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Zeta Cod

Elite Gamer Fish

Zeta Cod
“I'm not sure cods have teeth that sharp...” — Cod Biologist

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  • Strength-8
  • Intelligence-2
  • Charisma-1
  • Endurance-2
  • Agility-8
  • Luck-2

Danger Level: Medium
Likes: Corn Chips, Citrus Based Soft-Drinks, Gamer Girl Seawater, Ur Mom
Dislikes: Being Trash Talked, Other Fish, Cods

Attack Method: Swiftly swim for the weak point, then bite and thresh.

Environment: Oceans
Lifespan: 44 years
Size: 0.8 ft tall, 6 ft long
Diet: Fish, Meat, Energy drinks

Bodytype: Finned
Type: Marine
Rarity: Uncommon

Original Creator: SirBlizz98

Physical Description

A long toothy fish that generally resembles a barracuda. At around six feet in length and nearly a foot in average height, they are fairly sizable oceanic predators. Their bodies are covered in glittery iridescent scales that shimmer between a pale greenish-blue color to a pale purpley color.

Their most notable feature is their head full of sharp bitey teeth. Their mouth is overfull of these tiny needles, numbering in the hundreds on the average specimen even if many of them fall off during an attack. Their eyes, when they can be seen are small and "sinister" and deceptively intelligent. On their flanks are several luminescent green-purple symbols that resemble the letter "Zeta" or perhaps the letter "Zee".

Zeta Cod are most notable for their inexplicable cybernetic attachments.They most prominently have a wired in headset attachment complete with some sort of microphone. This headset tends to emit a signal that can be picked up on short-wave frequencies, but all that can be received are intermittent segments of "Gamer Trash Talk". It remains unclear if the Zeta Cod is issuing said trash talk.


Zeta cods are crude rude, solitary creatures that meander about the oceans looking for easy prey. Indeed, while they are principally opportunistic hunters for their size, this description more refers to their desire to bully and abuse things weaker than them. Zeta cods are exceedingly rude beings that seem to delight in causing others pain and misery through taunts, jeers, and various other forms of insult. How a fish came to be this way is uncertain.

Conversely of course, Zeta cods cannot handle being trash talked back to. They have rather tender dispositions and it is indeed the simplest way antagonize one is via extremely simple yet pointed insults. This is regarded as a sure fire way to attract one's attention for whatever purposes one might have.

Aside from their markedly aggressive natures and fragile dispositions, the cods are on occasion regarded as playful creatures, in their own way. They enjoy rather violent forms of play that tend to simulate various forms of organized conflict. Notably they are known to engage in rare social events where numerous zeta cod will play these games, with the winner receiving some manner of prize, either food or a mate, depending on the season.


None / Unknown.




• Numerous video game communities report inordinate numbers of accounts which their player base swear are being run by zeta cod. This is largely considered unlikely, as how would a fish play video games. They don't have hands.

• Proposals to rename Zeta cods to something more indicative of them have largely been unsuccessful. The most popular of these being "zeta gamers" which was rejected on the bases that: "Everyone knows cods aren't real gamers c'mon." Nobody is sure what this means.

• The cosmosdex has been requested to inform readers, that if they or someone they know has been the victim of a cyberbullying attack by a zeta cod, that they are to go to the cyberbullying help website at [[Hyperlink Blocked]]

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