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Telepathic Autocrats / Twerps

“For the last time, this is the natural order of how things have evolved here, and your science has proved that they are normally like that. Insist this is slavery one more time, and you'll be lucky to even leave this planet.” — A female twerp to a kaikian on their species' societal structure

Art by, KleenFarsight

  • Strength-1
  • Intelligence-8
  • Charisma-8
  • Endurance-2
  • Agility-6
  • Luck-1

Common Jobs: Negotiator, Manager, Farming, General Labor
Likes: Social Positions, Progress, Working as a unit
Dislikes: Disharmony, Disrespectful people, Not being able to be led by or lead others

Attack Method: Keep at distance and use ranged attacks to keep others at bay. If forced to close quarters, males bash them with their horns and keep them occupied while females fill their mind with mental noise or try to escape.

Homeplanet: Twerpia
Lifespan: 45 years
Size: 2'8 ft tall
Diet: Plants, Insects

Bodytype: Xpod

Type: Mammal
Social Class: Upper Middle Class
Rarity: Rare
Common Traits
[Eloquent] Neutral trait
This character knows just the right words for any situation. Their way with words is considered impressive but they may confuse people with their "fancy pants" words.
[Telepathy] Positive trait
This character can speak to other characters using telepathy. This may also mean the character is able to also hear the thoughts of other people but this is not always the case.
[Easily Agitated] Negative trait
This character is easily agitated and if not given space they can burst into pure anger.

Most twerps don't actively pursue religion, as it often is not relevant to conduct trade and make sure everything is progressing as it should. If a twerp does decide to worship someone though, they tend to worship the Union side of the Helper, or the Creator, as they most align with twerpian ideals.

Gods: The Helper (Union), The Creator

Original Creator: KleenFarsight

Physical Description

The average twerpian is an eight limbed humanoid, with four hooved legs supporting it, four arms, light grey skin and ram like horns alongside the sides of their head. Their body is covered in a coarse grey fur, though the fur is known to display colors on the spectrum of the rainbow after extended exposure to polluted substances, whether it be air, water, or otherwise. This is mostly due to the fact that their fur excretes a scentless natural oil that helps keep out the cold and repel any parasites, a common problem Twerpia had in the past.

When exposed to pollution, this oil slowly deteriorates, leaving behind a multicolored residue that stains their fur, as well as a hindered protection from the cold and parasites. While some twerpians will purposely try to expose themselves to pollution for reasons related to "fashionable appearance," most tend to avoid planets and areas that are heavy with pollution.

There are a few physical differences between male and female twerpians. Females on average stand quite a fair bit taller than their male counterparts, and have shorter, blunter horns that normally only form a half-circle when viewed from the side, if not shorter. On the other end of the spectrum, the males are typically shorter, stronger, and more resilient than the females, if only just, and have horns that form a near full circle when viewed from the side. They also tend to have a limited vocal range, and only speak in various pitches of "meep, merp, gonk, and zonk," or the simplified twerpian language. Female twerps and aftiks know what they are saying, but others will tend to find it difficult understanding them.


Depending on the gender of a twerp one encounters, their first impression of twerpians could be drastically different. Female twerps, while less common than their male counterpart, are the true figureheads of the twerpian species. They are the only ones which have telepathic abilities, and are always seen in leadership positions or other important roles. They are happy to speak with anyone, and commonly seek to trade with those outside their homeworld. They will often speak out loud to those not telepathic as a courtesy. What catches most off guard, however, is what little it takes to aggravate one.

They expect others to reciprocate the courtesies they extend to them, and unless speaking to a close friend, also expect them to keep their distance and not touch anything of theirs without being offered it first. Each female also tends to have a few pet peeves which they absolutely despise to have brought up in their presence, such as not following their instructions, though none of which compare to the resentment they feel towards those that compare their relationship with male twerps as that of tyranny or slavery. They will halt whatever they are doing to ridicule and chastise the individual(s), and will either with their consent or not, remove them from the premises, and the planet they are on if they have the authority. To understand this reaction, one has to look towards how a male twerp's psychology works.

When a male twerp is born, their minds are innately wired to follow orders given to them, which makes them a very efficient working force. This natural instinct doesn't start as all consuming, but as they grow under the rearing of the males that father them and the leadership of the females, their brain develops to that of subservience naturally, not questioning why they work for female twerps, but rather how they can better assist them for the benefit of their species. It is possible for male twerps raised away from the care of other twerps to develop their own personality and thrive as individuals, but their inborn subservience still persists, and it remains a struggle for them their entire life. Besides this natural instinct, they are also extremely hardworking, taking extra caution in their work as to earn the favor and/or admiration of the female they work for. They are also fairly patient, which considering how little it can take to set a female twerp off, comes in handy more often than not.


The twerpians started as an 8-legged race of roaming herds. As time whet on, they began to develop through the stages of evolution rather quickly. However, they frequently had losses every year due to parasites that would burrow past their fur and begun to slowly eat at their skin, up until the point where they could eat through their flesh. The parasites then slowly gave birth to more and more flesh eating parasites that eventually left the victim vomiting parasite ridden blood, until they eventually expired. While evolution did help eliminate some of these infections through their natural oils, deaths were slowly increasing, which led to the twerpian development of medicine and pesticides.

This is also when they discovered how their natural oils worked, as when they sprayed themselves with their first pesticides, it did offer protection from the parasites for a time, but opened them up for future infections, often making them sick in the process. When they finally managed to clear out the last of the parasites by refining their pesticides, they went on to divert their research efforts away from only anti-pest related products to a more diverse pharmaceutical and agricultural development program. This continued for some time, up until the notails began heading to other species' planets. The twerpians hid themselves from the radar, and cut off all ties with any other species for the duration of the Fear and Silence Eras.

During this period, they began their development of their defense program, which allowed for the enhancement of their prosthetics, laser weaponry, and most importantly, their antimatter defense system, which they still proudly fund and develop to this day. Only once the Trader Era came about did the twerpians start reaching out to the stars again, starting with the geckrechauns, and buying the notail vaccines. After that, they started specializing their trades to food and medicine, and traded away those products as so that they could explore space. The rest of their history is relatively unnoteworthy.




Natural Oils: The natural oils of a twerp help fend off most parasites that try infest or transport themselves on one, killing them before they have the chance to take root or spread to another host. This isn't the case against giant insects, but it at the very least seems to deter initial attacks from such creatures against them if they are in a group of non-twerpians. It will also help them survive marginally longer in cold environments, but if they are not wearing clothes or equipment appropriate to the temperature, they to will eventually succumb to the cold.


• While Twerpia produces antimatter technology, none of the twerps are willing to trade it away, and don't let anyone who is not a twerp and unapproved near the facilities that produce the material. For anyone who could manage to get in, the excessive amounts of security and the extreme, over-the-top failsafes would easily catch anyone that do. Additionally, anyone who asks about it is promptly treated to an angry outburst, and if they continue to ask after this, are treated to death threats. Those stubbornly persistent enough to keep asking about it are never seen again.

• Male twerps raised apart from twerps at birth in societies that value independence or individualism, and are reintroduced into twerpian society after reaching adult age which is at ten years old, never really get along with twerpian raised twerps. Their raised independence severely conflicts with their natural subservience within the first couple months, and they either completely fold towards independence or subservience, have a total mental breakdown, or worse. For that reason, it is recommended that for their own health and safety, that they DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES TRY TO REINTEGRATE WITH TWERPIAN SOCIETY.

• It should also be noted that the above statement has also been posted and approved by the High Monarch of Twerpia, so it is unclear as to her motives about it. She insists it's because she recognizes the health risks, but skeptics have their own theories about why.

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