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“You see this land, untouched by alien hand? This is how we were meant to live.” — Memmua the tockhau, on living with nature

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Dominant Residents: Tockhau
Other Residents: Prunus

Fauna: See Special
Weather: Hot and rainy

Danger Level: Medium
Purpose: Tockhau homeworld

Original Creator: Zomoroko

Physical Description

The tockhau live on the homeplanet of Wockle. The entirety of the planet is a rainforest, with no colonization whatsoever. The tockhau tribes live in different settlements throughout the planet's forests. The planet is teeming with undisturbed wildlife and flora, as the tockhau believe in living in harmony with nature. There is a space station in orbit of the planet though, which sends small ships down to the planet to bring people back and forth.

The planet is marked as a medium danger level. While the tockhau are very friendly and thrive on the planet, the untouched forest houses many a deadly predator. The tockhau know everything about the forest and can help you survive if you wish to venture deep into the jungle, but if you are unprepared or venture too far from the tockhau settlements, you can easily find yourself prey to a hungry wild animal. However, as long as you stay near the tockhau settlements or travel with a native tockhau, you should be fine.


Wockle has always been an untouched rainforest planet teeming with life. Originally, the tockhau were a prey species until they evolved to be adept at music, which repelled their predators. Free to thrive, they eventually developed a civilization and a musical culture, and established many tribes and settlements throughout the planet. No colonization took place however, as the tockhau believe in living in harmony with nature.

The tockhau did not enter the space age until their planet was found by a group of peaceful travelers. Upon learning of the universe, the tockhau were eager to experience it, and with the help of the travelers, a space station was built in orbit around Wockle. The Limbo God religion also took on extremely quickly. This space station enabled tockhau to leave their planet, and also enabled them to participate in interplanetary trade.

Wockle's role as a trade planet cannot be underemphasized. The tockhau are rich in trade due to the significant amount of unique fruit, flora, and fauna on Wockle. This abundance in unique goods allows the tockhau to get whatever they want. Due to this, they have been able to incorporate environment-friendly tech into their culture.

The tockhaus have been able to prevent other species from taking over and colonizing their planet due to a peace treaty with the prunus. The prunus offered to protect the planet in exchange for being allowed to live there. The tockhau agreed on the grounds that the prunus were not allowed to disturb the environment. As such, the planet is also populated by rooted prunii. Wockle is a popular spot for prunii to take root due to the vast amount of rich untouched soil, as well as the constant stream of lively tockhau music.


Space station: The one space station orbiting Wockle. This station is a hub for sending and receiving small shuttles, used to transport goods and tockhau on and off the planet. While there are not many people here, this place is much more accustomed to servicing space travelers and as such you can find all the supplies you need here, and may even be able to buy some tockhau goods from the vendors there. As far as space stations go though, it's pretty standard.

Hockau settlement: The main settlement on Tockhau, it is home to the Hockau tribe. It is populated by numerous tockhaus, rooted prunii, and Hypnos units. The tockhau are very hospitable and are happy to show you around and help however they can, and you may even be able to catch a musical performance or two. You can also likely buy a greater selection of goods from the local vendors and for a lower price than you could from the space station, or even collect some yourself from the nearby forest, but fuel and meat rations will be much harder to come across.

Jungle clearing: A clearing right in the middle of the jungle wilderness away from any settlement. Go here if you want to collect exotic fauna or if you want to die.


Flora and Fauna: The tockhau homeworld of Wockle is home to many unique flora and fauna that will maybe be recorded in this entry later.


• While many of the flora and fauna originating from Wockle have now spread through the rest of the universe making them no longer unique to Wockle, there is still much that can only be found there, due to how some of it can only survive on Wockle's unique environment, as well as due to how the universe doesn't want some of it, such as the predatory species.

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