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Anklebiters / Juicyboys

“And don't forget to keep a waterskin around to stay hydrated gamers!” — S14yerz253

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  • Strength-6
  • Intelligence-1
  • Charisma-1
  • Endurance-5
  • Agility-6
  • Luck-4

Danger Level: Safe
Likes: Dark spaces, Liquids, Silence, Sweets
Dislikes: Open spaces, Loud Noises, Sharp Objects

Attack Method: Latch onto a creatures head and suffocate them. If unable to do so, will bite with its large mandibles.

Environment: Mountainous regions
Lifespan: 7 years
Size: 1 ft tall, 3 ft long
Diet: Meat, Insects

Bodytype: Neckless
Type: Arthropod
Rarity: Uncommon

Original Creator: Kenshi

Physical Description

Waterskins are quite small in size. Their bodies consisting of a small, rounded orb with a squishy mound of flesh atop them, and little eyes near the bottom of their bodies peering upwards. Their flesh is tan or dull grey in coloration, but can change with liquid intake, and is supported by six long spindly legs.

They have large claws on the underside of their body, with a small mouth that is constantly moving. When they intake a large amount of water their squishy upper half slowly grows in size, stretching out to a max of 20 times its original size, becoming semi transparent along the way.


Waterskins are skittish and wary creatures, preferring to hide in wait for prey, rather than attack directly. They will use their gnashing teeth under their bodies to dig holes into the ground, and create a small well for themselves to hide in. While this normally wouldn't help it attract prey, it will usually only preform this action after it has ingested a large amount of liquids.

Waterskins prefer to drink water, but as long as the liquid isn't acidic or dangerous to the creature, it can carry it around safely. These creatures can fill the upper potion of their bodies with an excessive amount of liquids, making them look like a giant water balloon as they move about. Once full, they will settle into an indentation in the ground they have created, and open the tops of their bodies, creating a small watering hole, so as to attract prey to them.

Once a suitable prey settles in to take a drink of water, they pull the rest of their body over it, and drag them into the liquid. Waterskins will then drown the creature, before releasing enough water to carry its prey along to a safer spot to consume them.

If tamed and regularly given food by their owner, waterskins will carry liquids inside themselves. They will still hide themselves in small burrows, but when food is placed outside of these, they will climb out for interactions with their owners, and proper feedings.


Bloodpacks: This species of waterskins will bite onto a creature and suck it dry of blood, unless forcefully removed.

Fruitsnacks: Waterskins that consume fruits instead of creatures. They still can swell full of liquids just like the normal waterskins, but these ones end up mixing fruit into the liquid they store to create delicious fruity concoctions.


Liquid Containment: Waterskins can store more water than would seem natural to their small bodies, and seem to use very little of what they store while moving about.


• Waterskins did not evolved this way on their own, and melodico records do have some information on how their precursor species on Discord bred them.


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