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Fairy Snatchers

“Be warned, turn back if you hear the laughter of the forest. What looks like fairy lights may be the work of goblins, my friend.” — Old guy with good advice

Art by, Soulsplosion

  • Strength-2
  • Intelligence-4
  • Charisma-1
  • Endurance-4
  • Agility-10
  • Luck-2

Danger Level: Medium
Likes: Shiny or glowing objects, Nightfall, Upbeat music, Empty bottles
Dislikes: Natural sunlight, People taller than they are, Being punted

Attack Method: Goblins will bite and scratch at their attackers.

Environment: Forests
Lifespan: 80 years
Size: 1 ft tall
Diet: Insects, Snack, Junk food

Bodytype: Arm Support
Type: Mammal
Rarity: Uncommon

Original Creator: Festerday

Physical Description

Goblins are short creatures with large, sinister, toothy grins. Most describe them to be 'bat-like' in appearance, as between their arms, legs, and digits is a thin skin membrane that allows them to glide short distances between trees. Their arms are extremely long and bony, and they use them to ambulate, as their legs have evolved to be small and near useless except for gripping branches. Goblins also have a short, rat like tails, and two 'fins' on their heads that help the goblin make sharp turns while in flight.

Goblins posses two bioluminescent eyes on the sides of their heads, which may come in a variety of bright colors in contrast to their dull grey bodies. Each eye can pivot and focus independently at will. Their glowing eyes play into their various hunting techniques, luring in insects so they may ambush and capture them with their webbed hands. They also have long, sticky saliva covered tongues that can stretch out twice it's own body length in a quick, spring loaded action.

The vocalizations of goblins are said to sound similar to giggling, and will laugh even if they are enraged or in pain.


Goblins are fairly intelligent for a fauna, so much so that some researchers would say that they are at the tipping point of becoming their own race. While dimwitted and not yet grasped the art of language just yet, goblins have been observed using tools, building small huts and other various items. Some groups have even formed a primitive bartering system, which goblins will exchange foods for shiny objects, bottles, other foods, and various services. It is said that goblins can also perceive humor, however that claim has not yet been proven as goblins will laugh in almost any given situation.

Goblins will live in groups of at least fifteen individuals, but some clans have been discovered with up to as many as fifty goblins living together. They primarily live within heavily forested areas, living within the trees and only coming down to hunt or attack a suspecting intruder. Goblins will toy with those who stumble upon their territory, setting traps for them or attempt to frighten them by collectively staring at the intruder. Being hostile towards a singular goblin may be a one sided fight, however if their entire clan is near, they will gang up on the attacker in an attempt to overwhelm them in numbers.

Given that the goblin's home planet was the same planet that the fairies had evolved on, they are particularly attracted to the small, glowing insects. Most fairies are now smart enough to outwit the goblins that have long fallen behind in intelligence, however some still find themselves trapped by goblins, and if not eaten, bottled up. What drives goblins to trap fairies in jars and bottles is not well understood, however those individuals who understand the bartering system will try to persuade not just other goblins, but other sapient species to trade their catch for what they may have to offer.


Goblin King: Only found within very few goblin groups, a goblin king is a goblin that grows bigger, stronger, and vaguely more intelligent than other goblins. These kings are said to be rather terrifying by all those who encounter them, some having reported that they have spoken to them or that they had arranged their 'army' to capture them for unknown reasons. Compared to others, goblin kings are not threatening on the surface, only growing to three to four feet tall, their intelligence is said to be comparable to that of hokkans, and are deemed as tricksters. Kings will heavily decorate themselves with scraps of clothing, feathers, mud, and bones to appear more flashy. They are better left avoided, if someone were enter the goblin king's territory they'll likely try to take something of theirs through trickery, or if they fail to swindle their intruder, have the rest of their clan slaughter them.




• There has been an effort to try to domesticate goblins. If raised from a baby, a goblin will form strong bonds with not only their owners but their family as well, regarding them as a part of their clan. However keeping a goblin is rather difficult in most households, as they require lots of attention or they'll turn to causing mischief as a way of garnering attention to themselves.

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