lesser infected beings, glued together with clockwork slime and encased in an armored fireproof shell, this beast is the worst nightmare of just about any clockwork exterminator.

The typhon strain of clockworks is interesting in that while its general transmissivity is very low, it is extremely effective at overcoming and preying on other clockwork strains, even those that are so aggressive that it should have no business being able to do so.

These infected beings initially show no signs, simply carrying the dormant typhon. However, when a large enough mass of infected clockworks are in one place, the typhon will strike. Activating simultaneously, the typhon will seize control of all the lesser clockworks and cause them to run together, blending and amalgamating into a single giant beast, whose size depends on the number of beings caught up in the amalgamation. The typhon has the normal, infectious and flammable slime, as all clockworks do, but it also has a secondary type of slime that isn't flammable at all but holds no infectious or integrating proprieties. This secondary slime is the one that glues all the clockworks together and then rapidly hardens to form a fire-proof carapace of great toughness. It layers on this slime a few times, effectively making them immune to fire until a powerful weapon is used to blow holes in the carapace and let the flames in to incinerate the incredibly flammable innards. The standing advice to handle this for clockwork fighters who do not have a powerful cannon or similar is to run very fast.

Typhon clockworks vary greatly in appearance due to their amalgamated composition, but often have huge bundles of heads or snakelike appendages protruding from their limbs, remnants of the clockworks that they absorbed.


The typhon is a killer. It is far more focused on tearing apart and smashing prey than it is in infecting or even personally consuming the bodies of the fallen. A horde of lesser clockworks typically follows in its wake, consuming and converting all the victims of the typhon, growing in size and numbers until eventually these hangers-on, who have already been infected with the dormant typhon strain accumulate sufficient mass to wake the infection and metamorphose into a new typhon. In this manner, a typhon outbreak can rapidly turn a regular clockwork infestation into a full-blown catastrophe.

The typhon seems to seek out anti-clockwork fighters with particular menace, thought to be drawn to their flames. Due to its very low infectiousness to non-clockwork beings and difficulty to detect while dormant, the infection is sometimes carried unknowingly between outbreaks by these very people trying to stop the clockworks. Even days or weeks after the typhon was killed, this can make minor infestations suddenly turn terrible if the carrier is overwhelmed and their body spreads typhon to the many weak clockworks. In a matter of seconds they will all fuse into a fire-resistant giant monster with limbs capped by a hundred screaming heads.


None / Unknown.


Etnaian Carapace: Every inch of these clockworks are coated in a thick, tough, but flexible carapace that resists fire and keeps the flammable clockwork ooze inside safe from flames. As a result, typhons cannot simply be set ablaze, but must be blown open or punctured, potentially scattering their slime over a large area, before cleansing fire can be applied.


• The typhon's attraction towards fire means that if clockwork exterminators know they will be fighting one, it can be led into traps that will enable them to kill it more safely.

• There was once a typhon AI line. It is not known why they shared a name with this terrible beast, as records on them are currently thought to be missing...

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