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Indomitable Stomachs / Deadly Smiles

“Do not, I repeat, DO NOT get within fifty feet of an eating vayarasa unless you WANT to die.” — Leader of the homeworld expedition crew

Art by, Hichico

  • Strength-10
  • Intelligence-3
  • Charisma-1
  • Endurance-2
  • Agility-10
  • Luck-0

Common Jobs: Mercenary, Ground Troops, Anything Violent
Likes: Fighting, Eating, Killing
Dislikes: The Aglaeca, The Notails, The Generic, Anything that gets near their food

Attack Method: Brute force and animal-like savagery

Homeplanet: Vacio-Reino
Lifespan: 40 years
Size: 7'6 ft tall
Diet: Omnivorous, Meat preference

Bodytype: Tailed Bipedal
Type: Mammalian Arthropod
Social Class: Lowest Class
Rarity: Uncommon
Common Traits
[Competitive] Neutral trait
This character tends to be up for healthy challenges. If this character sees a co-worker or someone they see as a rival working harder than they are they may work even harder to compete with this person even if this person has no idea what they are doing or even if they exist.
[Detrivore] Positive trait
This character takes no penalties from eating rotten or rancid rations. In fact, it's good for them.
[Food Aggressive] Negative trait
This character is always the first character to eat once the table is set, and no one else would dare sit down with them. If anyone attempts to take, touch, or even look at their food they may become very aggressive. If a food aggressive character runs out of food they will do anything to get their next meal, even if it means ripping it off a co-worker. This character will also be unwilling to give food to a starving character to the point where they will put their eating habits over their life.

The idea of gods is mostly meaningless to the Vayarasa, but this "Neo" guy sounds like a tough fight.

Gods: None

Original Creator: Hichico

Physical Description

The vayarasa are mostly white in their coloration with segmented armor like carapace covering their bodies. Underneath this carapace is a smooth skin with a scaly appearance. The skin underneath a vayarasa carapace is nearly pitch black and while soft to the touch, it is very sensitive.

The carapace covering the skin of the vayarasa acts as a form of natural armor for the species, protecting them from a fair amount of damage. This carapace armor covers almost every section of their body, save for a few small areas where there is little coverage around the joints and the majority of the vayarasa's tail. The majority of the tail is only covered in plating on the top, but makes up for its lack of armor due to the skin becoming very hardened and calloused over the life of a vayarasa. Of the vayarasa's entire armored appearance, most notable is the mask-like face. The head of the vayarasa is almost entirely covered in a smooth ovaloid carapace, the only sections not completely covered are two circular holes on either side of the head for the eyes of the species, and a line connecting the two holes in a horrifying permanent "smile". This line is only somewhat covered in carapace, and can be noted as very damaged looking.

Additionally, the vayarasa go through multiple fast stages of life: they begin as a small parasitic lindworm like creature that, on hatching with its brothers and sisters, must quickly find "shelter" in the nearest animal or corpse. After a few days the lindworm like creature will undergo a metamorphosis to a larger insect-like hexapod creature with a long barbed tail. At this point the carapace of the creature is beginning to resemble that of the next and final adult stage of the vayarasa. Once the hexapod creature has eaten its fill it will once again metamorphose into the adult stage and become a fully fledged vayarasa.

Due to the carapaced armor like appearance of the vayarasa as well as their mask like face, it is incredibly common to mistake a vayarasa and an aglaeca as being the same species. While they are similar, and reports have shown that they share a common ancestor, they are most certainly not the same species. Mistaking a vayarasa and an aglaeca is a mistake you most certainly do not want to make no matter which way you mistake them.


The vayarasa are very violent species and to most are seen as just barely above feral. In truth, while the vayarasa are not incredibly intelligent they do have a mind of their own and do have their own opinions on the world.

To a vayarasa most, if not all, problems can be solved one of two ways: you can either fight and determine a winner by combat, or you can get over the issue and go have something to eat. Most commonly the problem solving method of choice will end up being the first, as combat is a sign of power in the vayarasa culture and electing to ignore a challenge of combat is a sign of weakness and lack of commitment to one's own beliefs.

Aside from this, the personality of a vayarasa is determined mostly by whether or not it is a "Sensus" or "Terras" vayarasa as the species is split into two forms.


The vayarasa keep no written history of their civilization, but have a longstanding feud with the agleaca for unknown reasons. There have been many fights, scuffles, battles, and possibly even a war between the two species the winner of which is unknown as both species claim to have been the landslide winner.

The only form of recorded history in the vayarasa culture comes from ancient murals on the sides of depreciated buildings that litter the planets surface. These murals describe a single species that seems to create a new species. That new species then seemingly splits into two new forms resembling the agleaca and the vayarasa. It is proposed that the vayarasa may be the result of a now long since extinct species that came before them and that the vayarasa quickly became an invasive species to the planet they now call their own. Aside from this, the murals also depict one additional scene: a scene of tragedy and destruction, an apocalypse born from what appears to be a cityscape rendered in pure black.

When asked about this scene, the vayarasa always seem to tense up, and deny the existence of any form of "Obsidian city" and that should such a city exist no one should ever attempt to enter it, those dumb enough to do so will die. The vayarasa seem to have almost a base instinct telling them to not even think about the city.


Vayarasa-Sensus: The more intelligent of the two forms of vayarasa, the sensus are less likely to kill anyone they see and are more commonly seen off planet, but are still incredibly violent. Their carapaces retain a clean looking white coloration and while scarred and damaged in places there is a sense of restraint to it.

The vayarasa sensus are the faster of the two types of vayarasa, while they are physically weak they make up for it with their incredible speed.

Vayarasa-Terras: The less intelligent of the two forms of vayarasa, the sensus are highly likely to kill anything that even looks at them the wrong way and are less commonly seen off planet as anything other then "war beasts" despite their sentience. The terras have no qualms of killing anyone or anything and have no sense of self preservation.

A terras vayarasa is much easier to spot in comparison to a sensus, as the terras vayarasa's carapace is covered in various soaked in bloodstains and is often enough dyed nearly black due to the sheer amount of bloodstains. Terras vayarasa are also highly likely to be covered in scars and battle damage even going so far as to have entirely lost limbs.

The vayarasa terras are the bulkier of the types of vayarasa, while they are incredibly slow, they make up for it by being able to tank a large amount of hits.


Viral Vayarasa: While immune to most diseases themselves, the vayarasa are extremely viral carriers and should be approached carefully. It is highly recommended that any crew with a vayarasa undergo the same preparations that they would when carrying a notail aboard the ship lest the entire crew become extremely sick.


• Vayarasa/aglaeca hybrids have been occasionally been spotted on-planet, and they are very stable, though aggressive.

• While it is unknown what the vayarasa and aglaeca's original ancestor looked like, it is theorized that it would be not at all dissimilar to the appearance of a vayarasa/aglaeca hybrid.

• Vayarasa can and will eat anything if they are hungry. Vayarasa have been known to take bites out of nearby buildings whenever hungry enough. Strangely, it appears that eating non food items does not seem to affect them negatively, and if it does, it is not very visible.

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