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Great gorging croakers

“If that loud rumbling noise isn't your stomach, then we're in very big trouble.” — Phishbourne, Hunter

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  • Strength-10
  • Intelligence-1
  • Charisma-1
  • Endurance-10
  • Agility-1
  • Luck-2

Danger Level: High
Likes: Big flies, Small flies, Didaskaloi, Croaking, Squating on lilypads, Eating
Dislikes: Dry air, Black Licorice, Discussions about tastes, Diets

Attack Method: Snare prey with sticky tongue and eat whole or just crush them.

Environment: Bogs, Marshes
Lifespan: 100 years
Size: 20 ft tall
Diet: Omnivorous

Bodytype: Quadruped
Type: Amphibian
Rarity: Uncommon

Original Creator: SirBlizz98

Physical Description

A colossal frog-like creature at least 20 feet tall and similarly as wide. Much of its immensity is taken by it's massive maw and vocal sac, the latter expanding to ludicrous sizes when the creature bellows its loud croaking noise. The froad has a single pair of fairly large eyes, that are generally a pale yellow color. Its skin is mostly a dark swampy green color and covered in warts in various places. Its belly is mostly unblemished and a lighter shade of green than the rest of it's body. The froad's body is very shiny, being covered in a slimy substance best left undiscussed. It's rather sticky, and the lower half of froads are often covered in detritus.


Lazy by nature, golgantious froads are loathe to leave their preferred squatting spot, instead preferring to use their long, sticky tongues to catch whatever prey catches their attention. While slow and ungainly at the waddle, one should not underestimate the creature, for should its preferred method not work the froad will use its shockingly strong legs to leap hundreds of feet in the air, intending to crush its target to death.


Oceanerous Froad: Also called the 'Blue Froad' or 'Coastal Froad'. As their names suggest, they are blue, and found squatting in coastal lagoons. They tend to be taller and thinner than their marshy cousins, and tend to be even lazier, amazingly enough.




• It takes about 10 years to be fully digested by the froad, thankfully, most things die long before that.

• The viscous liquid of the froad is popular as a ingredient for glues, and thus froads fetch a very large bounty.

• Apparently it's mucus, not slime.

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