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It's all Junk

“It might all be a bunch of worthless scrap, but it's MY worthless scrap! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA” — Lord Junkitron

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Dominant Residents: Junkbots
Other Residents: Hyuran, Helixian, Datos

Fauna: Scrap eaters, Electrovores, Robanimals
Weather: Dry and Windy, Polluted, Acid rain on occasion

Danger Level: Medium
Purpose: Junkyard

Original Creator: SirBlizz98

Physical Description

A fairly large barren rock in a bygone era, the present state of things is a large barren rock covered by untold centuries of scrap and trash. The planet's surface is covered all but entirely in massive mounds of trash and scrap ranging from simple garbage to massive ships.

All this garbage creates a polluted and unsafe environment, much of the land not occupied by garbage is flooded with polluted run-off and pits of sludge. The weather as taken a turn for the worse as well, as the rains are toxic and foul, and the winds cutting, that is, with small shards of metal that get swept up by the storms.

Dotted across the surface are scrappy settlements barely fit for the scrapped and out-modded robotic beings that inhabit them, let alone organics. These settlements vary wildly in architectural design and temperament, matching the often manic whims of the not entirely stable robots that run them.


Ages ago, the planet, still as unassuming and unimportant as ever, was fortunate enough to be the sight of a massive battle between two factions of a long forgotten alien race. History does not note who won, but their battle resulted in untold amounts wrecked ships and scrap raining down on the planet, setting the tone for the planet's future.

Sometime thereafter, the notail discovered the planet. Swiftly concluding that the planet must be some sort of garbage dump, they proceeded to use it as such. As other species where discovered, they proceeded to follow suit, and eventually the planet became more junk-heap than rock.


Honest Azzar's Scrapyard: A scrapyard founded by a savvy businessman named Azzar. When Azzar died, he left the establishment to his pet gecko, who promptly renamed himself 'Azzar', and it has stayed in that geck's family ever since. A massive compound that collects various sorts of junk from the planet for the explicit purpose to sell. Honest Azzar's sells everything, ships, robots, robot ships, everything. And all "guaranteed" 100% good and functional, yes.

Scrappington Falls: A ramshackle town populated by junked robots of all stripes. Impressively large all things considered, it features all the amenities a robot could ask for. Most noted as the seat of power for self proclaimed 'Lord of Junkticon' King Junkitron, who rules it with an iron fist. Literally of course, because he's also a robot.

The Space Hulk: A massive wrecked ship of uncertain make, amongst the oldest wrecks on the planet. Many have plumbed it's depths, and despite centuries of scavenging efforts noone has cleared it out or even fully mapped it out. A veritable treasure trove of ancient technology and scrap for those bold enough to risk it.




• Robots don't like Junkticon and are very suspicious whenever they're made to go there, because more often than not, crews leave behind their slightly malfunctioning AIs on the planet because they just don't want to deal with them anymore.

• Some parts of the planet are embroiled in a conflict between Junkbot factions. On the one side, Lord Junkitron and his Trashicons, on the other Scrapimus Prime and his Junk-o-bots. They fight a never ending war over... no one's quite sure honestly.

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