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Anatida is a place visited frequent for various things, conflicts, peace, love, friendship, but it is rarely noticed for the curious and peculiar culture of the beings that usually speak QUACK or other similarities of it. It is believed that at the beginning of time, there was a beautiful and unique duckarium in Anatida, without the pots to hide her feelings she wandered Anatida, on a search for a meaning in her life.


A long time ago, three gods were born. Arlaef, goddess of the earth, Kieme, god of the water, and Etramnael, god of the sky. The three siblings used their powers to create Collmoros, and with it the n'nik and everything they would need to survive. But Enmole, goddess of fire, was left out of the creation, and she grew furious with her siblings. In secret she plotted and planned, spending centuries and yet seconds on her creations before unleashing them on the world.


Years ago, Helmutzi once served as a bustling trading hub and rest stop for crews from all walks of life. The uutzi's technological and engineering know-how, paired with their seemingly endless supply of replacement parts and scrap gave Helmutzi a reputation as a lucky find for struggling crews, somewhere to get their ships repaired within days or even hours before heading off to new adventures. The strange, cult-like Risen kept to themselves, and things were good.


Hozirus first attracted the attention of the xenoarcheological community, when one Horus A. Bamblethrope, a noted huss member of the xenoarcheological society, had crash landed on the planet while on an unrelated trip. He left a log of his perilous days spent on the planet, evading horrible desert monsters, and marveling at the architectural wonder of the pyramids. Horus, alas, did not survive, He was found approximately two weeks later when a rescue team finally found his ship, but his journal was intact, and his flamboyant and elaborate descriptions of the pyramids lit a fire in the hearts of xenoarcheologists the universe over.


The cold and inhospitable planet presently labeled "Icekatraz" was for most of its history, precisely that, a cold, horrible, curiosity ignored by most due to a general lack of usefulness. Things changed when the private security firm, SecuriTek, was looking around for a location to establish a brand new High-Security prison colony.


Jaron has had a relatively uneventful history, as the itzels themselves are an uneventful species. The biggest event in recent, relatively speaking, years is the advancement of itzels to the Space Age, and the subsequent influx of outside culture and religion.


Putley history is shrouded in mystery but what is known is that their moons and their star were worshiped as gods. When thoughts on who god, or the gods were the putley were happy to accept each others beliefs, or at least respect it. The putley home world has been in a state of constant peace for its entire history.


Once the piscipleus evolved beyond water, clans began to develop. The largest clan was under the rule of the regal pleu, Ranger Finnley. She believed that after establishing presence in the air, it was only right for pleus to progress by fraternizing with the ground. Ranger developed a system of mining that extracted rare ores for her followers to use, causing her popularity to boom.

Eventually, her numbers had grown too large to maintain on her own. Ranger assigned related representatives hundreds of pleus to colonize the land for her.

Sepsim Zeta

"It is believed that at the start of the universe the great progenitors and precursors, the isments, lived on this world in an endemic paradise alongside their floating pyramid headed pets. A great tragedy occurred on this planet, and the eden and it's bounty began to fade, and the people of the world were sent into famine. Tragedy upon tragedy continued to happen, but the people remained steadfast and built massive necropolises and grain silos to adapt to the changing world. Eventually they went extinct, and for some reason their pets float in an orbital cloud around the planet. Our precursors, the creators of this universe, may be extinct, but their knowledge will save us." - The Thesis Statement of some archaeology student.


The history of Taiaptor is foggy at best. From fossil records it is clear that at one point the planet was populated by a lot more than birds, in fact it had a high variety of living beings on it, then suddenly, nearly everything died out. From the records, it seems something very strange started growing aggressively across the whole planet, a fungus. It spread everywhere, even in the coldest of places, and at the same time it spread, everything around it would die out.


Vesper was long ignored due to the impracticalities of settling on a planet with no actual land to settle upon. Eventually it was prospected as a prominent source of a key component of starship fuel, and so a bold startup energy corporation bought colonization rights to the planet. They established many floating gas-mines dipping down into the lower-atmosphere. Of course, as these tales go, times went lean, as the more easily accessed sources of fuel gradually dwindled, and the economy gradually declined.