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Weird Cloud City

“I can promise, I will not be altering the deal.” — Ilandro Dalissean

Art by, SirBlizz98

Part of the Featured collection

Emblem by Anon

Dominant Residents: Klannec
Other Residents: Tourist, Pagepoh, Cuppa, Mafleeca

Fauna: Sky-beasts, Cloud Jellyfish
Weather: Cloudy, Warm

Danger Level: Medium
Purpose: Upscale Homes, Fuel Production

Original Creator: SirBlizz98

Physical Description

A large orange-yellow gas giant. As a gas giant there is little actual land speak of. Nevertheless, the planet is more than just gas, as there are 'forests' of sorts of airborne plants that drift amongst the clouds, which form the basis for the entire world's ecosystem. Deeper are 'lakes' of heavy gases that are harvested for use in most fuels.

Habitation for more landbound creatures, is in the form of large platforms hovering in the within the habitable zone of the planet. A network of hovering urbations, sharply devided between wealthy, clean, 'suburbs' of mansions, and industrial slums consisting of networks of shanties and fuel industry facilities. The latter platforms are ancient, and dip deeper within the atmosphere than the relatively newer aristocratic districts, often reaching down to the point where inhabitants have to wear protective gear just to go about their daily business.

As is not atypical of gas giants, it has dozens of moons, 33 to be specific. Most are too small to be worth noting in any meaningful capacity, but some are large enough to be considered meaningful targets for potential habitation.


Vesper was long ignored due to the impracticalities of settling on a planet with no actual land to settle upon. Eventually it was prospected as a prominent source of a key component of starship fuel, and so a bold startup energy corporation bought colonization rights to the planet. They established many floating gas-mines dipping down into the lower-atmosphere. Of course, as these tales go, times went lean, as the more easily accessed sources of fuel gradually dwindled, and the economy gradually declined.

At some point after this occurred, eccentric trillionaire Kurt Glazgowe, decided to the visit the planet. Why He came to a dwindling gas-mine is unknown, but He was struck by the awe and beauty of the planet's atmosphere. He proceeded to purchase most of the refinery platforms, and set to work. He built a glorious away home floating in the sky. But then, He had an idea. Why should He be the only one to experience the beauty of this world, He had a great many friends who would love it as well, and these friends would pay through the nose to access it.

So it was that a great community of wealthy weirdos came to form on the planet. As they came, so too came the sorts of enterprises that loved catering to such wealthy eccentrics. Gambling, galleries, and yet more less than legal things. So it was then, observing his budding new society, that Kurt had another thought: The planet wasn't fully tapped out, and there were a lot of destitute refinery workers that were desperate for jobs. So he hired them all, to work their old stations. And thus it was, that Kurt Glazgowe, Eccentric Trillionaire, became Kurt Glazgowe, Gas Mogul and Emperor of Vesper.


Halicon: Formerly called Refinery Platform 807-C; This platform was the closest one to Kurt's executive living platform, and over time the two platforms were expanded and built up to the point where they gradually merged into each-other. A very starkly divided city, cleanly divided between the Rich Northside; a Glittering Metropolis of Gleaming spires, lavish mansion, and high-class dens of iniquity; and the Poor Southside; A grimy, overcrowded honeycomb of shanties and worker's quarters centered around a cluster of refinery facilities where most of the poor residents work, and of course, far dirtier, less accomadating, dens of iniquity.

Platform 111141-F: One of the more prominent of the handful of platforms not owned by Kurt Glazgowe's "Empire". The Platform extends quite deep into the lower atmosphere, to the point where even with protective equipment it is ill-advised for most organics to go down there. Much of the platform is destitute, though noone is entirely certain why, only that many of the lower levels, and even some parts of the upper levels, are unoccupied... at least by friendly creatures.

Myoon: One of Vesper's moons. After being advised that it was a "lovely place to build a Theme park or something" by his advisors, Supreme Emperor of Vesper Kurt Glazgowe, immediately bought up the planet, and proceeded to build a theme park. Themed around him and his rise to power. It's surprisingly popular. "It will be BIGGER than Woopy world." Emperor Kurt said, slamming his fist onto an effigy of Woopy world mascot, Woopy the Aftik.




• The Vesper tourism board advises you check with local laws and regulations before attempting to use the frozen bodies of your enemies as decoration. The Vesper board of tourism denies that you can get your enemies frozen on Vesper.

• Some people think there's a tiny planet within the deepest layer of the planet. This is, of course, absurd.

• You shouldn't worry about suffocating on the toxic fumes of the lower atmosphere if you should fall, the gravity will crush you long before that happens.

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