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K-RAD Station

Data Cubes

K-RAD Station
“Seker Parakus” — Motto of the K-RAD Stations, found on every intact station.

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Dominant Residents: Kaikian
Other Residents: Varies by Station

Fauna: Varies by Station
Weather: None

Danger Level: Medium
Purpose: Research and Data Storage

Original Creator: CmdrCade

Physical Description

The Kaikian Research and Database stations, commonly abbreviated as the K-RAD stations, are a series of kaikian-controlled space stations spread throughout kaikian territory. They are small, self-sufficient, and designed for long term functionality with minimal maintenance. They are equipped with full laboratories for research purposes, food replicators, and most importantly full backups of the entirety of the kaikian archives. They are usually painted a royal blue and are boxy in shape.


The K-RAD stations were originally launched with the sole intention of preventing Kaikian history and technologies from being lost, in the event of another data wipe as seen in the Crash. In order to maximize the use of the materials used to launch these stations, however, it was decided during development that the stations would be equipped with laboratories in addition to the databases. They were launched for 50 years following the First War, with the final station being launched only a few weeks after the Kailai Confederacy made contact with the notails. Exactly 1000 of these stations were launched over a period of 130 years, with one of them critically malfunctioning upon launch, resulting in 999 K-RAD vessels being deployed.


K-RAD 032: As the K-RAD stations are too small to have more than one location within them, this section will instead list notable K-RAD stations. K-RAD 032 suffered a critical error in the life support systems and has been scrapped for parts. Anyone who states otherwise should be reported to authorities under the employ of the Kailai Confederacy immediately.

K-RAD 080: K-RAD 80 was oddly enough fully equipped with brewing and chemistry equipment, which was excessive for most cases of simple research. However, not long after it was launched, the crew sold the station to a young enterprising kaikian. The databases on the station were scrapped, however the chemistry equipment and climate control for the database storage remained. The equipment was quickly converted into an alcohol brewery, and the space previously dedicated to the databases were converted to racks upon racks of aging barrels. The station was quickly expanded upon to accommodate the unexpectedly large popularity of its brew, known as Stardust Moonshine, and a full bar was eventually placed on the station. The station is still producing its unique brew to this day, and Stardust Moonshine is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages among kaikians.

K-RAD 220: K-RAD 220 veered off course into territory where it was deemed "too expensive" for the Kailai Confederacy to resupply the station. As such, the crew was forced to come up with their own methods for securing supplies. They promptly sold off most of their laboratory equipment and turned the station into a rest stop of sorts- if someone could give them points or anything they needed at the time, they would let them rest up there. Given that the station is currently in uncharted space, having such a stop to regain their bearings has been "hugely helpful" to explorers that land there.

K-RAD 348: K-RAD 348 had the fortune of recently coming across an illegal merchant, which happened to be specializing in poaching carcilli. The crew of the station successfully hijacked their ship and took its cargo, including a large shipment of live, exotic crabs, which later bred on the station and are used as a stable source of food, and a live carcille. This carcille was moved to the station, dubbed "Krusty" by the crew, and helps the crew members who it is not currently mind controlling to research psychic powers and effects.

K-RAD 420: K-RAD 420 was at some point "sold" to a band of notail H-Classes. The kaikian crew that used to live on the station completely trashed the majority of the useful equipment, including the database backups, on their way out the door. Once they returned to a colonized planet, they complained that their station was taken over by notails. The notail government denies that this happened, stating that "You idiots probably just forgot that you sold it to them ;;)." The kaikians begrudgingly go along with this obvious lie, not wanting to start a war over a band of stoners that took up roost in a single station. It's a good place to stop if you need a pick-me-up, somehow like hanging around notails, or have absolutely nothing better to do than get high on a space station.

K-RAD 494: K-RAD 494 was a normal K-RAD station up until an exotic animal trader passed by the station, and the crew purchased several highly aggressive creatures that were never previously seen by the kaikians. The crew began performing experiments on these creatures, when they quickly found that the creatures carry their fertilized egg sacks with them, and found out even quicker that said eggs hatch when their carrier dies, and grow very rapidly. The station was very quickly overrun by the creatures, nicknamed the Shikushi, and all but one of the crew-members perished. The station is now a xenobiologist's worst nightmare, and has been "pending destruction" by the Kailai Confederacy for several decades.

K-RAD 665: Was orbiting an uncharted planet, reportedly with rather unusual magnetic activity on the surface, when it suddenly de-orbited and crashed into the planet for reasons unknown. The only survivor was the spouse of one of the crew members, who was technically not supposed to be on the station and was forced to use one of the escape pods as a makeshift sleeping quarters. Because she was already aboard an escape pod when the station began to enter the atmosphere, she was able to launch the pod in time to survive the entry.

K-RAD 758: K-RAD 758 was naturally captured by a brown dwarf just barely massive enough to be classified as star instead of a gas giant. Additionally, it orbits in a ridiculously close orbit to the star, in a region only just barely far enough away to not give radiation poisoning to the crew. It studies the radiation and life cycle of the brown dwarf, and is a somewhat unknown but still popular tourist trap for getting such a unique close-up view of a star.

K-RAD 999: K-RAD 999 was the only station launched after the kaikians made contact with the notails, and as a sign of good will, several notails were brought onto the station as staff members. When the relationship between the two species soured only a few months later, the notail staff had apparently quit their jobs and took the first opportunity that they could to leave the station. On a completely unrelated note, the station made several breakthroughs on cures and vaccines for a number of diseases, and those passing through the area are welcome to stop by the station to receive such vaccinations.




• The notails seem to outright dislike the K-RAD stations, calling them a waste of materials and the kaikians paranoid for building them. The kaikians respond by shrugging and saying "better safe than sorry".

• The motto of the K-RAD Stations, "Seker Parakus", roughly translates to "Always Prepared".

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