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Worker Dogs

“They're good workers, and adorable too!” — A person who just replaced their entire construction staff with numbskills

Art by, bimbotown

  • Strength-6
  • Intelligence-3
  • Charisma-2
  • Endurance-1
  • Agility-3
  • Luck-0

Danger Level: Safe
Likes: Helping, People, Orders, Sweets, Affection
Dislikes: Being ignored, Being alone

Attack Method: Numbskulls are fairly passive and don't have a great way to attack, but if forced they'll spit out a very sticky type of saliva and trap their attacker with it.

Environment: Anywhere
Lifespan: 15 years
Size: 2.6 ft tall
Diet: Anything organic

Bodytype: Horizontal Pose
Type: Anomalous Elemental
Rarity: Uncommon

Original Creator: dragonhoardz

Physical Description

Numbskulls are ghost-like creatures that usually average a height of 2'6. The main and most notable parts of their body happens to be their large skull and the tongue that pokes out from under its teeth.

The body of a numbskull is composed of various different gasses, with only the hood of their clothes being the only material solid enough to be touched, allowing for them to be picked up. These gases tend to separate from the body in little specks and disperse into the air around them. Numbskulls also possess a wispy-like tail that manifests itself as being part of the numbskulls' clothes.

Numbskulls, thanks to their gaseous bodies, can change the color of their bodies (but not their skulls); Some numbskulls tend to paint their skulls to match, painting themselves similarly to a sugar skull.

The expressions of a numbskull tends to be that of a goofy and outgoing nature, with most numbskulls having very small and beady sockets that are malleable enough to allow it to change expressions via it's eyes.

The tongue of the numbskull is comparable to the paw pads of animals such as cats, being the only soft part of the numbskull as well lacking moisture.


Hardworking, loyal, and well-behaved; You'll never find a fauna better suited for work! Numbskulls are a rather happy bunch, finding joy in helping their owners out with any physical labor they might need help with.

Numbskulls are great at following simple orders though they struggle with very complicated ones, technical machines and with being asked confusing questions. Numbskulls aren't very good at following visual directions, often needing help figuring out pictures and written instructions.

Besides great workers numbskulls make good pets, being incredibly playful and loyal to anyone who they deem friendly. Numbskulls kept as pets tend to have a lot of energy and need to be given activities to keep them busy. Not giving a numbskull anything to do will make them bored and sad and will cause them to shrink down in size, causing them to also become lethargic. But a well-kept numbskull will be a great companion for any kind of person.


Dumbskull: When a numbskull grows up and is incapable of following any type of direction or order, they're deemed a dumbskull. Dumbskulls wear long white hoods and have longer tails than regular numbskull and sometimes have crossed out eyes though this is rare. Dumbskulls, while they can't follow orders, are great at visual queues and can notice even the smallest changes in an environment.

Dangerskull: When a group of numbskulls grow up nearby a dangerous area one singular numbskull will separate from the group to protect others. They grow large gain improvements to combat the threat. For example, A numbskull that grew near an area with dangerous plants will gain sharp knives on their arms to cut down plants with ease. Dangerskulls often have a dark orange hood, crossed out eyes and a longer, sharper tongue than regular numbskulls.


Ghostly Presence: Numbskulls, when in danger, can phase through walls to escape. This is very taxing on the numbskull and if done too quickly or if they're forced to do this they can often fail and become stuck or even leave their skull behind and have their gaseous body disappear.


• The paint that numbskulls use to paint their skulls are a mix of luminous berries and leaves.

• A combination of a numbskull and a dumbskull will often be used as service animals.

• Numbskulls kept as pets love spending time with lots of people but will always love their owner the most!

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