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The Icebox

“Let's make something abundantly clear to you schmucks. None of you are getting off this miserable rock, so make yourselves cozy.” — Warden Skadro

Art by, SirBlizz98

Part of the Featured collection

Emblem by Anon

Dominant Residents: None

Fauna: "Ice-Wraiths"
Weather: Ice Storms, Windy, Very Cold

Danger Level: High
Purpose: High-Security Prison planet

Original Creator: SirBlizz98

Physical Description

A medium sized planet consisting of essentially nothing but ice and snow. Strictly speaking, though, the planet is composed of numerous continents, isles, and atolls, all separated by vast swathes of frozen seas. The lands are harsh and largely inhospitable, more often than not in a state of bombardment by shards of ice and sheets of snow. Even in moments of calm, the planet resembles nothing so much as a bleak wasteland of blinding white and the glinting of ice, lacking most things that sensible scientists deem "essential to organic life."

In spite, or rather because of this, the planet is occupied by a robust array of settlements and structures. These oases of warmth within an unforgiving frozen landscape should not be confused for safe havens, mind, as they are the "free-range" prison compounds for the planet's ne'er do well population, who through a combination of cold-induced irritation and general boredom, are more than happy to make a visitor feel "welcome."

Scattered amongst the mostly featureless plains of white, are a wide variety of shipwrecks. Mainly from attempts to break out or more rarely to break into the prison, their number and state serving as a testament and warning of the prison staff's dedication to their "99% Perfect Incarceration record".


The cold and inhospitable planet presently labeled "Icekatraz" was for most of its history, precisely that, a cold, horrible, curiosity ignored by most due to a general lack of usefulness. Things changed when the private security firm, SecuriTek, was looking around for a location to establish a brand new High-Security prison colony.

After numerous prospects, including a lava planet, an asteroid, and a very promising spaceship that vanished before SecuriTek was able to secure its acquisition, they finally found planet "D-11-27BV" And immediately fell in love with the frozen rock. They swiftly set to work building the necessary, bare-minimum facilities required to support life, and before too long began shipping out the worst of the worst to miserable rock, which they quickly dubbed "Icekatraz" after nothing in particular.


Castle-0: A space station in geostationary orbit of the planet that serves as SecuriTek's base of operations in the area. It is fully staffed with thousands of SecuriTek personnel, mainly guards and service workers, but also a full admin staff for the prison-planet below. While they have a fully functional space-port on hand, they are loathed to offer its services to "non-company personnel" and will usually charge through the nose for such services.

Compound-B: The primary "settlement" on the planet housing the majority of the prisoners who are condemned on the planet. A grim, frozen collection of foreboding gray buildings arranged in a more-or-less hexagonal arrangement, surrounded by a shanty town assembled principally of frozen burrows haphazardly fortified by whatever the inmates can find lying around.

The Shrieking Cove: Called the "The Sinner's Forest" by more superstitious inmates, is a section of the frozen sea with a large concentration of curious ice formations that are almost positively just a result of some esoteric micro-organism attempting to escape the frozen sea. On occasions, they jostle in a such a way to create a sound that the paranoid believe to be the "Screams of the Damned."


The 99%: Icekatraz is indeed, all but completely inescapable. SecuriTek avoids landing any ships on the planet, dropping any supplies from high-orbit, and maintains a fleet of vessels to ensure any ship attempting to land upon or leave without permission, are duly, "grounded". But it has been done once before, and maybe, can be done again.


• Don't ask about what happened to Compound A.

• SecuriTek once boasted that: "Nobody has ever, or will ever, escape Icekatraz." And indeed noone had, until one Anglr Moriz had successfully done so by stowing away and then hi-jacking a re-supply vessel. Ever since, along with no-longer directly supplying the planet save by the occasional orbital drop, they now boast "99% Success rate, nobody will ever escape AGAIN!"

• On some occasions, inmates hear blood-curdling screams emitting from the frozen seas. On the one hand, most assume a scientific explanation likely involving micro-organisms in some way. On the other, some assume that the tortured souls of beings being punished for some nameless "sin". Regardless, veteran inmates tend to avoid the sea as a matter of course.

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