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Asteroid Shield / Tropical Shipwreck

“Despite it being considered a recent discovery, there sure are a lot of shipwrecks here, owu.” — A Notail

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Dominant Residents: Sneese

Fauna: Unknown/None
Weather: The weather on northern homoakata is often humid and rainstorms are not uncommon. Southern homoakata is less prone to rain storms and more to snow.

Danger Level: High
Purpose: Homoakata has been used as a trade planet and a tourist attraction.

Original Creator: illumisloth

Physical Description

Homoakata is a large planet mostly recognized by it's bluish purple hues, the surrounding belt of broken bits of asteroids, and its large crater. The planet has two large continents and a vast amount of islands. There is only one ocean and it is dotted by swamp lands.

Homoakata's mostly known for its odd flora and extreme living conditions out of civilized areas. It's notable areas vary heavily. Such as jungles with twisty trees, or deserts that freeze over from out of nowhere. Or simpler areas like their plains. There's also a few forests spread out around the plains. Most of these areas are clear of any form of building or tampering.

The planet is home to only two cities, as most of the planet is considered uninhabitable. These cities aren't industrialized and are quite simple in design. They focus more on protecting civilians from the outside world than on optimizing space. Civilization usually lives underground rather than above it. Homoakata has various cave systems which prove to be the most effective way of living on the planet.

Part of the reason why homoakata is considered to be inhabitable is because of its unpredictable weather. In areas where settlements are built, the weather is normal. It may be hot and sometimes an occasional rainstorm happens, but it's usually under control. Though the weather has a habit of forming terrible storms without a single sign beforehand. To this date there have been too many heavy rainstorms and yet no disasters underground.

The weather closer to the crater is another story. It's no predictable rainfall, it's untrackable blizzards. The deserts are often a victim of this predicament. There's also frequent sinkholes in these areas. This only gets worse at the crater. The crater is filled to the brim with radiation. It is constantly facing storms of acid rain, making it practically impossible to survive. The crater has quite a few rusting ships on it.


The story varies depending on who tells it, but the message is the same. Something hit Homoakata, and it changed practically everything on the planet. The planet has been theorized to have held a more diverse palette of species on it before. But then a great extinction took place, taking the lives of many and destroying the traces of their history. The most common theory being a meteorite storm. Who left the lasting impact on the face of the planet and introduced many foreign substances that killed and mutated many species.

Another popular theory suggests that Homoakata might've had moons in the past, and those said moons had crashed into the planet. Although that and the previous theory don't explain why the large amounts of radiation are on the planet. Or how it spread so far. It could always be testing from a species that already had reached space age before any species of the planet had. But it wouldn't explain the crater. Either way, the mystery of Homoakata's history still remains.

The great extinction's tale may vary, but the tales found of extinct species don't. There's ruins all around Homoakata, and they tell the tales of the old. Some may even be of earlier forms of species still standing today. The biggest of these ruins is located northeast to the crater. Though it has been spared from the terrifying weather the crater has. It tells the tale of an advanced civilization. Yet the murals have been blurred by time and most of the discoveries found have to go into decoding to make sense of what can be seen. Thankfully most of the paintings on the stones found have stayed mostly intact. These ruins have had the greatest results compared to any other. They have been nicknamed the Three Eyed Ruins due to many statues and murals depicting a three eyed creature.

Besides being a historical hotspot, in recent years Homoakata has become popular due to its natural feel. Being something refreshing in between industrial planets. Tourists also seemed to love the exotic fruits and fauna native to the planet. Making it a trading hot-spot. This has helped the development of the planet's two major cities. It also helps in trying to build more cities and safer settlements outside the two existing cities. Sadly because of how little Homoakata has been explored by non native beings, there hasn't been much progress. The locals also refuse to industrialize their planet. Sneese have always been nomadic and thus refuse to help in making settlements in their lands. They've never needed them to survive.

Also because of how little discovery's done on the planet, it's become a hotspot for criminal activity. It isn't exactly safe to track it. This also added with the fact Homoakata has very little laws set upon it just makes it something that has just been incorporated into the culture. Criminals live without much fear on Homoakata, thus adding another danger level to the place. Although efforts are still being made to make the planet safer, it's been rather slow.

The only news that might strike as interesting is the recent relabeling of an asteroid. The asteroid always laid much lower than the rest of the ones in the belt and it was expected to either fall or float away. It has done neither. So the locals have begun to call it a floating island. Though no research has been further done on the asteroid since it had been inaccessible even in the current day. The asteroid is expected to float away in a few years.


The City of Endless Twists:: This is one of the two major settlements on Homoakata. It has been named after the jungle it resides in; The Jungle of Endless Turns. Similar to the jungle, it is terribly hard to navigate at times. Even more so when you get to the actual city- which is underground. Only a part of the city is actually above it. The City of Endless Twists makes good use of the pre-existing cave systems by building upon them and expanding them. The city is illuminated by artificial light sources that are powered by it's large power plant. It's mostly filled with stores and marketplaces, the rest of the space going to hotels and apartment buildings.

Starship City: Starship City was built around the wreck of a spaceship that crashed upon the plains one day. The ship has been there for long enough that one cannot recognize what ai it was built for anymore. The ship resides in the middle of the city and the whole city revolves around it. Compared to the City of Endless Twists, Starship City is a lot more natural looking. It's above ground and has very few machinery that needs electricity. Thus having a rather small power plant compared to it's fellow city. It serves more as a tourist attraction and is a lot more culture focused.

Three Eyed Ruins: Despite being rather far away from the two cities on Homoakata. The Three Eyed Ruins are rather safe. They've been thoroughly searched through and any area deemed unsafe is closed off to the public. There's even a settlement not very far away to help anyone in need. It's one of the must see spots of the planet. Even if the place is just ruins now, the ruins still have many old buildings intact. As well as objects and art pieces. Officials can't decide whether the ruins are actually three separate ones or because it has three eyes.




• Homoakata has been believed to have taken many hits from asteroids even in the recent centuries. There are still many smaller craters found on the planet. But none have any trace of radiation.

• Many foods native to Homoakata are actually considered poisonous to many species not native to the planet. Because of this, quite a few farms have been started and have been steadily run.

• The floating island looks like it has trees upon it from inspecting pictures taken in space. Oddly these trees disappear in the pictures whenever the ship gets closer or farther.

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