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Hey that's my cat!

“Hey man, check out these photos of my cat.” — Cosmosdex Admin

Art by, Lulu

  • Strength-1
  • Intelligence-1
  • Charisma-15
  • Endurance-1
  • Agility-3
  • Luck-2

Danger Level: Extreme
Likes: Food, Love, Death, War
Dislikes: Abusive Owners, Grapes

Attack Method: Mycat would never hurt you!

Environment: Anywhere
Lifespan: 20 years
Size: 2 ft tall
Diet: Meat

Bodytype: Other
Type: Symbotic Anomaly
Rarity: Extremely Rare

Original Creator: Lammar

Physical Description

In order to understand the mycats, you have to understand that that it may not be your pet, but it is rather a parasite, or even something worse.

Describing a mycat is an extremely difficult task, since one mycat can look like several different things to several different people. It is extremely common for a person to see a mycat as an old pet, and said person may treat it as such. Sometimes people will even treat it as more important than life itself.

People who have never had any pets in their life can describe a mycat as an extremely beautiful and clean cat. Some may even go far enough to mention that it is one of the most beautiful things that could ever been seen in the universe. People will often quickly catch them and adopt them even if they have an owner.

Mycats have caused arguments that have led to small wars to decide who truly owns the cat. This makes mycats a very dangerous species and it is constantly hunted down throughout the universe by those who know its true horrors. Although the numbers have declined, there are still cases of someone dying in a fight to get a mycat.


Although owners usually treat mycats as a separate non cat animal, mycat will always act like a normal cat. Mycats however, have extremely parasitic tendencies, changing owners when the previous one begins to lose interest or food. This, combined with the power to deceive the people around them has turned them into a lethal weapon and an exotic pet for rich people.

Although illegal, mycats were, and still are, used to draw attention to something, someone, or as a tool for war. After all, who wouldn't want to have a mycat?


Nocat: Nocats, unlike mycats, don't necessarily have any influence over the owner, but one of their characteristics is the ability to turn into a dog when others are around. Of course, nocats will change back when no one they care about takes interest or there is no one around.

Yourcat: Yourcats are far more common than mycats, and are usually offered as gifts to others. In fact, yourcats cause their owners to think they are a gift from someone else, even if that owner has had them for years. The owner will probably give the yourcat away to a stranger on the street, assuming them to be the true owner. This is the normal life of a yourcat, changing from owner to owner until they dies.


This is my cat: Most people believe that mycats are an old loved pet or the perfect animal to have, this is of course far from the truth.


• Some people may see mycats as really small drakons who act like cats, this may be a real drakon or a good reason to visit the psychologist.

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