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Scalar / Jetpax

“If you want two quarreling drakon to resolve their argument alive, call a libraille.” — Proverb

Art by, MaggotsBoy

Part of the Zodiac collection

Emblem by Artem1s
  • Strength-5
  • Intelligence-5
  • Charisma-7
  • Endurance-5
  • Agility-2
  • Luck-2

Common Jobs: Diplomat, Peacekeeper, Navigator
Likes: Flight, Discovery, Talking problems out
Dislikes: Broken promises, Getting lost, Warmongers

Attack Method: Blunt force trauma with large claws and tail. Depending on the Libraille, this will be either a last resort or a preemptive charge.

Homeplanet: Unity
Lifespan: 80 years
Size: 7'2 ft tall
Diet: Insects

Bodytype: Tailed Bipedal
Type: Psychic Transformative Mammal
Social Class: High Class
Rarity: Rare
Common Traits
[Peaceful] Neutral trait
A character with this trait would prefer not to fight, and will almost always try to solve a situation in a nonviolent manner first and foremost. However, if that is what it comes down to, they will still battle to defend either themselves or others.
[Skilled at Diplomacy] Positive trait
This character is very skilled in Diplomacy, and they are better at it than the average Joe. This character has likely had diplomacy as a job before and knows the ins and outs of deescalation and conflict resolution.
[Hero Complex] Negative trait
This character is easily moved when they see somebody down on their luck. While this character may end up making some friends this way, they will end up helping others even if they can't afford it. This character suffers severe morale losses when made to be "mean", but doesn't feel any obligation to be nice to villainous people.

Libraille may on an individual basis worship peaceful gods. They will also happily engage in the religious customs of species they spend any amount of time with.

Gods: Any peaceful gods

Original Creator: Schazer
Co-creator: Robust Laser

Physical Description

Libraille are heavyset bipeds, something of a cross between mammal, reptile and jet plane in appearance. They have elongated snouts, short sturdy legs, and a thick counterbalancing tail. Their arms are long and sturdy; each has a vestigial thumb claw and two larger, digging claws. These almost touch the ground even when a libraille stands upright. Smaller robotic limbs are melded into their inner forearms, allowing libraille to manipulate small and delicate objects their organic claws cannot.

Libraille possess a fully functional jetpack fused into their spine; a counterbalancing metal "keel" juts from their torso and a pair of sleek wings provide the libraille with steering and balance during flight. A solid metal "beak" covers their face, protecting their delicate mouthparts and regulating their psychic substitute for regular vision.

Libraille have overlapping, diamond-shaped scales which cover the upperside of their bodies, arms, legs and tail. A libraille's scales range from "earth tone" and "hazard sign" in coloration; their undersides are muted earth tones.


The libraille value peace and life above all other ideals, and it is every libraille's personal mission to further that goal on their adventures. They enjoy debate, hearing new viewpoints and ideas, and relax by learning about and spending time around peaceful cultures. The majority of Libraille have a powerful wanderlust, spurring them onward before long to seek out new species and new locations in which to foster peace.

Libraille have a reputation for being temperamental, as while some individuals simply mediate between parties in conflict and play a passive role in finding a solution, the majority of libraille travellers encounter will leap into action and take a hands-on approach. While this variance exists across the species as a whole, individuals will (barring trauma or the like) have consistent personalities.

For most libraille, their "merge" is a defining moment of their life - it's a crucial hurdle to exploring the stars as their bodies prior to merging are too frail to survive offworld. Individuals with no interest in leaving the homeworld will live out their lives on Unity without merging. The "merge" requires extensive preparation and often exacts a considerable emotional toll on the libraille, but the resulting individual has much more empathy, skill at negotiation, levelheadedness, and understanding of grief and loss.


Before becoming the dominant species of their planet, the libraille were a small, semi-bipedal prey species with the unusual defense mechanism of two individuals permanently "merging" into a larger creature. Once civilization and technological advancement advanced enough to deter their predators, "merging" became a strict taboo due to the effective "death" of one individual in the merge.

When libraille technology progressed to the point they could detect other life in their star system, a schism occurred within libraille society. While it was universally agreed that all life in the universe should be respected and their rights protected, there was disagreement on how best to do so.

Half of the population wished to rush into space and spread goodwill and the idea of interspecies cooperation to other civilizations, while the other thought it better to strengthen defenses on their home planet first and let it be a noble example to those who encountered the libraille. The ideological division lasted for so long the two populations diverged into variant subspecies - the durable traditionalist Stayds, and the outgoing technologically-advanced society of the Leafs.


Leafs: The descendants of libraille who wanted to race into space, Leafs are bipedal and lack scales barring a sparse crest-like arrangement on their heads. They are hollow-boned and frail, but skilled with building robotic augmentations for their bodies. They have jetpacks, a mechanically fortified cardiovascular system, robotic lower arms, and a large metal mask which works like a beak for catching insects on the wing. A shortage of metal for new components often forces the Leafs to proactively regulate their population. Leafs are inventive, fanciful, adventurous and optimistic.

Stayds: Descendants of libraille who thought space was a scary bad place. Stayds are slouching bipeds, upperside armored with large flat scales. The claws on their front arms make them excellent diggers, and their Psychic Sight more than makes up for their lack of eyes. They live in extensive tunnel systems and are quite happy exporting metals and minerals they dig up to the Leafs. Stayds are stubborn but reasonable, unhurried and pragmatic.


Psychic Sight: Spaceworthy libraille (and Stayds) have no eyes, but can detect life and their immediate surroundings with psionic clairvoyance. The scope of their senses is debilitating to a libraille, so their merged Leaf's beak-helm must dampen the noise for a libraille's ability to function.


Ariesa: The ariesa view the libraille in a positive light as fellow seekers of peace, and often find themselves partaking in friendly philosophical debates with the libraille. Libraille will oftentimes find themselves consulting with ariesa when trying to make a decision, and the ariesa are happy to help. The ariesa will often ask the libraille to explain their "merge" so as to learn more about them, this can lead to the occasional awkward situation between the two as the ariesa are very conflicted on how to feel about such a thing. While the merge is certainly an interesting topic, it can also be seen as a horribly dreadful affair with the "death" of one individual.

BVo9: Most BVo9 are too loud and rowdy for your average libraille's temperament. If a libraille can get past the thickheaded boorishness of a BVo9 and find the structure lying behind in a BVo9's outward rambunctiousness, they may find someone that is able to both test them and provide them with a harmless spectacle to emotionally unwind.

BVo9 see libraille as both boring and 'doing it all wrong' with regards to their mechanical augmentations, as they waste energy that could be spend going fast by staying in the air. However a small portion of the enginesteer caste readily cooperate with libraille to great effect, sharing technology and resources to the benefit of both species. Additionally, there are rumors that a few BVo9 have allowed themselves to be mechanically merged with libraille temporarily to make really fast jetcars, and that those BVo9 had the time of their lives.

Gemimi: The relations between the libraille and the gemimi has always been a smooth one, though may appear strange to any onlookers. Librailles are known for commonly acting as mediators between gemimi puppets. Gemimis are happy to take this assistance as they know without a "3rd" party their personal debates can go for hours before they come to an agreement. Due to the librailles assistance in manners gemimis commonly tag along with librailles, agreeing with what they say, even if sometimes the gemimi doesn't actually pay attention to what is being said. Librailles will sometimes inform people about which puppet not to listen to in certain situations, such as "Do not talk to the left puppet about what toppings belong on pizza."

Politically the librailles and gemimi share nearly the same arrangement. Gemimis frequently are unable to pick between sides and so nearly always default their vote to "Whatever the librailles are voting for", even in situations where picking what the librailles are voting for. The librailles not being malicious may inform the gemimis about this, at which point the gemimis will either continue voting for what the librailles voted for, or delay the vote for days as they attempt to figure out what to vote for.

Carcili: The carcili and the libraille's views on each other can be summarized as "annoying". Being dreamed by a carcili was the formative experience of multiple Leaf libraille across the species' history, so the libraille were disappointed to eventually discover these "helpful" psychic aliens had no interest in helping others in a more organized fashion. The Stayd libraille, meanwhile, mistrust anything from space and the invasive bodyjacking of dreaming space eels is no exception. This vague animosity can persist even after a Stayd merges and ventures out beyond their home planet. In turn, the Psychic Sight of Stayd and Merged libraille makes Dreaming them a sensory overload for carcili, making libraille missions to Bellidae for boosting civic engagement doubly annoying.

Despite all this, the libraille vouch for the carcili's right to representation in the interplanetary government, though they may not be entirely happy with the carcili's representative. "Boss", a carcili quite happy to capitalize on interspecies interaction, is the sole representative of the carcili on the Zodica council, by consensus (or lack of protest). The libraille have to constantly skirt around the uncomfortable truth he mostly uses the position to further his own goals.

Leo: Leos are ready to do anything for a good cause, and the libraille greatly approve of this and normally assist them along the way. Libraille don't, on the other hand, like the fact that the leo species sees themselves as part god, and thus high and mighty. Even when the leos are doing the right thing the libraille may find themselves slightly ticked off about how the leos seem to consider themselves as better than other species. This and the fact that it's possible that the leos only do good deeds just for personal emotional gains, normally not caring for a situation when they cannot emotionally profit from it, gets in the way of the librailles conscious. But the librailles suppose that at least the leos are making the right choices, even if it's sometimes for the wrong reason.

Virgora: Virgora and libraille get along well - on principle. Libraille appreciate the virgora's helpful nature and their logical assessment of situations. However, libraille insistence on consulting everyone and taking everyone's feelings into account when decision-making is a source of irritation to virgora, who will wonder why they were approached for their dispassionate analysis in the first place. To a virgora, a compromise is simply equally dissatisfying for all involved; to them it seems far more sensible to choose a side and stick with that.

Because every merged libraille represents someone who willingly died for an unrelated member of their species, the very concept of merging is offputting to a virgora's sensibilities. Despite differing view points and life histories, the two species do acknowledge each other as acting in the best interests of others. Leaf-libraille are a happy exception to the mutual awkwardness; they were delighted when the virgora's radio signals reached them and the two planet-bound populations maintain cordial communications to this day.

Skokakrio: The libraille and the skokakrio don't get along very well. In fact, they've pretty much agreed to a mutual avoidance of each other's species. Firstly, the libraille believe that every species should be represented in their government by elected individuals, and the skokakrio are no exception. However, the skokakrio cannot choose amongst themselves who would best be able to represent their own due to the long-standing grudges everyone has against each other and their ensuing hatred of other members of their species.

For this, the libraille are frustrated. The skokakrio's aggressive and violent personality clashes with the libraille's diplomatic ways. They are further frustrated by the fact that, in their previous society, the skokakrio had become so technologically and culturally advanced that they spotted a comet hundreds of years before impact, collaborated to hollow out most of their planet and survived in a bunker for hundreds of centuries yet now, the most important part of skokakrio culture currently is the grudges that everybody holds against everyone else. This fact is a source of annoyance for the libraille; they view it as technology, culture and potential, lost. Because of these differences, they'd rather stay out of each others' way.

Sagittari: While some would assume the sagittari and the libraelle would hate each other due the sagittari's value of personal freedoms and lack of regulations, this is in fact no longer the case. It is true, however, that they did not get along well before the libraelle managed to bring a close to the skokakrio wars. With this act, however, the libraelle proved to the sagittari that they were a force for good, and this sparked off the start of an excellent relationship between the two. From the libraelle's perspective, the sagittari are one of few species that are actually grateful when they attempt to resolve conflicts, and in turn the libraelle usually stick up for uphold the sagittaris' views when they are being threatened. The two also get along well where politics are concerned. They typically agree on most issues, and should they disagree both parties will typically compromise with the other willingly.

Kapricanus: The libraille and the kapricanus commonly butt heads, as the kapricanus want the least amount of change possible, while the libraille want to rip off the bandage and bring about a positive change as soon as possible. While the libraille and kapricanus get in long heated arguments at the table, both hold a bit of respect for the other holding their ground and presenting their arguements without lowering themselves to mudslinging. As such many zodiac debates start with a libraille and kapricanus debating against each other, and then everyone joining in.

Duckarium: The libraille's opinion on the duckariums is as follows, "These ducks have their shit together, what else do you want to know?"

Aqualisces: The libraille and aqualisces, both being peaceful races, enjoyed cordial relations during the communication era. When the two species met in person, however, the relationship quickly soured. The extended lifespan of merged-libraille is a sin by most aqualisces' reckoning, to which the tolerant libraille can only sigh shrug and ensure Piscertarianism doesn't influence any policy beyond the aqualisces' homeworld. Aqualisces seem mostly in agreement with the sentiment, as most offworld Piscertarianism-related incidents are individual affairs rather than instigated by organizations.

Libraille-aqualisces diplomacy often relies on other species to play messenger or mediator (Ariesa commonly step into the role), a fact to which the libraille are resigned. The aqualisces appreciate the excessive care libraille will take to not insult the aqualisces with their presence because it means they don't have to murder, hate, or generally contemplate the existence of otherwise nice folks.


• Spaceworthy libraille can be referred to as "Leaf-dominant" or "Stayd-dominant" depending on which individual consciousness survived the merge. It's generally easy to tell by their demeanor, but very rude to ask.

• While there's an even split between leaf-dominant and stayd-dominant individuals, stayd-dominant libraille are far more likely to remain on or around Unity. About 80% of Stayd-dominant libraille remain within the system, of which about three quarters remain on the homeworld.

• A spaceworthy libraille's name is personal choice, though it's generally agreed upon by the two merging individuals. They'll often place contingencies depending on which of the two dominates.

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