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The Turncoat

“This planet is so scarred by war it's practically a moon” — Anonymous N'Nik

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Dominant Residents: None
Other Residents: Kaikian (Formerly), Quotillic (Formerly)

Fauna: Unknown/None
Weather: Meoteor Showers, Dust Storms

Danger Level: Low
Purpose: Kaikian/Quotillic Millitary Outpost

Original Creator: CmdrCade

Physical Description

Xik is a planet ravished by years of war and is permanently scarred because of it. Craters from artillery impacts scatter the landscape of Xik, along with the occasional scorched ravine left behind from heavy orbital weaponry. Ruins of military installations can be found all over the world. Almost no signs of life can be found on the planet, besides the occasional scorched tree stump.


Xik's history is mostly unknown, as it was constructed before the Crash, most of the data regarding the colony has been lost. What is known is that it was originally colonized by the kaikians as a defensive post on the fringes of their territory.

At some point in time, however, the planet swapped ownership to the quotillic for reasons unknown. This is made evident by the quotillic architecture in most of the military bases on the planet, crudely built around and on top of the kaikian structures that were there previously.

The planet swapped hands between the quotillic and the kaikians for several years, before the Crash and the First War struck and the planet was besieged and abandoned for good.


Kirih: Kirih was a small kaikian colony built into a mountainside. It was originally constructed shortly before the First War, in order to give the families of the soldiers an opportunity to be closer to the trooper in question. It was at some point besieged by an unknown force, and was ultimately lost. Since then, it has lied abandoned.

KDO-964: Kaikian Defensive Outpost 964 is one of very few military installations that survived the First War without becoming a smoldering crater. It was also one of the first installations on the planet, made evident by the outdated guns that remain installed at the outpost. As such, it is also home to the biggest mashup of quotillic and kaikian technology that can be found on the planet, as the two species built on top of and updated the outpost with their own tech.

QDO-4690: Quotillic Defensive Outpost 4690 was one of few standalone quotillic outposts on Xik. This meant that the quotillics built this outpost themselves, instead of retrofitting a kaikian outpost for their own use. It, unlike almost every other surviving outpost on the planet, was never built upon by the kaikians, who let it sit and rot when they had control of the planet. After this, the quotillics never reclaimed the outpost, leaving it with outdated artillery and tech. Because the outpost was so outdated and hence still abandoned, whatever invaded the planet during the first war let the outpost rot in peace.


Turncoat: Xik has changed between quotillic and kaikian ownership many times throughout history, creating a unique blend of the two species architectures and technologies in the surviving military outposts.


• War tourism is fairly popular here.

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