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Slime Eaters

“Fear leads to desperation, desperation leads to monstrosity... I am... so sorry.” — Qodella Vindelia

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  • Strength-10
  • Intelligence-1
  • Charisma-1
  • Endurance-10
  • Agility-5
  • Luck-2

Danger Level: High
Likes: Quelans, Squids, Cold Rain
Dislikes: Galoopers, Slimes, The Heat, Mirrors, Pineapples

Attack Method: Mangle their prey with their tentacle limbs, and spear their heart with their harpoon tongue.

Environment: Swamps, Marshes, Wetlands, Anywhere slimes are found
Lifespan: 290 years
Size: 9 ft tall
Diet: Meat, Fish, Slime

Bodytype: Quadruped
Type: Transformative Turned Other
Rarity: Rare

Original Creator: SirBlizz98

Physical Description

Quelidaks are large misshapen creatures of a vaguely humanoid and even more vanishingly feminine shape. Their bodies are long and disproportionate, bulbous in some parts and desiccated in others, forming a somewhat malformed and corpselike visage. They have oily and damp skin that comes in shades of blue or purple, roiling a strange way as their body refuses to truly settle into itself.

The usually have at least two arms and two legs, but often they are found with more, and sometimes even with less. Their limbs are all long and gangly, and appear rather mutated and deformed. Their limbs are loose and limber, as though they were vaguely rigid tentacles rather than limbs with bones in them. Their hands, when they have them, are more akin to hand-shaped masses of wriggling tendrils, and their feet, again when they have them, are similar.

A quelidak's head is an indistinct mass of tentacles and tendrils sitting atop the head of an overextended neck. They have large pale eyes, hidden behind a curtain of their hairlike tentacles, and largely atrophied away, below which is a toothy maw filled with a wide range of rending and scooping teeth. Within their mouth is a serrated, prehensile tongue, covered in dissolving fluids and ending in a sharp harpoon-like stinger.

Quelidaks bodies are decidedly unstable, a roiling mass of automutiation. As a consequence their bodies are often covered in a myriad of half-formed limbs an superfluous tentacles. As well they are known to have their features adapted to their particular environment, cutting limbs, digging claws, aquatic adaptations and far less conventional mutations.


Quelidaks are single-minded predatory creatures. Displaying little in terms of social or non-hostile behavior in the wild, they have an obsessive focus on their chosen prey. They methodically stalk said prey with a keenness that borders on sapient, yet possess a thoughtless remorse comparable with a mindless killer.

They are particularly keen on hunting slimes, hence the name, and in particular galoopers. They have a generally sadistic disposition towards their prey generally, but display a special cruelty towards them. Not satisfied with merely killing these creatures, they seek to torment them, seemingly out of some manner of sadistic pleasure, though this is undetermined. They will pursue them in exception of more easily attainable, and more worthwhile prey, many would be victims having escaped due to their attentions being refocused on their more preferred prey.

By contrast, towards quelan, or anything that might resemble them, they display an atypical docility. While often cruel and angry towards sapients of all stripes, towards quelan they display little aggression and have even been observed being protective of them, very at odds with their general behavior towards other creatures.


None / Unknown.




• Its been remarked, that "if you squint, tilt your head and drink a bit" quelidak's resemble overgrown, mutant, quelans. The exact implications of this are unclear, as only quelan scientists have been able to reliable examine them, and they have by large been "quiet" about their findings.

• The first quelidaks showed up on the galooper homeworld of gishgallop, only a few years after the galoopers had consolidated their sovereignty of the planet. Shortly thereafter they found themselves escaping into greater universe, seemingly to follow galoopers that left the planet.

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