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Planetary Refueling Station

“I can't believe there is so much fuel.” — A Tourist who indeed cannot believe the oceans are ship fuel

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Dominant Residents: Notail
Other Residents: Metaparxi, Kaikan

Fauna: Unknown/None
Weather: Fairly normal, though it rains unrefined fuel

Danger Level: Low
Purpose: Refueling, Business Hub

Original Creator: hellionsMaw

Physical Description

Kachkan's is a small planetoid, with oceans of unrefined ship fuel. Or rather, the oceans are made of chemicals required to make ship fuel, but remains unrefined. Using it in your ship is not advised. The planet is dotted with rigs both big and small, with some even being the size of cities. So except the gray splotches, the planet is otherwise purely a mixture of uninhabitable chemicals. It should be noted that what landmasses exist are little more than tiny islands, barely able to hold a medium-sized ship.


Kachkan was originally called XT-341, but after Notails achieved spaceflight technology and discovered this planet somebody decided it needed a more fun name. For whatever reason, it stuck. When it first was colonized, notails set up rigs to process and collect the unrefined fuel-like substance on the planet. Up to that point it was considered little more than a simple project but after several years more rigs were set up, which led to the creation of the Fuel Hubs. Today Kachkan is a highly commercialized place where there's various competing markets for the fuel monopoly. It's to some degree a tourist attraction, but largely it's a sight for large fuel companies.


Alpha Hub: Alpha Hub is the largest of the rig-cities. Here is where the corporate fuel giants have their offices and HQs and where the ongoing fuel feud is happening. It contains little housing, but many shops of various kinds. Most popular here are the food vendors, which have exotic foods from all over the galaxy. The refueling stations are likewise numerous and most often than not, it is terribly overcrowded. People falling off the rig has not been unheard of.

D-Rig: One of the smaller rig-towns as they are called. This rig is located on a small island, artificially expanded upon with metal platforms. The only people living here are the workers taking care of the machinery and pumps. It is central for those looking for work and one can easily take a shuttle from D-rig to any of the larger hubs.

Chemtown: An abandoned fueling town. No one entirely knows why it was abandoned, but workers sometimes speak in hushed voices about a supposed leviathan, or a rampant clockwork creating havoc in the ghost town. There are no transports to or from Chemtown, and thus one will have to make do on their own. The homeless and destitute are known to wander around here from time to time, if they have been abandoned or are truly desperate for scrap parts.


Fuel Oceans: Due to strange chemical compositions, the oceans of this planet are made from the same ingredients that make up ship fuel though it has to be refined in a very special way which has a fairly expensive startup cost, nevermind the cost of the permits to setup shop on the planet. This means that for many companies it is cheaper to get fuel the traditional way. Using this water without it being refined will cause complications in a ship.


• Scientists speculate that Kachkan was once a water world and teeming with life. But due to unknown changes in the chemical composition, it likely caused a mass extinction event. Many are eager to fish up fossils, but so far nothing of use has been found.

• Kachkan smells distinctly, and many have reported dizziness or nausea. it is recommended that visitors bring their own breathing apparatuses, or buy one in one of the many shops.

• It is in fact illegal to simply take water from Kachkan. This doesn't stop anyone. Those being caught stealing water will be punished in accordance to the volume they stole. Please reporting any siphoning activities to the authorities.

• Other than the cost of setting up shop the other reason many companies refuse to set up shop is because the entire planet is flammable and while fire travels slower than on traditional fuels a single fire that goes unnoticed could become unstoppable and whip out the entire planet. There have been quite a few close calls and as such what can be brought on to the planet is highly limited.

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