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Bloody Hell / Circle of Wrath


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Dominant Residents: Darknidow
Other Residents: Slarym, Khieron, Goopmick

Fauna: Blood mantises and miscellaneous insectoid fauna with anomalous properties commonly related to darkness or light
Weather: Very warm, with the occasional shower of blood rain

Danger Level: High
Purpose: Homeplanet of the darknidows, Safe haven for the violent and hateful.

Original Creator: Babybowser101

Physical Description

Vehemence is covered in sharply-tipped mountain ranges made of various types of dark purple rock. Some of these mountains are actually long-dormant volcanoes, their eruption cycles having stopped seven thousand years ago. Many of these slumbering fissures are surrounded by extravagant cities built by the darknidows, with buildings made of dark metal covered in neon signs. The brightly-shining lights of these cities contrasting with the ancient cooled magma of the volcanoes make it almost seem as if the volcanoes are still erupting, spewing out pure, harsh luminescence.

Like most planets in the Ninthircle star system, Vehemence is affected by some kind of odd anomaly. The oceans of the planet, instead of being composed of water or a similar liquid, are entirely made of blood. Immediately upon Vehemence's discovery, the planet was suspected of being infected by a planetary clockwork species, but vigorous testing proved this to be untrue. After said testing, it was found that the DNA of the blood was similar to a combination of that of both the darknidows and their extinct light counterparts, the lightonarchs. The explanation religious darknidows give for this anomaly is that the oceans are the blood of Ebb, their god that they supposedly murdered.


Originally named Modes-Vehemens, Vehemence was the original homeplanet of the darknidows and lightonarchs. During the reign of their supposed god of order, Ebb, darknidows and lightonarchs lived in begrudging harmony. While the darknidows despised Ebb, lived frustrated lives, and eventually turned against him, the lightonarchs were happy with the way their society was and worked to progress science. Many lightonarchs had an interest in space travel, and while their spacecrafts never became advanced enough to leave their galaxy, lightonarchs and darknidows spread across the entire Ninthircle star system. Vehemence is still covered in the ruins of disused launch sites and crashed satellites.

After the Fall of Ebb, Vehemence was taken over and renamed by Silzael, the Wrathful Godkiller. Silzael wanted to make a planet where anyone could unleash their most violent urges whenever they pleased. Since wrath and violence are the favorite kind of suffering in the diet of darknidows, Vehemence has stayed the most populated planet in the system even after the introduction of easily accessible interstellar travel. Darknidows hailing from Vehemence wear large amount of red on their hats.

Vehemence is one of the most dangerous planets in the Ninthircle system, both due to the prevalent violence on the planet and the anomalies that roam its unpopulated deserts and oceans. Not only are blood mantises uncomfortably easy to find in the wilderness of Vehemence, but anomalous insects that haven't been properly studied are also common. Examples from survivors of the wilderness include moths that eat light, ticks that can attach to your shadow, and giant scorpions made entirely out of blood and teeth.


HOTLINE DEATHWISH RELEASE: HDR is the capital city of Vehemence, a sprawling metropolis built directly on and around the largest volcano on the planet. Before Silzael's reign over the planet, the city was simply known as Release, and is supposedly where Ebb was murdered. HDR is a popular tourist destination for both believers in Ebb and those who enjoy Vehemence's lawlessness. Being the most populated city on the planet, the random acts of violence darknidows enjoy acting upon each other are incredibly frequent, so much so that the city requires a large drainage system to handle the constant bloodshed. These pipes lead directly into the volcano HDR surrounds, but much of the pipe system seems to be needlessly complex and mazelike. Some rumors say that Silzael hid his scythes deep within these sprawling pipes of blood and rust as a hard to access treasure for posterity.

STABBYSTABBYKNIFEFIGHT(tm) ARENA: STABBYSTABBYKNIFEFIGHT(tm) ARENA is a city built around a massive arena that has been on the planet since ancient times. This arena is home to the SSKF(tm) TOURNAMENT, an incredibly popular tournament where 64 contestants compete in gladiatorial combat (with knives only) and other dangerous challenges. Contestants are chosen randomly from those who live in the city, and although mostly darknidows are selected, some unlucky tourists have been forced to participate in the deadly competition.

HATREDHATRED BLOOTBATH ISLES: HATREDHATRED BLOODBATH ISLES is an archipelago in Vehemence's massive ocean of blood. Some of these islands are incredibly popular tourist attractions, claiming to provide a wonderful vacation with only the best and least dangerous parts of Vehemence's anarchy for visitors. Most of these islands are populated by bizarre anomalies that crawl out of the bloody sea, and although they supposedly house many ancient anomalous artifacts related to Ebb, are incredibly hazardous. These islands cannot be reliably mapped, and seem to move around the ocean on their own, swapping places at random. Because of this, it's impossible for visitors to know for certain whether they'll arrive at a fancy yet anarchic resort or a wasteland populated only by blood-sucking squids.


VEHEMENTLY SUFFERING ANOMALAPOCALYPSE: Although the entirety of the Ninthircle system is filled with anomalies, Vehemence has the most native anomalies out of every planet in the system. These anomalies are typically obvious, such as the planet's ocean of blood or the fauna made entirely of shadows, but some of them can be far more insidious. Most visitors to Vehemence that stay for over a year end up with a permanently increased sensitivity to pain and minor anger issues. Notably, these effects appear to slightly increase in severity the closer victims lived to the supposed site of Ebb's death.


• Silzael claimed to have killed Ebb in the back lot of a cheap chain diner in HOTLINE DEATHWISH RELEASE, and this restaurant is an important symbolic religious monument for darknidows across the universe. The original HDR location has been legally classified as holy ground, and other locations around the universe are common gathering places for darknidows who hate Ebb. Executives of this diner asked for the chain to remain unnamed, since many customers may otherwise be scared away by this fact.

• Although the darknidows worked vigorously to scrape away any trace of the lightonarchs, Vehemence still has a large amount of evidence of their existence. Many undesecrated lightonarch temples have been unearthed after archaeological expeditions, only to quickly be vandalized by hordes of darknidows. Because of this, a smaller lightonarch temple had to be taken off the planet in secret to a place in the universe with laws so no darknidows could demolish it.

• According to Sapvorinium's Guide to the Sinner System, Vehemence is "a planet of chilled blood, sharp stone, and cities shining in neon entirely out of spite! If you've ever wanted to shank someone or get shanked yourself, all without anyone involved getting arrested by those pompous jerkwads called 'police', Vehemence is the place for you! Come visit historic spots like the site of the death of Ebb, the HATREDHATRED resorts, and my hometown! They expanded the STABBYSTABBYKNIFEFIGHT(tm) ARENA and crushed my house in the process, but that's life, isn't it? Anyways, Vehemence is the second-most populated planet in the system, and we'd all love it if you got it to the top!"

• Once, Vehemence was affected by an especially strong anomalous phenomenon. Anyone looking at Vehemence from anywhere outside the planet's atmosphere supposedly saw a fleet of notail ships nuking the entire planet. Calls went out across the universe, but before any declarations of war could be officially signed, the notails said that they were as shocked and confused as everybody else. The fleet of ships turned out to be an incredibly serious perceptive anomaly, and upon closer inspection, Vehemence and its citizens hadn't suffered any damage at all.

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