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Message in a bottle / Flying Whispers

“Testing, testing... Ahem, I am using our emergency comms today to announce that there is now a 5k bounty on the MOTHERFUCKER who thought it'd be a greaaat idea to hide this, uh, weird insect from our last planet inside of my goddamn sandwich. Your days are counted asshole. I will soon know who you are. FUCK YOU. Captain, out.” — Crew captain utilizing the noxichos emergency comms for a good cause.

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  • Strength-1
  • Intelligence-1
  • Charisma-1
  • Endurance-1
  • Agility-8
  • Luck-3

Danger Level: Safe
Likes: Lullabies
Dislikes: Being shaken

Attack Method: Dying harmlessly to any attacks.

Environment: Ships, Bottles, Caves
Lifespan: 15 days
Size: 0.006 ft tall
Diet: Moisture, Liquids

Bodytype: Amorphous
Type: Arthropod
Rarity: Extremely Common

Original Creator: Enforcer

Physical Description

Noxichos are extremely small, black insects that are always found in swarms of around half a million members. When in flight, these swarms tend to look like a black hovering fluid, quickly zipping through the air. Their bodies are composed of a diminutive core surrounded by hundreds of even tinier hair strands and two pairs of extremely aerodynamic wings that are composed of membranes. Many have reported that looking at noxichos up close causes a primal fear due to their looks and "an itching feeling that lasts for hours."

Noxichos eggs are compact and will remain in stasis for years until they detect sufficient humidity in the atmosphere at which point they'll hatch en masse. This makes them extremely easy to store in bottles or ships for when they are needed.


Noxichos are cave-dwelling insects that survive on moisture and are attracted to noise. Noxichos have evolved special hairs that will vibrate and repeat the last sound they've heard. This is likely designed to scare away animals by repeating their own growls and roars, although they aren't very effective at this.

During mating season noxichos create musical sounding noises, and seem to become easily confused by certain styles of music. They will swarm singing people in a harmless, but annoying display of affection, believing that it is a call for courtship from another swarm.

Certain frequencies will make noxichos fly in certain patterns which is exploited in shows in order to make artworks or words in the sky, such as the lyrics to a song while the band plays it.


None / Unknown.


Echo: As a swarm, noxichos will reverberate through their specialized hair the last sound they heard in repeat, making them great for recording messages. Some ships exploit them as an emergency communication system that does not necessitate electricity in the off chance one finds themselves stranded in the middle of space.

These Noxicomms™ function by simply recording a message in them, then making them travel through crystal clear tubes designed to make their sounds louder throughout the ship. When trying to send a message to a nearby ship, they'll be simply loaded into a glass container and shot into space. It's also not uncommon to find crystal bottles of noxichos washed up on a beach, containing coordinates to a buried treasure, the pleas for help from a stranded sailor, or love letters.


• Curiously, noxichos will remember the last thing they heard even after death. Shaking bottles of dead noxichos will still make them repeat this sound, albeit slightly "corrupted."

• Although harmless to anything bigger than an inch, noxichos are known to swarm wozzee concerts. They have been known to kill viewers or the band as they land in such great numbers in their search for another swarm that wozzees end up crushed.

• Sometimes, spelunkers are tricked into thinking a cave is much larger than it actually is when noxichos repeat their "Hello?"s in a fake echo.

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