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The speciesdex hosts info about the many intelligent species in the universe. A species is a group who can reasonably perform, or at least comprehend, higher action skills, such as driving a ship, building shelter, or farming. Almost all of the species here have entered the universal society one way or the other.



Aluchaquin as a species have built their entire culture around the sport of competitive fighting, as it is not only their main form of entertainment but is thought of as a way of living. In aluchaquin society, all disagreements can be solved by taking it to the ring. Disagreements can range from petty arguments to heavy political debate. The winner of the fight is also the winner of the argument, a system that has surprisingly worked very well for this species for thousands upon thousands of years.


Armas are kind, sociable, and generous. On their own planet. When not on their homeworld, they're ruthless and follow a strict social ladder system. They're absolutely racist and will put down any other "lower" species without a second thought. If a higher species puts down an arma and insults them, the arma will think nothing of it. They believe people higher on the social ladder are almost always right.


Equal parts cautious and curious, axeni are a highly social species by nature, eager to both observe and interact with their spacefaring neighbor races. Adapting to unfamiliar environments is never a concern for an axeni, provided their suits don't scare their potential crewmembers away. One of the most notable species-wide principles is their remarkable hygiene. In axeni culture, cleanliness is not a courtesy, but an obligation to your peers.


Bogemn behavior and personality is quite a rare sight. At best, the most an average person will ever see is their love of hiding and tendency to run away when discovered. Beneath their timid and frightening exterior, Bogemn are quite curious. Bogemn find new sights and new people incredibly fascinating, and will stalk and watch them for days. They may even kidnap people and drag them back to their home planet in order to study them better.


The boog are friendly by nature. They will not usually pass up a good opportunity for a friendly conversation, which will usually segue at some point into trying to sell you something, even the ones that don't actually sell things for a living! It's like a verbal tic for the boogs. Some boogs get a little bit embarrassed when they accidentally start pitching products to somebody, but most just roll with it.


In more ways than one, cereustratuses are hard to pin down. Emotionally, they cycle through feelings much more quickly and intensely than most species and have new moods triggered by minor perceptions. Those they interact with can feel intimidated or put off by their extreme variability of temperament, often coming away from interactions with them thinking they're prickly or distance. A stractus's personality grows from this in many different directions.


All Comrades will only refer to other members of their species by the name "comrade" no matter how close they are to them, even though they are perfectly willing to call people of other species by their real names. Comrades are very friendly in times of joy and happiness, always willing to greet friend of friend and welcome into the group, to invite stranger to bread table, and to share drink with traveler in the night.


Crawlerz are most characterized by being slow, both in movement and mind. Whether this is due to feeling comfortable with this slow pace living or the fact that there is literally a mushroom rooted into their brains is unclear. Motor skills vary, a crawler can be exceptionally agile for their species, to only being able stumble from place to place, often with a limp or stagger. Same goes for the processing of information, while some could have a sharp wit, others may be completely unaware of their surroundings.


Culturally, the cth'leans valued knowledge over nothing else. Keeping a secret from somebody was considered a great insult, at least, not without divulging why it must be kept secret. But after that was religion. There were thousands of religious orders, based around various values. Those determined to seek knowledge were, naturally, many of the largest and most numerous religions, such as my own order, or the Second Church of Aa'Rii.


Diachrons value history above all else. They firmly believe that all problems can be solved by looking to the past, and will do anything to retain an accurate story. Due to this, it's rare to catch one lying, since they fear their lies might muddle documentation of a situation. Diachrons in general don't talk much, and when they do they're short and to the point. However, many diachrons can't resist good gossip, as long as it's proven to be true.


Drakons are extremely powerful and have psychic powers. What these powers add up to depends on the drakon; many have just telekinesis and telepathy, but some other powers a drakon might have are pyrokinesis, pseudo-necromancy, minor mind control, and more. Almost no non-enlightened or malevolent drakon has more than one of the other powers that aren't telekinesis and telepathy. Learning a power can take an extremely long time for most drakons which causes many to not bother with it.


Ectons hold a strong belief in tradition, which many researchers across the universe have described as "obnoxiously stubborn." Aside from adamantly refusing to accept their unique organ as anything other than a soul, they're often reluctant to adopt modern technological solutions to problems. This doesn't mean they reject technology altogether so much as they're liable to stick with what they know rather than accept newer advances in areas such as automation or medicine.


Known as one of the friendliest species in the universe, the eolins are natural-born peacemakers. The happiness of an individual depends on the society that surrounds it. Eolins, if asked what their life goals are, will mention things such as "world peace," "more parks in the city," or goals that are impersonal to them. The species is happy being homeless and without any possessions as long as the area around them is at peace.


Eparai are passive emotion feeders with a tendency for more intense emotional response than most species. They are incapable of disabling the collection of "food" for more than a few minutes. They can do this by eating, or discarding their orbs, but these will naturally reform shortly. Touching the orbs intentionally is considered impolite without permission, but isn't a very big deal.


True to their heterotrophic nature, the eularae do not establish relations without regard for their own benefit, either parasitic or mutual, in a characteristically utilitarian behaviour. Regardless of that, they are not animalistic-predatory beings that systemically prey on those they consider useless, especially because of their finely-tuned tastes for quality, and would ever consume underwhelming products if that meant their lives were at risk.


Information deserves to be free, and thoughts are just information. That is one of the mottos of the heredoggo people, and is why they treat the invasion of privacy as a routine. If one has nothing to hide then one should have no issue with there neighbor sending them live reactions to their browsing history. As such anyone who desires their thoughts be hidden must be malicious, or completely unlike a proper person.


Of all the facts pertaining to the hokkans, one stands as the most surprising: their adoration of language. Once a far more sophisticated creature, these ancient fliers still have a substantial connection to words and music, and enjoy repeating words and songs they find appealing. While this seems to be a simple case of mimicry at first, they can connect meaning to sound, a fact that took many years to find out. Bigger, more complex meaning words have the most appeal. To the hokkan brain, making sounds and figuring out their meaning is a joyful puzzle, especially in more difficult situations where they may not understand the context.


Disgusting creatures. What they look like under their suits doesn't matter anymore. They're all the same now. They fought so hard against each other over minor differences in looks, now they have lost all their vanity. How does it feel, to have no skin? All humans look like old astronaut gear, which they can never take off. Simple, LIKE THEM. Their face cannot be seen unless you get close.

Don't do that. For you will go mad.

John Rodriguez

There's really no other way to put this. John Rodriguez is a sad little creature. He doesn't have many reasons to exist anymore, and yet it's almost inspirational how John Rodriguez manages to keep trucking along. That doesn't mean he's accepting his fate with grace or anything though. Instead John Rodriguez appears to be in a hole that's just slightly too high for him, and instead of learning to jump he has instead decided it doesn't matter and has made the hole his home.


A simple species, jupettes are content to float around, taking in their surrounding as they head to their destination. As weightless in emotion as they are in mass, most only feel very strongly about things that are cute, adoring them and wishing for them to live happily, prosperously, and safely. They have proved willing to take a drastic action to ensure these actions, as the Aftik Betterment League attacks, the Metaparxi Freedom Society attacks, the Gong-an De-notailication Front attacks.