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mad scientist / eldritch horror

“transmasc lesbians when you tell them there will be plant food spikes and fertilizer at the function” — my buddy 404

Art by, enausa

  • Strength-1000
  • Intelligence-1000
  • Charisma-1000
  • Endurance-1000
  • Agility-1000
  • Luck-1000

parasites: so many.
gender: incomprehensible
favorite beverage: dr pepper

[i draw] Positive trait
i make art sometime‘s
[nerd] Positive trait
i LOVE NERD SHIT!!!!! so much random knowledge to share that may or may not be helpful
[ummmmnmmnnm] Neutral trait
[gay] Neutral trait
i love my friends :))
[rage] Negative trait
i am violent full of rage and pilk
[evil] Mystery trait
i am the pilk master

about me

20 years old and still no idea what im doing

feel free to refer to me with any pronouns and any gendered terms

i am a clanky old computer full of fleshy pulsating tendrils

reclusive but friendly. interact with me if you so please

i make capture creatures and feed them to the masses

my profile is simply a small glance into the mind of a twisted cycle path

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Creator / Writer of:
Floris |

Artist of:
Geiger | Floris | Umialat | Great Filter |

Smooth Tiger |

S-748 | Jexie Aardis |


• fun fact! i have a tapeworm

• fun fact #2! wouldnt YOU like to know

• fun fact #3! if you open up my panels and rummage around my flesh enough youll find a little porcelain kitty embedded within me. be kind to him…

• fun fact #4! sory theres no 4th fun fact i eated it

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