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“Y'know, I used to 'ave these, uhm, voices in my 'ead a while back! They'd tell li'l ol' me the darndest things I tell yous! Anyway, ever since one of 'em birdy-boys caught wind, he did one of 'em new fangled surgery ma-bobbers and ever since I 'aven't heard squat! Said them were tumors or what 'ave ye, can yoe believe it?!” — A satisfied patient

Art by, MaggotsBoy

  • Strength-1
  • Intelligence-8
  • Charisma-6
  • Endurance-3
  • Agility-5
  • Luck-3

Common Jobs: Doctors and rarely politicians
Likes: Justice, Freedom, Peace
Dislikes: Inequality, Captivity, Wars

Attack Method: They will try to defuse the situation with words, although if they have no other choice they will peck at non vital areas of the attacker to dissuade them.

Homeplanet: Classified (see Homeplanet section)
Lifespan: 310 years
Size: 0.9 ft tall
Diet: Omnivores with a penchant for meat

Bodytype: Horizontal Pose

Type: Avian Mechanical
Social Class: High Class
Rarity: Uncommon
Common Traits
[Charitable] Neutral trait
This character is more likely to share what they have to the less fortunate, whether that be money, a home or any other such thing. The opposite of [Greedy].
[Role Model] Positive trait
This character is the apex citizen/employee/etc. and etc. They're exemplary at what they do, and have a good reputation to boot, so others will typically look to them for guidance. These other characters will emulate the role model's behavior to some degree, causing a contagion of the role model's virtues.
[Defensive] Negative trait
This character may get very upset or angry if they are challenged in some way, typically when their competence at certain tasks is called into question.

Swollows seemed to have taken to The Helper rather quickly once they were introduced to the religion, something which may be attributed to The Helper being considered one of the more, well, helpful, of the limbo gods.

Gods: The Helper

Original Creator: Enforcer

Physical Description

The swollows are a mechanical species modeled after avian fauna from various corners of the universe. Their original shells are designed solely around field birds but many opt to customize it into different types of birds to differentiate themselves from medics, as confusing a politician for a doctor in an emergency could be the difference between life and death. The bird species after which any specific swollows customizes their shells is usually related to their specialization, with larger bird of prey usually being reserved for jobs where being imposing is important, such as politics, while scavenger birds are used almost exclusively by those with specializations in disposal, such as those who work in crematoriums, or those who work in special disease units.

Today the original small field bird model is used only by medically inclined swollows, that is to say, the majority of them.


Summarized, they are benevolent to a fault. That is not to say that they are incapable of finding any person or action despicable, but that they would attempt to save the life of even a hardboiled war criminal were they given the chance. As far as the swollows care, regardless of how abominable their patient may be it is not up to them to judge them, as their duty only calls for them to make it so that said patient can live long enough to face said judgement. All swollows believe in second chances, and they would much rather everyone get to live long enough to get to attempt change.

As such, it is an extremely common story for a swollows to come across a dirty vagrant on their path and offer them their services for free, not expecting so much as a thanks in return. Usually extirpating tumors or necrotized and rotten flesh, healing injuries such as broken bones, or administering plain medicinal supplements.

Some would feel inclined to call them secretive, as swollows quickly become overly defensive when questioned about their outward appearance, with some even reacting harshly to innocent comments pointing out meaningless details such as red oil leaking through their joints, or somewhat odd, darkish crystallized salt forming and building up on the outside of their shells, as is the case with the less interested in self-maintenance, but truth is, they're really just shy. Shells in general are a sensitive subject to them, and they would very much rather not discuss them.


The swollows were one of many species caught in the idea that they were alone in the universe. Despite their many attempts to reach out to the stars, they never got any response. Even after having developed rudimentary space travel capable of visiting planets in their own system they thought themselves to be the sole living creatures in the universe. It is likely that the reason nobody ever answered their pleas was that their planet was located in a "Dark Zone" of the universe, where radio signals are dampened and rarely manage to traverse a long distance before dissipating into unintelligible noise.

To them everything changed when one day, a ship testing a new comms system, likely able to communicate from inside this Dark Zone, received an SOS signal from outer space. Immediately the greatest minds in the planet got together to decipher the message they had received. Daunting a task as it was, they needed to find out what they had received as soon as possible. After all, they had no experience whatsoever with this and had no idea what to expect.

At first, the message's loud and somehow desperate tone was interpreted as a threat, perhaps an alien fleet threatening them into surrender before skewering both them and their planet in one fell swoop. They were paralyzed. They had long since abandoned warfare as a whole, the mere concept of conflict was only encountered in exaggerated media at the time. If this really was a threat, they would, without doubt, be trampled over extremely easily by a spacefaring race. Despite this possibility however, the swollows did not falter. Every problem has multiple perspectives after all, and however likely it seemed the message was threatening them into submission, it seemed equally likely to be someone pleading for help. If it was the latter, they had no choice but to attempt to send help, even if this could possibly be interpreted as an act of defiance by the plausible warmongers, even if that had the possibility of sealing their fate far beyond something as merciful as slavehood and into a future as dark as complete and utter one sided massacre.

Carrying both fears and hopes in their hearts, having only deciphered about 17% of the message, the swollows decided to send in their first manned prototype of a long distance spaceship, something which ultimately ended up saving the lives of about half the crew of a commercial ship that had crash landed on a nearby hostile planet.

These days the swollows are known for their numerous and extensive health campaigns, among which their most successful one; "Detecting early signs of brain tumors and for a better tomorrow" has saved countless lives from any number of species.

Home Planet

As a wildly benevolent and selfless species, incredibly useful in the fields of medicine, there was a unanimous decision to make information regarding their homeplanet highly classified, as to make it difficult to attack, safeguarding their factories and adding an extra layer of protection to them.

When this decision was made, talks were had about the possibility of stationing a defense fleet near their planet, which were promptly shut down by the swollows themselves, as they believed that such a thing would only invite bloodshed, going against their very nature as a species. One could almost interpret this as them being willing to sacrifice themselves for the sake of not starting even a righteous war.

Rumors claim that the secrecy surrounding their homeplanet runs so deep even major political figures are not allowed entrance, meaning that most will only ever dream of getting a glance at their presumably pristine society. Regardless, this is still likely for the best.


None: As a mechanical species, the mere concept of a subspecies is strange to the swollows, after all, they consider any profession as worthy of respect, and any swollows as an important member of their race. To them unity is an important aspect of society.


Built to heal: Alongside their talons and wings all swollows are equipped with a panel on their chest containing two pairs of miniature, extensible arms and surgical equipment so that they may perform field work should the situation demand it. These two pairs of arms are highly calibrated towards extremely precise movements, making the swollows universally adept at difficult surgical procedures, turning them a reliable choice as the family doctor.

It is important to note that just as it is insensitive to ask about their shells, one should also avoid inquiring about their panel. Swollows will never open this panel when in the presence of others, and will only operate with a watching eye if they have no other choice. As both their techniques and knowledge are widely distributed by the swollows themselves, this can only be attributed to a sense of bashfulness which sadly, plagues the lot of them.


• Rarely, sightings of swollows modeled after flightless birds are reported, however, when asked, no swollows ever seems to be able to provide any further information about the phenomenon, as they themselves usually didn't even consider that flightless birds were an option. As such, there is no real information about what field these flightless swollows would work in, if they even work at all.

• A passing swollows once saved the life of the author of this entry after he had fallen into a sinkhole and had considered himself left for dead. The author then promptly offered his daugher's hand in marriage. The swollows promised him that he would get back to him on that and left the scene, presumably in order to plan the wedding. It has been 17 years since without word from the birdstud, which can only mean that the wedding planning was a much more ardous task than expected, which of course implies that the wedding itself is going to be overwhelmingly big, extravagant, and impressive, which although promising, worries me and my wife somewhat, as we are not sure we will be able to invite enough people to fill the venue and we do not want his decades long efforts to go to waste.

• As swollows are both doctors with a presumably high income, highly respected role models, and benevolent saviors, the writer of this entry recommends everyone to get married to one if possible.

You quite literally cannot go wrong with it.