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“Mormites are very effective at bringing my clients back together! I would recommend them to anybody with relationship difficulties.” — Delphik marriage therapist

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  • Strength-3
  • Intelligence-1
  • Charisma-1
  • Endurance-10
  • Agility-3
  • Luck-2

Danger Level: Safe
Likes: People, Jumping on stuff, Cuddles
Dislikes: Liquids, Cold places, Lugging stuff around

Attack Method: Mormite rarely attack, but instead flee in fear. If they do attack it is normally done by crushing the target.

Environment: Anywhere
Lifespan: 15 years
Size: 0.5 ft tall
Diet: Meat

Bodytype: Multiped
Type: Mammal
Rarity: Common

Original Creator: Superficial

Physical Description

A round, spider-like mammal with three fuzzy legs. Mormites have small, sharp teeth and three squiddly, straw tongues that they use to drink water. Mormites vary from dark black to lighter black. They are completely blind and navigate their world with fur-like feelers all around their bodies. They hate having these feelers drenched because it greatly hinders their ability to sense predators. During rains, mormites seek shelter by flattening themselves and crawling under bushes/benches. They can jump up to four feet in height.


Mormites are usually very excitable and love company. They show this excitement by bouncing up and down near the object of excitement. They congregate in huge packs and love to carry things on their backs.


Lormite: These mormites are bred to be cargo haulers. However, due to the discovery of a bigger mormite breed, they're now commonly used as personal guard mities. About 4 feet in height, not only are they physically stronger than their counterpart, but are also more ferocious and less excitable. They're still pretty darn loving though and the worst damage they can do is accidentally crush someone when they get too excited.

Cormite: Cormites are bred to be "showdogs". It's not uncommon for comites to be unhappy because of all the fur-dying and baths. These are by-far the most dangerous mormite breed because they have no clue what's gong on most of the time due to their feelers being pampered and decorated. Being a cormite groomer is like being a tamer for a blood mantis, highly ill advised.

Rormite: Rormites are just bigger lormites that live in caves. The only reason that they count as a subspecies is because mormites usually have a huge aversion to cold, rocky terrain, rormites on the other hand have no such fear. Unlike the rest of the subspecies, cormites were discovered rather than bred and are the go-to mormite breed if you need hauling.




• They are popular pets among insectoid species due to their lovable nature.

• Factories and mining sites utilizes rormites since they're so hardy. It's not uncommon to find a pack of rormites roaming abandoned shafts and factories.

• Mormites tend to flattening themselves up and down to music. Videos documenting this have gone viral on the internet because of how cute and funny they are.

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