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Lux Wisp

Glow Lamps

Lux Wisp
“You haven't lived until you've seen the midnight lit up by the dim light of thousands of wisps!” — Oerson Board of Tourism

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  • Strength-1
  • Intelligence-1
  • Charisma-6
  • Endurance-2
  • Agility-6
  • Luck-8

Danger Level: Low
Likes: Floating, Joy, P.D.O.As, The Sun, Space
Dislikes: Solar Eclipses, Being Tied Down, Cheese, Wasps

Attack Method: Just snuggle against it until it's negative vibes are sufficiently quashed, Otherwise flee.

Environment: Just about everywhere
Lifespan: 10 years
Size: 1'5 ft tall
Diet: Light

Bodytype: Other
Type: Elemental
Rarity: Uncommon

Original Creator: SirBlizz98

Physical Description

A strange, slightly amorphous creature that resembles something between a tadpole and a jellyfish. It's body is a gelatinous sack filled with fluid, that bulges at the "head" about five inches around, tapering down into a tail that ends with bulges out into a small ball of material. Their body is slightly transparent, and within can be seen a thin cartilaginous bone that runs down their tail, as well as their glowing core.

On their heads they have a pair of large black eyes. Wisps have a pair of butterfly-like wings, that run along the side of it's body, that come in a variety of patterns and colors, that vary from wisp to wisp. Along the side of their body, below the wings, they have series of thing tendrils that end in glowing baubles, about the size of a grape, that glow purplish-blue.

They are very light and get about by floating about in the air, or even through space. As lux sprites don't need to breath or eat, they are perfectly content floating through the stars.

Lux wisps are usually found in one of few shades of blue, typically a vibrant, cobalt-y color, but they can range into shades of violet. Wisps passively glow with an internal light that originates from their core, and filters throughout their translucent body. The color and intensity of the light depend at least partly on emotional factors, with positive emotions resulting a brighter bluer glow, and negative emotions, a dimmer, more purple one.


Lux wisps are are friendly, and affectionate creatures that spend most of their time floating about and being vaguely cheerful about it. They're drawn by "positivity" and seem to have a sense for where large groups of positively inclined beings can be found. For this reason they often congregate to places where people are having a good time, appearing during festivals, parties, and the like.

Wisps rarely go down to the surface, but on those occasions that they do, they enthusiastically show their affections to, largely whoever's closest and doesn't seem hostile. They are very emphatic creatures, and when presented with something that appears to be upset, generally try to cheer them up - typically through displays of physical affection, or whimsical displays. They are somewhat skittish, and will often flee from displays of aggression, though they may also try to soothe the hostile creature into a more placid state.


Arc Wisp: Arc wisps are a subspecies of lux wisps that originate deeper in the Oersonian jungle than normal wisps and as a result had more contact with it's sole predatory creature. As a result they've developed the ability to discharge electicity through their body, and do so when they feel threatened. This shock is incredibly powerful, unsurprising as it was developed to stun an azureclops, and anything smaller should do their best to avoid setting one off. Visually they are distinguished by yellow baubles, a yellow light, and electrical designs on their wings.




• Places where large groups of lux wisps frequently congregate are extremely popular places, where viewers marvel at the dozens if not hundreds of floating 'Lantern Lights'. At such locations the locals often host 'Lantern Festivals' which are popular tourist-y events.

• The insides of lux wisps are purported to have mood-boosting properties. While not at all confirmed by proper science, this has nonetheless creating a booming industry for hunting the beasts for their interior fluids.

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