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Melodian / Overturia

“When everything you say sounds like a song it's hard to be taken seriously..” — Vocangen minister Ten'or

Art by, Hichico

  • Strength-3
  • Intelligence-6
  • Charisma-8
  • Endurance-1
  • Agility-8
  • Luck-0

Common Jobs: Singers, Songwriters, Therapists, Advisors

Likes: Traveling, Remembering Home, anything cute, dancing, performing, singing
Dislikes: Enslavement, Clockworks

Attack Method: Amplified screaming

Homeplanet: Destroyed
Lifespan: 35 years
Size: 5'8 ft tall
Diet: Generic rations and highly processed/filtered meat and plant rations

Social Class: High class
Rarity: Rare

Common Traits

[Cute] Positive trait
Aww, well aren’t you just precious! People are easily endeared to this character with their puppy-like look. Their presence is often additionally capable of increasing morale for the crew, assuming they like sweet things.
[Musician] Neutral trait
This trait is similar to [Artist], however, a character with this trait specializes in musical talent rather than creating visual art.
[Obvious Weak Spot] Negative trait
This character has a specific part of their body that is easily distinguishable, ie a discolored patch of fur, a large gap in a character's armor/carapace, or an exposed organ. When this body part is struck by an attack, that attack will be treated as if the character had 0 Endurance. Restrictions: [Self-Destruct Button] can only be applied to robots.


The vocangen are typically a pacifistic species when possible and follow gods that share this belief.

Gods: Singer, Poetnix (Peace)

Original Creator: Hichico

Physical Description

The vocangen are an alien species humanoid in nature that are always seen wearing a skin tight full-body safety suit. It is not well known what the vocangen look like underneath their suits as the suit has become a necessity for their survival as a race due to their low tolerance for the various benign pathogens found throughout the universe.

The suit of a vocangen may take a number of shapes, most commonly made to appear as cute and non-threatening as possible. Common traits in the life-suits are facial display helmets that allow the wearer to display their feelings through a variety of emoticon faces similar to the way AI such as Hermes, Artemis, and Apollo units are capable of, though the faces of the vocangen typically have more of a variety due to personal customization.

Additionally the suits oftentimes have a number of accessories added onto them by the wearer over time, some are purely for aesthetic reasoning (pieces of clothing, scarves, shawls and the like) while others have functions. A common example being a set of feline-like ears with built in speaker systems.

The suits have one final feature that has become something of a popular trait of the vocangen. Due to the suits requiring a full covering of the vocangen's body their speech must be transmitted through an audio system, due to lack of resources the audio quality is supplemented by automatic tuning system that creates something of a melodic effect. This has given the vocangen the nickname of "Melodian".

Personality & Traits

The vocangen, despite their hardships, are a very friendly race, they have always adored meeting new people and learning new information and skills, and even now after being thrown out into the harsh universe at large they still hold true to their original beliefs.

As a society the vocangen have always taken delight in performance and arts, to express ones' self interests is tantamount to freedom for the vocangen, their lives were lived in a constant striving for improvement and growth. Unfortunately, while the vocangen still try as they may to hold onto their original core values much of their original hopeful, happy, demeanor has been lost as hardship after hardship has woven strife into the hearts of what few vocangen remain alive to this day. Where there was once inherent trust for all that they might meet, there is now only paranoia, distrust, and apprehension at what could very well be their death should they make even a single mistake.

If one can somehow manage to convince a vocangen to open their heart and mind to them, to trust them and walk beside them, they will most assuredly have a companion for life.


According to the stories passed down from parent to child, the vocangen originally lived a life of relative peace and happiness. Their homeworld was a lush world, abundant in resources and beautiful rolling hills and valleys. Their lives were relatively simple, revolving around the arts, performance, self growth and furthering of ones knowledge.

Until the day of the falling star, a day in which a foreign entity fell to the planets surface. They thought it was a meteor at first and gathered it for study, but unbeknownst to the vocangen of old it was no simple meteor. Contained within the hardened steel-like outer layers was a single scrap of semi sentient mass, a creature born of flesh and metal..

...a clockwork.

With limited knowledge of the outside world the vocangen had no idea what horror awaited them, the clockwork was weak at first but chose to bide its time, eventually it would be strong enough to grow once again. In the meantime the vocangen studied the strange artifact from beyond and used the inspiration garnered from its appearance to begin the creation of their first space-flight programs, within a few years the vocangen were just at the cusp of reaching out to see everything beyond stars!

But of course, in this universe nothing can go so well. The dormant clockwork finally struck its chord and began to run amok, incorporating everything it could get its tendrils into. Years of progress ruined over the span of days, months, eventually all that was left was barely a handful of the original population of vocangen and a few rockets to go alongside them. The clockwork infection had progressed farther than most ever managed, beginning to incorporate the very planet itself into its mass and, as a side effect, it began to change the atmosphere of the planet as well. Where the air was once clean for the vocangen it was now a pathogen cloud of terror ruining their immune systems and draining them of any vitality.

With little choice left the vocangen took the remaining population they could, took their ships, and evacuated the world never to return. They thought their hardships might finally be over, but the universe is a cruel, cold place..their hardships would only just begin.

Home Planet

The vocangen home planet has been long since destroyed by mass clockwork infection. All that remains of their home world are personal memories, the rare memento passed down by family, and highly protected historical documents kept on what is known as the "Matriarch", a colony of Zeus and Persephone ships that have been modified to act as something of a mobile space station for the remaining population of vocangen.

Visitors to the Matriarch station are required to go through a great deal of screening for potential infection risks and violence on or near the station is absolutely not permitted.

A number of thrill seekers have made attempts to find the original homeworld of the vocangen since their discovery in the universe at large, however these attempts have been met either with simple failure or disappearances. According to rumors gleamed while visiting the Matriarch station the original homeworld may simply no longer be located in it's original region of space, though these rumors are debunked by questioning how a planet could "Just up and leave".

Unless, as the theories go at least, the clockwork infected homeworld had somehow incorporated a planet moving ship...

Officially speaking these are, of course, just rumors and the planet has been succinctly dealt with by notail authority.




Fatal Error Immune System: The vocangen cannot survive outside of their safety suits, damages as simple as a small tear or hole can potentially cause the vocangen to fall deathly ill. However despite this the vocangen have a beneficial effect to crew morale when one is on a ship.


• Due to their popularity as singers the vocangen are commonly sought after crewmembers for the sake of morale. As well, they are more commonly sought after by slavers wishing to forcibly raise morale.

• The vocangen tend to have very strange names, supposedly these names originate from their homeworld and have a great deal of meaning, but such meanings have nearly been lost to newer generations.

• Someday a planet will be found that the vocangen can live on in peace, without need for suits or protections. But the damage that has been done to the vocangen as a species will never truly fade away.

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