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Elves / Little Ones

“Could've sworn I hadn't gotten this far organising the inventory... welp. Not complaining.” — A metaparxi shopkeeper, waking up from a mid-overtime nap

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  • Strength-1
  • Intelligence-3
  • Charisma-5
  • Endurance-1
  • Agility-6
  • Luck-10

Danger Level: Low
Likes: Crafting, Messy workshops, Buildings with many hiding places
Dislikes: Housepets, Sterile spaces, Being spotted, Notails

Attack Method: When spotted, they confuse a predator with safety in numbers, by fleeing en masse.

Environment: Cities, Old buildings, Worn-out spacecraft
Lifespan: Unknown
Size: 0.1 ft tall
Diet: Crumbs, Milk, Table scraps

Bodytype: Bipedal
Type: Psychic Other
Rarity: Rare

Original Creator: Schazer

Physical Description

An individual kobitte stands a mere two inches tall, on two spindly legs and a simple boxy torso with a row of buttonlike markings down the front. Their heads are shaped like a crescent moon, with a vertical slit resembling an eye roving freely across its surface. Between the "corners" of its head floats a teardrop-shaped gem. The teardrop's pointed end pointed up when the kobitte's psychic powers are inert, and flips to point-downward when active.

Kobitte can exhibit a range of colors, but most commonly adopt a color range which allows them to blend into their environment.


One kobitte can produce enough telekinetic force to lift a spoon, and this power is applied multiplicatively when one or more kobitte exert their telekinesis on the same object. Mercifully, they use this power not for mischief but instead to help an individual's progress with their work while the workshop's owner sleeps, exhibiting considerable intelligence and capacity for tool use.

Kobitte strongly dislike being spotted, and if stumbled upon by accident while out working they will scramble every which way before making a coordinated dash for their hiding holes. Most species who are familiar with kobitte would know to leave their helpful little shy guests alone, but pets or other fauna will easily offend the kobitte with their curiosity/predatory instincts.

Kobitte are highly social, whistling single-note messages to each other as they work, and are rarely found in groups numbering fewer than thirty.


Grobitte: A garden-variety kobitte with barklike skin, a bright green gemstone, and a simple language consisting of squeaks. They are superb gardeners, providing efficient pest control and resulting in bountiful crops, but require a section of garden left unkempt and wild to flourish.

Kompitte: While most jobs adopted by kobitte entail physical handiwork, there are scattered reports of sleep-deprived writers and programmers (not P-rogrammer class notails, though) who claim their projects had additional lines or been given a thorough editing while they were passed out at their still-switched on computer.


Hive of industry: Kobitte operate with a hivemind mentality, displaying incredible coordination which allows them to complete complex tasks, from haberdashery to restaurant prep to prosthetic arm repair. They seem to have a preference for helping out with repetitive work with a production line-esque method of creating products, rather than assisting with one-off pieces


• When sleeping, kobitte's heads are observed to rotate 90 degrees, also rotating their eye-slit into a horizontal, "sleeping" look. This was observed in captive kobitte by a K-class notail, and between typical notail curiosity and their propensity to keeping many pet fauna, kobitte will never be found in houses or ships which contain notails.

• Kobitte are easily offended, and do not like their presence to be acknowledged outright. Leaving offerings of food that aren't made to look like accidentally-left out snacks makes them suspect a trap, and the kobitte will vandalise any of their work left lying around the workshop before departing.

• The exact origin of kobitte is unknown, but some of their earliest sightings hark from planets visited by a Hecate ship returning from a successful trip to an unknown planet.

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