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“It is a machine that does much more than what you see” — An umailat which has made a machine more useless than others of it's kind

Art by, enausa

  • Strength-5
  • Intelligence-10
  • Charisma-1
  • Endurance-5
  • Agility-5
  • Luck-0

Common Jobs: Inventor, Farmer, Mechanic
Likes: Building machines, Spare parts, Working together
Dislikes: Anomalies, Gods

Attack Method: They kick using their hind legs, or bite with their inner mouth hand to attack.

Homeplanet: Unknown/Not Important
Lifespan: 120 years
Size: 5 ft tall, 8 ft long
Diet: Anything edible

Bodytype: Quadruped
Type: Arthronoid Mammal
Social Class: Low Class
Rarity: Uncommon
Common Traits
[Tinkerer] Neutral trait
This character likes to open things up and see how they work, and try to make them work better. They have no respect for do not open and No user-servicable parts inside notices, and enjoy making little trinkets and gizmos of little use, just to see the mechanisms go.
[Synergy] Positive trait
This character has a great time working with others. Anytime they work with a specific person they consider a partner, they gain +2 to the task they're working on. Restrictions: Does not stack with other teamwork buffing traits.
[Kleptomaniac] Negative trait
This character compulsively steals items, even if the character does not have a want or use for the items stolen. This character may hide stolen items for them to turn up later, or simply hoard them all in one big secret location.

Umailats do not worship a god for they choose to refuse to believe in one

Gods: None

Original Creator: eldritchCorvus

Physical Description

Umialats are quadruped equines with scales that run from their neck to the end of their tail. Within the throat of a umialat is a arm with four digits and toothy claws. This hand can be used for grabbing and drinking blood.

The fur color of an umailat can range from black, white, and natural brown colors. Their scales can be any color. Their mouth has flesh that hangs over both the upper and lower half. The hoof of the umalat is almost completely split into two and the ears point backwards.

Umailats are born from red yolk made from the blood their mother drank. While both male and female umailats can drink blood it is taboo for males to do so. The yolk will slowly take nutrients from the soil it has been laid until it can form a young umailat. People can easily mistake this event as the start of a clockwork infection, and sadly end up burning the forming creature.

If the soil is either too rich or too little in nutrients than the umailat will die before "hatching."


Umailats are know to take machines apart and put them back together to make a "better" machine. Despite this most of their machines are actually known to barely serve a purpose. To others it is just a piece of near useless art, yet umailats stress that it is a better than before. Many of this species have a goal to make the ultimate machine, though each umialat has their own opinion what this machine would do, and as such, are unable to work together. Umailats love to work with like minded people to build bigger machines, so they befriend anyone who agrees with their ideas if possible.

Umailats can be split into two categories, creative and inventive. Most are creative but the rare inventive umailats are the ones that will actually create machines that serve their purpose.

The species is infamous for often stealing technology and machines that belong to others. When this is brought up they are quick to apologize and return the machine. More often than not the stolen device has been rendered useless by the time it returns.


Umailats once worshiped and feared god which had the domains over creativity. That all changed when anomalies of many different kinds of shapes and sizes appeared on the planet, for they attacked mercilessly which resulted in a war between umailats and the anomalies. It is believed that the fear the umailats had in their god had manifested into these dragon-like forms.

When the umailats banished the beasts they decided that their god sent these anomalies against them. They decided to no longer worship, or acknowledge the god they once feared. The only info left about the god remains in scriptures that are not destroyed by the umailats and items from the war.


None / Unknown.




• Any religion a umialat will be in will be atheist.

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