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The Lost Planet / The Sleeping Rock

“You have to be dreaming to think living there is a good idea.” — Gondii trader

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Dominant Residents: Lucevian
Other Residents: Heredoggo, Geckrechaun, Conscience

Fauna: Dinosaurs, Scarvies, Oversized plants
Weather: emperate, with powerful storms occurring

Danger Level: Extreme
Purpose: Hiding the lucevian people, and hosting a powerful psychic force.

Original Creator: Kenshiago

Physical Description

Zerxon is a planet untouched by time. Even the lucevian dwellings are barely noticeable compared to the vast forest they call home. This is because the planet itself is ludicrously large. Lucevians may as well be ordinary insects on their own world, due to the size of the flora and fauna that call it home. Massive and sprawling forests, gigantic mountain ranges, and deep endless seas hardly notice travelers visiting. Due to its size, Zerxon has extremely cold north and south poles. This results in huge glaciers, ice shelves, and icebergs forming two massive ice islands. As a result, settlements are focused near the temperate center of the planet.

Massive reptiles dominate the open plains of the planet, the tallest of which being nearly 100 stories tall, though most adults are closer to 20-30 stories in height. Due to these beasts, smaller almost parasitic like animals began to gain psychic powers to protect themselves. The most prominent of these are the scarvies, the reptiles almost acting like fleas as they live on these massive creatures and steal food from their kills.

A powerful psychic energy emanates from the largest mountain range on the planet, causing beasts near it to fall into a deep sleep, massive corpses and bone structures littering the outside of it, while a few crashed ships can be spotted near it as well. Only lucevians and an odd serpentine creature have even been seen to enter and leave this place.

The oceans have yet to be properly explored, as the pressure builds up incredibly quickly from the large amounts of water. Oddly enough, though, the waters are less dangerous than the land as the water is teeming with smaller aquatic life, the largest of which is smaller than a single story building. The waters of the planet also appear to be highly aerated, unseen creatures in the depths billowing bubbles from the ocean floor.


Zerxon is a planet deep within lawless space, having been mostly untouched due to its size and danger. Even the most fearless pirates knew the beasts within would not be worth attempting to hide among the dense forests, so the planet stayed untouched. Eventually, though, the lucevians found their way to the planet, saying they were lead to it in their dreams.

Due to their flights of fancy and tendency to live higher, they were able to find safer places than most to build their towns. Many lucevians still died, towns being eaten in a single bite by gigantic beasts, but over time they slowly expanded the powers they already had, and now their cities can be spotted with massive beasts sleeping near them.


Central Trading: A major shipyard just outside the sleeping forest where goods are brought. Many lucevian settlements have been newly created outside it to stop beasts from destroying everything. A massive restaurant is set in the center of the hub.

The Sleeping Forests: Massive rainforests where the lucevians have set up their dwellings. The floor of which homes many wild beasts, though the lucevians have set their homes high in the trees. It is not uncommon to find houses fallen to the ground below, though in recent years lucevians will hire species to build quality homes, gaudy in design, but sturdy in quality. Most shipyards are set up in these trees due to the danger of the rest of Zerxon.

Mountain of Dreams: These mountains have a powerful psychic energy emanating from within. Any creature nearing them will fall into an endless sleep, unable to wake. Lucevians still fall asleep, but they are able to wake themselves. They will send their newly evolved young to enter the mountain and return with a dream, testing to see their children's will to remain in the waking world. Powerful psychic crystals reside within, though the lucevians do not mine them. They say any are free to enter, and many have tried, yet even sleepless species have been rendered unconscious nearing the mountains.


Endless Sleep: A powerful psychic presence lingers about the planet, mostly focused on the mountain ranges, but can be found on other locations, which puts people to sleep while within. If one spots a sleeping beast out in the open there's a good chance they wandered into one of these sleep pockets.


• Some species are taking up residence on Zerxon for training, joining with other species to combine their skills to take down majestic beasts and sell their parts.

• Heredoggo chefs have started to make Zerxon their home, with the new influx of species hunting massive beasts. They have wild and new tastes to experiment with.

• A lucevian guide is high recommended for planet exploration, or a scarvie follower.

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