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Jade Park

The Orbiting Garden

Jade Park
“Jade Park shall never charge for attendance, it is a public treasure; open to all.” — Zken Cherti, Founder

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Dominant Residents: Celirack
Other Residents: Prunus, Plantolk, Fairy, Gondii

Fauna: Minimal
Weather: Varies depending the areas' plant's needs.

Danger Level: Safe
Purpose: Interplanetary botantical garden

Original Creator: DSPiron

Physical Description

A rather basic-shaped space station, It's identified by a faded, chipped, lovingly done mural covering 80% of the exterior, depicting flowers, trees, and other plant life. The inside, however, is thoroughly decorated to resemble abandoned stone ruins, the main area appearing like an open-air walled garden. The rest is divided into four wings: Heart, Spade, Diamond, and Dennis, an employee area, a public cafe, and the 'Gift Shop': a store selling gifts and general space travel necessities, like fuel.


The park was commissioned by founder and conservationist Zken Cherti after a conflict involving his last park, between the authorities of the planet, and his vision. Thus, Zken decided to have his next project be in neutral space, with no other authority but his own over it. While he has long since passed, he left a charter the park must follow, first and foremost being that all people must be allowed to enter the park at no cost.

These policies have caused a bit of a schism between those who feel the park needs more funds to operate, and those who wish to keep the park accessible for everyone.

And then a group of Prunii got stranded there, having their ship confiscated as they couldn't afford the fuel to even keep it out of the station long enough, let alone leave. With little hope for leaving anytime soon, and some nearing adulthood, they eventually decided to root at the station, taking care to keep their plotting hidden from the staff. By the time they noticed it was too late. Since park policy makes relocating plants out of the park complicated, all that could be done about it was to hastily. rename the Club Wing to the Dennis Wing, after a dragon someone claims to had been housemates with once, because 'Dennis' is a name and cannot be punned.

An agreement with various space-bus companies was made to allow for penniless guests to ride the buses as they head back to their respective planets.


Landing Bay 'Leaf': The landing bay for all guests arriving via personal ships. All guest ships left unoccupied for 8 hours are property of Jade Park. Any ship that has been parked for a total of 72 hours must either leave or be turned over to Jade Park. (The hour count is reset after 168 hours away from Jade Park). These rules apply regardless of which landing bay the ship is in. Parking is free for any and all guests.

This is closest bay to the Spade Wing and the Dennis Wing.

Landing Bay 'Flower': The landing bay for all buses. Any bus that does not have an official arrangement with Jade Garden must follow guest parking rules. Buses come and go to various nearby planets. There only round trips to Jade Park, and one-way trips out of Jade Park. Travel to Jade Park this way can get rather pricey, while tickets off of it are pretty cheap.

This is closest bay to the Diamond Wing and the 'Gift Shop'.

Landing Bay 'Stem': The landing bay for Park, and Employee ships and Collected ships pending sale with off-station dealers. While sale of ships here isn't exactly allowed, it is permitted. Guests must remove purchased ships from this bay after purchase.

This is closest bay to the Heart Wing, Employee Area, and the Cafe.


"Just give us what's in your pockets and leave.": If a guest cannot afford even the paltry sum needed for a bus ride off, they can give whatever credits they do have.


• Almost everything in Jade Park is more expensive, notoriously fuel. It is to the point that the park is listed among the costliest places to refuel. Jade Park takes a lot of ships just due the fact that the owners couldn't afford the fuel to get it out of the docking bay in time.

• The park grows all of it's own fruits and vegetables, which are then served at the cafe for employees and guests alike. Aside from insects farmed exclusively for insectivorous employees, and whatever guests have brought over, there is no meat on-board the station. Thankfully, this does not include tofu, which is plentiful on the menu.

• It's uncertain where Zken Cherti would stand with regards to the station's future. While his love of nature is never in any doubt, his feeling on the prices of goods at his earlier park are, uncertain.

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