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Cowboys and Aliens

“Welcome to YEEEEEEHAWWW, pardner! Grab yerself a hat and get ready to enjoy a bit of a carefree cowboy lifestyle!” — Apidee greeter

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Dominant Residents: Unknown/None
Other Residents: Lovirtis, Apidee, Aftik

Fauna: Heat resistant desert fauna
Weather: Hot and dry, generally

Danger Level: Medium
Purpose: Law-light safe haven, Tourism

Original Creator: RobustLaser

Physical Description

Yeehaw's surface almost entirely has a semi-arid desert climate, with numerous large rocky plateaus forming canyons and ravines across it. Most of the water on the planet comes from streams and rivers, with large still bodies of water being rare.

Dotted across the surface of the planet are small towns, rustic in design, with generally not much more than a few hundred people apiece. The greenest it gets is mostly farmland adjacent to many settlements.


Yeehaw was colonized by a group of overexcited apidees and aftiks with a love of westerns, and a vaguely defined disrespect for conventional law enforcement. Mostly they thought it would be fun to build a wild west styled town somewhere that nobody could stop them from going all-out.

Eventually some more civic-minded individuals joined them to help them build actual infrastructure. It did turn out that the idea was popular. The law-light cowboy lightstyle was appealing to many. Mostly those who wanted to have an easier time committing crimes with like-minded individuals. As more settlements were founded, crime quickly rose, but the original settlers were okay with it, as long as it was cool, Wild West styled crimes. Which it was, but the lovirtis settlers stepped up to do peacekeeping, declaring themselves the sheriffs of these untamed lands.

Over time, settlement grew into a sort of pattern. People would show up, eager to devote themselves to the aesthetic, others would come for the crime, and another sheriff would try to fill the gap left somewhere. For those that simply wish to experience the aesthetic without dedicating their life to it, however, many towns are eager to provide a good time while you're there.

And the rest will try to rob you blind before you leave.


Eastwood: The largest town in Yeehaw, as well as the first settlement established on the planet. Widely recognized as the safest place on Yeehaw to spend time, law enforcement is top-notch. Visitors are invited to enjoy the rustic hospitality and ambience of Yeehaw, without having to worry about the ne'er-do-wells and bandits that plague much of the other settlements. Popular activities include watching the rodeo, having a drink at the Painted Wagon, or simply touring the local cattle ranches.

Cassidy: A shadier sort of town, Cassidy is the kind of place you want to visit if you don't mind, or even feel more comfortable around those with a more lax view on morality. They're always looking for a new sheriff to help clean up the town, but until then, it's a great place to get into a bar fight at the Bootsnake Saloon, find oneself a good deal on some illicit goods, or just have a good old fashioned duel.

Ox-Bow Canyon: A common trade route on the planet, A stream runs along the base of the canyon, making it easier to keep hydrated during travel, and the terrain is well worn, meaning movement is unimpeded. Merchants bring caravans through the canyon daily, and always have extra supplies. Smugglers and cattle rustlers also use this canyon often, and one must always be wary of bandits, looking to take advantage of the regular traffic.




• BVo9 can often be found tearing their way across the sandy plains of Yeehaw, enjoying the vast expanses where they can drive as fast as they want. They're often willing to take on passengers, so can be a convenient way to travel between towns.

• Almost every resident of Yeehaw owns at least one cowboy hat, and is inclined to wear it. Wearing a cowboy hat of one's own is an easy way to make a good first impression.

• Arguments here are traditionally resolved via duels, generally with pistols at dawn. These can make for an exciting event to watch, but keep to the sides of the street, and not behind either of the duelists. Sometimes they miss!

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